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Celebrities Smoking

Celebrities Smoking Who Are Famous in 2021

Finding out your favorite celebrities smoking can be a serious shock to the system. With all the negative health problems that go along with smoking cigarettes, it’s difficult to believe that many celebrities still have the habit. Normally we see them half nude in music videos or on the red carpet with the glistening white tooth so smoking would be the last thing we would expect.

Several famous actors, musicians, and reality celebrities still smoke cigarettes. One famous rock star even criticized another musician for smoking an electronic cigarette. Hollywood actresses are showcased on this listing of celebs who still smoke cigarettes. However, tons of your favorite actors and musicians like sneaky smoke.

Here we are going to discuss celebrities smoking who are famous in 2021.

Sophie Monk Smoking

Sophie Monk:

Sophie Monk is still hooked on cigarettes; she was seen puffing away while in Spain filming twice new dating series. Sophie tried to kick her smoking habit when filming scenes for The Bachelorette. She confessed that she found it hard to kick the unhealthy practice.

Ashton Kutcher Smoking
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Ashton Kutcher:

Ashton Kutcher utilized to smoke as much as 40 cigarettes per day. Maybe it was his function like Kelso on That 70’s Show that motivated him to start puffing. He stopped the addiction with the aid of Allen Carr’s book, The Easy Way to Quit Smoking.

Katy Perry Smoking

Katy Perry:

She’s smoking to calm her nerves while planning her wedding to Russell Brand; however, it did not stop there. Now Katy Perry cannot seem to stop smoking and it looks like she’s smoking smokes any opportunity she gets like breaks during her concerts.

Fans have expressed worry that when she doesn’t stop smoking or find a safer alternative to smoking her young sing profession might be cut short because of the damaging smoking is causing to her vocal cords.

Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo also had a smoking habit, maybe because of the number of movies he had to smoke in. He began smoking since he was 18 years old. He’s an admitted lifelong smoker. He switched to electronic smokes, and it is not Uncommon to see him puffing during large events such as the Golden Globe.

Kate Winslet Smoking

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Kate Winslet:

Kate Winslet rolls her very own cigarettes. She doesn’t attempt to hide the reality she smokes. She picked up the habit of smoking on the record of Sense and Sensibility when she was only 19.

Robert Pattinson Smoking

Robert Pattinson:

Seemingly, Rob’s pal Leonardo DiCaprio strove to assist the Twilight star to kick his habit once and for all. Rob and Kristen used to smoke cigarettes together the entire time. This lasted till his then-girlfriend Kristen Stewart was discovered cheating on him and he switched to cigarettes to deal.

Asher Keddie Smoking

Asher Keddie:

Asher Keddie was seen two days in a row, puffing away on a cigarette with her husband Vincent Fantauzzo at a local park. She may like smoke or two, a 43-year-old conscientious eater, with previously said body and Soul back. She didn’t only smoke a cigarette. Asher smoked multiple times.

Russell Crowe Smoking

Russell Crowe:

Russell disclosed that in his worst, he was smoking 40 cigarettes on a single day. He’s attempting to stop his smoking habit when his son Charlie saw him stub out a late-night cigarette.

Lana Del Rey
Photo: W Magazine

 Lana Del Rey:

I may not be capable to blame her for my selection at menthols. Lana Del Rey has no shame about her smoking addiction. I can blame her for promoting almost everything else shitty about smoking cigarettes. She usually smokes onstage during performances.

Daniel Radcliffe Smoking

Daniel Radcliffe:

Young Harry Potter celebrity is into some serious smoker. Radcliffe has stated smoking is the only remaining vice. I’ve tried everything that I can think of to stop, but nothing works. I’m smoking a lot. He’s Saying Voldemort’s name out loud since he doesn’t give a crap.

Jodhi Meares Smoking

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Jodhi Meares:

Jodhi is the founder of the physical fitness label The Upside, which promotes a healthful lifestyle with his sportswear designs. Jodie Meris seemed to go against her very own brand’s ideology. She puffed on a cigarette whilst attending the introduction of the Upside’s new collection.

Johnny Depp Smoking
Photo: whoa.in

Johnny Depp:

In a meeting with best friend Iggy Pop, the film mogul joked, I smoke a million cigarettes a day. In another event, Johnny Depp purchased a rider of red wine along with Jack Daniels and smoked a suspicious-smelling cigarette before joking about assassinating Donald Trump at the Glastonbury festival. He said I am working my way up to ten million.

Zayn Malik Smoking

Zayn Malik:

Zayn Malik confessed that he is smoked since he was about fifteen years old. He showed that he thinks he is smoking marijuana might help him with regards to his creative procedures as a musician.

Katherine Heigl Smoking

Katherine Heigl:

Heigl began when she was like 22 or 23, and she’d her first cigarette in a bar. She disclosed on David Letterman that she uses electronic cigarettes. Heigl started smokes for the electronic version in the year 2011, but she could not kick the habit of the real thing. She and David had a fantastic laugh and smoke together.

Chris Brown Smoking

Chris Brown:

Chris was accused of exposing his child girl Royalty to second-hand smoke that caused her to develop asthma. He declared that his 2016 New Year’s resolution was to stop smoking.

However, in Feb, His ex, Nia Guzman, claims it was Chris’s cigarette smoke that gave his daughter asthma. The singer claimed the reason she was making her claims was so she would get increased kid support obligations.

Cameron Diaz Smoking

Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz is a lifelong smoker. She explained smoking was not that bad for you while chatting about her new book which promotes healthy living. In a meeting Cameron explained, I think one cigarette every once in a while isn’t going to kill you.

Adele Smoking


Adele was once a heavy smoker. She says she once smoked 25 cigarettes a day. This makes us wonder she still has such a powerhouse set of pipes. The physicians found a hemorrhage on his vocal cords and asked him to take a break from doing.

Simon Cowell Smoking

Simon Cowell:

Simon Cowell has stated it’d be too boring when he gave up his own cigarettes completely. He smokes 40 cigarettes a day. He planned on quitting when his son is born. The X Factor Judge showed plans to try out vaping to ditch his smoking addiction, adding last year that his health became a priority following a nasty fall compelled him to live shows.

Miley Cyrus Smoking

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Miley Cyrus:

Everybody knows that Miley enjoys smoking. Cigarettes fit perfectly with her wild girl image. She confessed to smoking a whole lot that can be probably the most vocal former customers. In 2017, she opened up about her choice to stop marijuana completely.

Jennifer Aniston Smoking

Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston is a chain-smoker to cope with the stress of her union break. The Friends actress used to be a devoted fluff. She smokes 1 or 2 cigarettes a day, but now she’s chain-smoking. She picked up the dependence from Chandler Bing’s habit.

Britney Spears Smoking

Britney Spears Celebrities Smoking

Britney Spears has been an on-and-off smoker since she was a teen. The renowned pop star used to smoke up to 40 cigarettes per day. 32 year old appears to be taking more care nowadays about indulging in unhealthy habits while her kids are watching. She smokes but is not ashamed of lighting up.

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