6 Usual Problems You May Encounter With Your Mobile Phone


Today, phones are not just your average tool that helps in communication or keeping in touch with friends and family. It now serves as a small computer that lets you surf the Internet, watch videos, play games, and many more. It is not surprising to use your phone for hours with functions like these. But as we all know, the more you use a gadget, the more problems you can encounter, especially if you are not careful.

Thankfully, there are simple solutions to several issues you can face. Though mobile problems like Hey Siri not working may look overwhelming, you are sure to find remedies for them. With that said, here are six usual problems you may encounter with your mobile phone.

1. Phone Dropped in Water

Let us start the list with a usual mobile phone problem many people may have already encountered at least once. Do you know how some people bring their phones to the shower so they can play music while they take a bath? Sure, their baths may be more enjoyable with their favorite music, but doing so endangers their phone from getting wet. And if your phone got wet or you dropped it in a water basin while washing the dishes, you are not alone. 

But there is no need to worry if you get your phone wet. It even has an easy remedy! If your phone is wet, do not turn it on and remove the battery. Then, put your phone in a bowl full of rice, and the rice will do the work as it absorbs the moisture. After some minutes or hours, please bring it to a phone repair shop and let them fix it.

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2. Crashing or Freezing Apps

Have you ever experienced this scenario: you are casually scrolling through your Instagram feed, and suddenly, the app freezes? If so, you are forced to close the app or even reset your phone since it froze, too. Although it may be a hassle, this problem is common, and you can quickly fix it, saving you a trip and money to the repair shop.

This problem is a natural occurrence with buggy apps. To fix it, restart your phone so that you can use the app again. You can also clean the cache data by going to the App Manager and stopping the app. If the app still crashes, try uninstalling it and then install it again. 

3. Short Battery Life

Battery life may not be a prominent factor at first, but it can become a huge annoyance if you do not look into it immediately. Imagine you are watching your favorite series or having a fun video call with your friends. Then suddenly, your phone died in the middle of your enjoyment. Sure, it does not sound too bad now, but your phone dying in the middle of a fun activity due to its short battery life can be a nuisance.

Try reducing your screen’s brightness to extend your phone’s battery life. Turning the GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth functions off if you are not using them also helps. Enabling the Battery Saving Mode is another alternative, as this feature lets you see your power duration. Lastly, checking the Battery Usage in your phone Settings can let you close the apps that consume more of your battery’s life.

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4. Full Memory Space

We all know that one person almost entirely depleted their phone’s memory storage. Maybe they saved too many of their favorite songs or perhaps have a gallery with thousands of memes. If you are like this, full memory space in your phone can be problematic, especially if you want to save pictures or videos for future memorable moments. Your phone could also function slower.

So what should you do if your phone has no more storage? The most obvious answer is to delete files and apps you no longer need. You can place these on an online cloud or a microSD card to save valuable details, information, or anything sentimental. Deleting old calls and text messages also works in clearing out storage space. Cleaning the cache data is also an effective way to make up some space in your phone’s memory.

5. Phone Does Not Download Apps

Have you encountered a scenario where you want to download an exciting app, but your phone refuses to start downloading? You are not alone if you have. A corrupt cache is the usual cause of this problem, but do not worry! You can quickly fix this hassle on your own.

The most straightforward solution to this problem is to clean your app’s cache. Clearing your Google Play and Google Play Services histories can also help. But before trying to download an app after doing these, restart your mobile phone first. Follow these steps, and you can download the app you want to try.

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6. Freezing Phone

And lastly, this problem is a recurring nuisance with old cellular phones or models with no more room for storage space. When their phone freezes, users will most likely restart their phone, and sometimes, they may even remove the battery before restarting it. However, this method is not always applicable, especially since newer phones have non-removable batteries.

There are several solutions to fix a frozen phone, which vary depending on your phone’s model or brand. Apple models with iOS 8 or higher have a different method when you compare it with Apple iOS 7 or lower phones, and it is the same with Samsung, Sony, and Nokia mobile phones.

In a Nutshell,

Today, mobile phones are not just luxury items like watches or branded clothing. Depending on your lifestyle, they now serve more uses than keeping in touch with others. And as people use them more, it is natural for them to have problems. These six are only some of the many problems you may encounter with your phone. For more details, visit CellularNews.com!

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