Aangan Drama Reviews Hum Tv Episode 1 and 2

Aangan Drama

Aangan Drama Reviews Hum Tv

The first episode of Aangan finally disclosed. The most alluring part of the promotions was the overall feel of the play and interesting characters. What’s more, now, after viewing the first episode, we need to say, the drama has satisfied the promotion made around it. The overall feel of this first episode properly showing the time which was being secured and it was very grayish also. The director of Aangan drama Ehteshamuddin’s precision is perfect, from the set structure to the props utilized. Every single detail is there to transport one back to that time. The first episode focused on Salma (Sonya Hussain) and Subhaan (Ahsan Khan).

Maalikan (Zaib Rehman) was demonstrated running the show altogether. She doesn’t care about her husband called Maalik or Abba Mian (Abid Ali) because he is disloyal with her. Maalik (Abid Ali) does have other women as well as has also children. Salma (Sonya Hussain) their girl is crazed with the family’s worker Subhaan (Ahsan Khan).

Sonia Hussain
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Salma meets Subhaan without any fear and result but he is to terrify. Once a day, Salma caught by her strict mother and also beaten. Maalikan has three sons (Omair Rana), who work for the politics; however, he doesn’t have a favorable opinion of the Britishers. The other son is more associated with governmental issues and only mentioned in a couple of discussions.

Until further notice, we simply have initial remarks to the story of Aangan drama. A few episodes will demonstrate where the play is going as far as story. While Subhan was terrified from Maalikan, Salma does not take mature decisions. According to drama story and the episode overall was visually satisfying. The dialogues writing so that you had a feeling that you were viewing a drama from an alternate time. We have no idea about the story in coming episodes. We are anticipating discovering more about these characters since the watch of the following episode was interesting.

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In the 2nd episode, Salma made the getaway in the filmiest way that is available and some of the reactions to this improvement were very surprising. Maalikan desired to have control of everything and every person. On the other hand, Salma (Sonia Hussain) does not give any importance what happening in the surroundings. Maybe a couple of the attributes of various characters which uncovered in the previous episode additionally established in this one.

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On this point, Salma caught and Maalikan locks her in a room. She fired her clothes and finished her activities. We will see that type stories in a real life where anybody cannot live her life freely and faced the restrictions. Maalik comes at home and hears about the entire story. He became so angry and trying to kill. Maalikan stopped the Maalik (Abid Ali) and conveyed him how to deal with this situation. Today this episode focused on Salma’s madness and Maalikan hostile nature more than everything else. Maalikan relationship with the various family members has been aggressive all through. Except for one of her bahus, she has no association with some other relative.

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It suggested that she could sense what Salma’s plans nevertheless, later on, she shows sleeping with the entryway open and the keys were easily inside reach. The Salma’s brothers were busy in job and politics and father Abba Mian in his activities, nobody does involve in the haveli matters. The role of two bahus suggested that they felt disregarded and underestimated. Men had next to zero tasks to carry out in their lives which are the reason this haveli was controlled by the Maalikan who was sufficiently strong to run it.

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The elder brother of Salma takes the side of her surprisingly and justified Salma action. Next episode will be so interesting, what will be the reaction of Subhaan. We thinking about drama in which no association with any of the characters so far and the overdose of filminess seemed constrained in both the episodes. The cast of this Aangan drama is so talented and performed very well. The set of Aangan is also looking so beautiful.

What would you say about this story and celebrities? Please give your point of views regarding Aangan in the comment box.


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