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Atif Aslam 12 bajay

Atif Aslam “12 Bajay

Atif Aslam

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                           Atif Aslam announced the release of his latest song and he is back with a bang with his as expected released track ‘12 Bajay that is making fans swoon. At that point proceeds to reveal a piece of an animated. Atif clad in a fresh white shirt supporting a couple of sunnies. The latest song released by the subtleties of the “twelfth December, 12 pm.”.  As promised, the track released today at the specific time.

The 35-year-old starts the track on a light note encompassed by a settled guitar tune that shifts into rock with the strong vocals. Atif begins off in a smooth tone, backed with the delicate strumming of the guitar. This advances into the prosperity of shake with a combination of electric guitars and blazing drumming, with the hit creator’s incredible voice.


Singer Atif Aslam


The music video length is over seven minutes. A group of imaginative shots, animate snippets, and designs that make the video extraordinary. Coordinated by musician and movie producer Zeeshan Parwez, the video is fascinating; with a blend of clips from Atif in the studio, pieces of his shows and music videos and additionally animated. It’s a time to say that the visuals certainly keep one fascinated and needing more.


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Atif reported the arrival of the song on his online networking saying that “Here the song is making absolutely out of my love for music. The love with music is my journey. Atif took just that love when I entered sunset sound studio not long ago and left everything else at the door. Atif Aslam ignored all the numbers and the views and the entire burden that came it. I simply gave it all out in the studio.


Atif Aslam singer

He also received appreciation from many artists like Alamgir, Ranbir Kapoor and Mika Singh about his singing.

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