Bella Thorne Announces On Instagram About Boyfriend Mod Sun

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Tells Her The Breakup From Mod Sun: I’ll Always Love You

The 21-year-old actress Bella Thorne made the statement on the social network on Monday after she spent the weekend with the rapper, 32, at Coachella. The former Disney Channel star is revealing that she and her boyfriend rapper Mod Sun have parted ways after dating for more than a year.

I’ll always love you. All good things have to come to a conclusion, the redhead captions a selfie of herself as well as the artist. The group had a row in front of guests in the VIP section following a performance of 1975 on Friday night. It is unclear why the set broke up, but the two of them seem to be carefree and happy despite the split.

He did not rule out reconciliation when asked if the two could patch things up saying, you cannot tell the future. Bella was dressed in a revealing pair of short and a bedazzled bra when attending the Flaunt party at Coachella 2019. Bella Thorne age is now 21 years. She’d shared a photo where she was seen with her arms wrapped around herself with the caption: Hug me, I am lonely.

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Bella Thorne And Tana Mongeau:

Thorne has gone on to the state so she’s ready to meet her girlfriend. He went to Twitter not long after her split to inquire, I would like a girlfriend. They spent annually in a relationship with social network influencer Tana Mongeau that ended in February. We are joking about poly, but we are not in the sense that we do not set a word, a box or a label too many things.

It’s what it is. Tana, that boasts 3.2 million followers, spent time with Kylie Jenner throughout the event. Bella Thorne movies are Tales, Speechless and I Still See You. It really intriguing and rather beautiful you could open yourself up to have this kind of fluid relationship between 3 or 4 even many men and women.

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