Beti Drama Review ARY Digital Episode 1 and 2

Beti Drama

Beti Drama Review

Beti is another new drama of ARY digital. The play is showing a very critical issue of gender discrimination. The play telecast on ARY Digital on Tuesday. In spite of the fact that the play raises a very ordinary issue which still highlights in our general public. In any case, the writer is showing a very old and familiar story. These types of matter reportedly daily and we hear the news in the 21st century. The drama is written by Sophia Khurram and directed by Fahad Mirza. The cast of drama is very strong like Asma Abbas, Javed Sheikh, Fahad Mirza, Naima Khan, Hassan Ahmad, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, and Zainab Ahmed.

Beti drama describes the society illiteracy and questioned on awareness. This is the fundamental issue of such an epic dimension of gender discrimination. The play starts when Asma Abbasi playing the role of a Dadi who considers Beti as an evil sign. She dislikes the daughter and happy with the son. The drama started when a child knowing at door and the Dadi (Asma Abbas) opened the door. The child came from a neighbor and gives her some sweets. She heard about the sweets that are distributed for a newborn daughter. She became so angry and returned the sweets.

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak
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Azhar’s Marriage:

She has the very same methodology where she is pressurized her granddaughter in law to visit some grimy Peer so she will be honored with a baby kid. Sonia (Zainab Ahmed) is so terrified to hear about born a child. Hashmat and his son Taimoor have the same thinking like Dadi. They also wanted a child rather than a daughter.

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On the other side of Beti Drama, Hashmat younger son Azhar is studying at a university. His father has spent a lot of money for his education. Azhar loves his classmate Maryam. Maryam is an educated background and living alone her mom in a big house. All things considered, it is extremely abnormal that Maryam and her mother in spite of seeing very unusual and shocking conduct in Azhar’s family still agreed to wed her daughter. Azhar promises her to live happy in life with me. It’s a very bad decision of Maryam’s mother because both families living style and thinking approach is totally different.

Fahad Mirza
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Hashmat and Dadi also agreed for Azhar’s marriage with Maryam. After the marriage, Maryam has faced Dadi as a Hitler. During the dinner, she gets permission from Dadi for going motherhouse for mother invitation. Dadi refused and said you cannot go and pay attention to her new house. Azhar once again makes silent the Maryam and promised to bring as soon as possible to mother’s house.

Beti Hum Tv
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A day, Maryam’s mother came to her home suddenly with sweets. Azhar’s mother met her very happy and said she is now her daughter. But after some time Dadi appeared and insulting the Maryam’s mother. So, she worried from the behavior of Dadi and went back at home.

Beti Drama 2nd Episode:

The story of Beti Drama starts when Sonia fulfills all the directions of Peer and Dadi for a child. Dadi called the peer when her daughter in law admitted to the hospital. When she hears the news of a baby girl, she blamed to Fareeda. The scene was so catchy when Sonia is crying and calling everyone “Kisi ko Beti Chaheye Beti lay loo” “Please Beti Lay loo” is a very heartbroken and extraordinary scene where Sonia (Zainab Ahmed) has completed a mind-blowing job.

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Besides, it demonstrated that the cruel Dadi convinced her grandson Taimoor not to pay for the baby girl’s treatment and having the heart to recommend him. The lady doctor came and said to pay the fifty thousand rupees. Otherwise, we stop the ventilator and baby girl may die. Azhar was thinking about the money and Dadi wish. He said the doctor to stop the ventilator. Lady Doctor said Sonia; she cannot see Taimoor’s type of father in her 10-year career. Indeed, she recited Azaan in her baby’s ears and with an overwhelming heart, she turns off the ventilator.

Baby Girl Death:

Taimoor came back Sonia from the hospital and went to her room. Maryam takes stand again on baby girl issue and try to convince that is not a good thing. But they did not accept their mistake and give a shut up call. Dadi said to Taimoor, his wife did not follow the “Peer” instruction that’s why we faced this situation. Taimoor has beaten his wife and wants to kill her.

Hum Tv Dramas
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Maryam extremely worried to see such lead as she herself is expecting as well. She progressively worried that what will occur on the off chance that she also will bring birth to a girl. Once again, Azhar does not agree with her stance as guaranteed. He also demands that she follow the instructions of his Dadi and that he is expecting they will be blessed with a baby. Dadi is insisting for a gender test and wants to go with her. Maryam refused to this type of test but after her husband request, she is ready to gender test. The lady doctor tells the Maryam she is expecting a baby girl.

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Maryam is looking so happy and has no tension about the baby girl. Here the story became so interesting and let’s see what happened in the next episodes.

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