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Neelam Munir

Dil Mom Ka Diya


The drama Dil Mom Kay Diya cast is so talented and popular like the versatile Yasir Nawaz, the gorgeous Neelum Munir, Hira Mani, talented Imran Ashraf, and Qavi Khan etc. It is written by Saira Raza and produced by Shehzad Nasib and Humayun Saeed.



The story of Dil Mom Ka Diya is based on two families, the first family all siblings are living together in harmony. The second family has elder parents and two daughters, Ulfat and. Ulfat is a careless girl and aimed to get marry with a rich and handsome man.


The father of Ulfat called Molvi Sahab teaches the holy Quran to Kausar and her brother. In the drama Dil Mom Ka Diya, Afzal also wants to teach the Holy Quran and asks Molvi Sahab to teach him with appropriate recitation. Molvi Sahab has a destitute family but all the family members take good care of his family.

Both families keep on in a state of harmony when Molvi Sahab gets a heart attack.  Afzal and his family doing his treatment but, Molvi Sahab want him to marry Ulfat and Afzal agrees without even thinking about it. When Ulfat knows about it, she panics but later agrees because of the weakening health of her father.


Ulfat is doing Nikkah with Afzal and all her dreams will become fulfill of getting married to a handsome and rich man. When Afzal family come to know about the Nikkah, they don’t back up of it, but to their disclosure, In Dil Mom Ka Diya, Ulfat is so gorgeous. So without any resistance, Ulfat comes to home and they never thought of getting marriage to a stunning girl and, he immediately falls in love with her but she did not any interest of him.

Now, Ulfat started misbehaving with all family members, particularly with Afzal’s sister, Salma and fights on every point with family members and destroys their life comfort when Afzal tries to handle her with logical dialogue; she does not hear anything and goes to her parents home, Afzal going to bring her back from parent’s home but She continuously teases all the family members.

Neelum Munir
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Ulfat’s Fighting

The fight is never ended and her cousin Tamkinat comes from another city to live with her parent home. She is a teacher with a sympathetic heart. She finds that he is a nice human being and falls for her. When Ulfat to know about their love affair, she totally rejected that proposal because she does not want her sister came to the house and equal to her, all family members would love her. She resists the decision both in front of Tamkinat and Afzal but he decided that he will not compromise on his brother happiness.

She finds different ways to heart and punishes him. Tamkinat and Azhar get engaged and they are tied in a bond of love but Ulfat never to remind them of their likely separation. Ulfat is not only pungent with Tamkinat and Salma, but she also degrades Afzal younger sister Kausar for having an ordinary faced but on the other hand, Tamkinat boosts her confidence. Salma called some guests for Kausar proposal but she creates an unpleasant seen in front of them. Salma gets angry from Ulfat and calls Afzal to control her.

Good News For Afzal

When she comes to know that she is pregnant and everybody becomes cheerful about that news. She cashed her pregnancy, fighting with every person in her family and in Afzal too. She rudely behaved with everyone and clearly tells to leave the room when he admitted in the hospital. Ulfat finds out her daughter’s name, she starts calling the baby with unspeakable names. One day, she leaves her daughter in the room to do some other work. When Afzal finds his daughter crying, injured and bleeding as she falls from the bed down. He takes her to the hospital and slaps the Ulfat. As a reaction, she leaves home and filing FIR against her husband of domestic violence.

Ulfat Demanded Divorce

She is pregnant again and wants to do abortion, the doctor asks her it’s a mutual decision of parents. Said, yes but the doctor did not agree to do abortion but she contacts another doctor and took medicine that leads to abortion when Afzal knows about the abortion, he aggressively replies to her and pushes out of his home. She came back to her parent’s home and tell them a one-sided story.

When Molvi Sahab goes to his home and asks about his behavior then Afzal said everything about the abortion. On the other side, Ulfat demands the divorce when he hears about divorce. He becomes ill and admitted to the hospital. She goes to his office and asking him for divorce in front of employees. At last Afzal gives her divorce in front of everyone.

Tamkinat and Azhar Relationship

Azhar tells the Tamkinat about the divorce, when the entire family shocked then Tamkinat mother in law comes and return the engagement ring, she cannot marry her son whose sister has taken a divorce. Salma was convincing her brother to get married again for children. Afzal agreed and married to Fatima, she comes to his life and takes care of his children.

Tamkinat goes back to Hyderabad and they moved on their own ways. Afzal could not build trust on Fatima because his children mother was not sincere to them. How their stepmother can be loyal. Fatima knows the situation and she gave the time to her husband for adjustment.

Yasir Nawaz
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Again Married

Ulfat also married in the revenge of her past husband. Tipu is the new character in this drama. Tipu is the copy of Ulfat and he will be very interesting. She wants to rule on people but with Tipu, she knows he is not that type of person. She is going to learn the lesson after her second marriage. It’s an actual punish for her in the shape of Tipu and she deserves.

Tipu and Ulfat started to fight from the first night of marriage. They are totally opposite of each other. Dil Mom Ka Diya new character Tipu has a good face but his attitude is so rude and illiterate person. Ulfat shocked about her second husband when saw his behavior. Her husband is insulting on every point and that is the punishment for her.

Tamkinat sister is convincing about Azhar and ask her current relationship. On this stage of Dil Mom Ka Diya, her sister went to Ulfat’s home and said to the mother, she should talk with Afzal’s family. Azhar becomes upset and leaving alone. Every relationship has so disturbed due to Ulfat. I hope in coming episodes the tensed environment will be better and settled down all the matters.

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