Do Pets Make Us Happier People?

Ask almost any pet parent and they’ll tell you that happiness is a wittle nose and purrs. There’s science to back this up! The benefits of having a domesticated animal date all the way back to at least 15,000 years ago when our ancestors first got their start. I know it’s tough to imagine early man with a wittle fur baby, but they had them, I swear!

Over time, domesticated animals have been bred to be more compatible with human life, and true bonds between animal and human have formed. Today domesticated pets still help us out in some of the ways mentioned above, but they also serve another vital role: They make us happy. And here’s the data on it!

Pets Can Actually Make You Stress Less

When it comes to a time of increased stress, having a pet can truly help you feel better and maintain your mental health. Research has shown that pets might lower levels of stress hormones, like cortisol. It seems that their power extends beyond just the act of comforting and includes improvements in both happiness and anxiety.

Now, Let’s Get Physical

Research has shown that higher endorphin levels from exercising and staying active can help combat stress by reducing cortisol levels in the brain. Additionally, having a pet as a companion can lead to more consistency in daily routines. Pets could push us to get up early, get outside for more vitamin D, and take care of their pet. This is something we all deserve!

First-Person Proof

Many people have a deep connection to their pets, especially when it comes to dogs. One of the challenges many pet owners face is dealing with the physical and mental baggage that can come from giving their beloved dogs up for adoption. “As cliche as it sounds, my dog has been a best friend who I’ve grown closer to over time,” says one individual.

My special dog always knows when I’m happy or sad – which means she does too! She’s helped me with everything from becoming an adult and taking care of myself to facing health issues such as depression and weight loss.

And I know that other people also recognize how much change she’s brought me, like my friends noted how much happier I seemed since adopting her.”

“Cat parents,” who are often cat owners 8 times over, agree and share similar sentiments about their beloved feline companions. “Cats have always been a part of my life, and my cat knows me better than anyone else,” says one individual in agreement. “She’s helped me through tough times by being right next to me year after year.”

Looking for Puppy Love? Read This First

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, that’s great news! That said, adopting a pet is not something to take lightly. It requires some mental and physical preparation on your part, and it often comes with at least a decade-long commitment. “It’s important to be prepared with the time and resources to make your new pet feel comfortable,” says Buchwald.

He recommends potential adopters ask themselves these questions before taking the leap: “But once you’re sure that you’ll be able to meet those needs, you just might find yourself on a journey to a more fulfilled and happy life–with plenty of cuddles and ear scratches along the way!”

If the above has inspired you to consider adopting a pet, we think that’s exciting! Before making the move, though, please be prepared. It takes time and money to make your new pet feel right at home in your home.

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