27 Funny Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Make You Laugh

funny birthday gift ideas

Gifting during the holidays can be tough. What if your buddy, relative, or partner doesn’t vibe with the gift? You can prove your love by having fun with gifts that match their humor. The funny birthday gift ideas make them feel special by teasing them a bit.

Whether you’re picking for your witty BFF or your surprisingly funny grandma, this list covers a range of unique and funny birthday gifts. Their reaction will be priceless, and these funny elements of the gifts are bound to add spice to any get-together!

Funny Birthday Gift Ideas to Try Your Hands On

1. Custom Memes Galore

meme wrap
Image Credit: Etsy

Join the meme trend and spice up funny birthday gift ideas with customized meme-themed goodies! Personalize items with inside jokes, funny pics, or witty sayings. From mugs to tees and phone cases, your buddy’s sure to crack up with every use.

2. Tricky Birthday Candles

Ditch the usual candles and go for pranksters! These candles start sweet and end…weird. Picture the look on their face as vanilla morphs into a sock smell or cheesy stink! It’s a sneaky birthday cake twist for added laughter.

3. Make ‘Em Laugh with a Cartoon

Change your friend or family into a funny masterpiece with a custom mockery. Capture their quirks in a light-hearted way, creating a memorable keepsake for their special day.

4. DIY Clown Nose Fix

When life gets too heavy, go for a DIY Emergency Clown Nose Kit. Packed in a small box, it includes a tiny red foam nose and a comical guide on when and how to rock it. A whimsical gift to turn any frown upside down.

5. “Grow” Some Laughs

Spread joy and green vibes with a prank plant. Pick a lifelike faux plant, add hilarious notes to each leaf, and watch the surprise unfold. Your friend will discover their new “houseplant” is more of a prank than an oxygen buddy!

6. Custom Bobblehead

Delight your loved one with a tailor-made bobblehead capturing their essence. This charming, jiggly figurine promises a grin each time it catches their eye. Pick a playful pose or recreate a fond memory, crafting a present that injects humor into any setting.

7. Choco Crisis Kit

funny birthday gift ideas
Image Credit: Powers Handmade Gifts

Craft a lighthearted emergency package for chocoholics, labeled “Break in case of chocolate cravings.” Populate a shadow box with an collection of their beloved chocolates, and see their joy at this clever and delectable surprise. It’s a sweet gesture to express care while simultaneously tickling their funny bone.

8. Melodic Tissue

Transform a dull bathroom pause into a brief concert with melodic toilet paper. Every sheet on this unique roll bears musical notes, transforming the simple act of growing into a whimsical symphony. This small and amusing gift guarantees giggles and infuses a dash of whimsy into daily routines.

9. “Wine Emergency” Break Glass

Craft an “Emergency Wine Break Glass” for vino lovers. Frame a small box, glass-fronted, housing a mini bottle of their cherished wine and a corkscrew. Attach a note proclaiming, “In moments of stress or joy, smash glass.” A witty and practical gesture ensuring readiness for life’s surprises.

10. Gag Surprise Box

Encase the authentic gift within a prank box, adding an extra layer of amusement. These tricky boxes boast absurd, fictional product descriptions, sparking confusion and laughter upon unwrapping. Opt for a box aligning with their interests, observing their response to the unforeseen amusement.

11. Dance-Off Water Speakers

Transform a birthday bash into a dance fiesta with water speakers grooving to the music’s rhythm. These speakers shoot water skyward, crafting a captivating visual spectacle that’s both entertaining and amusing. A distinctive gift melding music, water, and laughter into one joyous bundle.

12. Quirky Cooking Cover

For the kitchen expert celebrating a birthday, grab a weird apron with a funny twist. Pick one showcasing a witty phrase, playful pattern, or even a caricature of the cook. It’s a useful yet entertaining funny birthday gift ideas, spicing up their culinary escapades.

13. “Magic” Beast Meat:

Spice up their culinary curiosity with a tin of “magic beast meat.” This creatively wrapped prank gift seems to house the mystical creature’s flesh but is, in reality, a tin of tasty and regular canned ham. It’s a great method to inject a hint of fantasy into their dining and, naturally, evoke a good joy.

14. Offbeat Pet Gear

pet care presents
Image Credit: Etsy

For the pet enthusiasts in your circle, give their furry friends with unique accessories. From eccentric costumes to hats and shades, observing their pets parade around in amusing attire will undoubtedly bring joy to the birthday festivities.

15. A Snake Surprise

Finding gifts for sisters can confuse you, but the snake-in-a-can toy might just be the perfect prank for your chip-loving sis. Imagine her face as a 4-foot snake springs out when she opens the potato chip canister. Make it extra special by choosing her favorite flavor. 

16. The Fun Book of Facts

Have you got someone in your life always yelling random facts? Gift them The Book of Useless Information—a 704-page trivia treasure. Perfect as a fun coffee table book or a housewarming surprise. They can keep it in the bathroom for some knowledge drops at every moment.

17. Silly Socks Assortment:

Elevate your sock store with a variety of downright hilarious socks. Opt for patterns showcasing antics like taco-munching dinosaurs or grinning avocados. Not only do these socks provide warmth for your tootsies, but they also act as a daily prompt to greet life with a good-natured laugh.

18. The “Craft-Your-Own” Facial Fuzz Kit

For friends rocking facial fuzz, ponder a comical DIY beard kit. This package might feature humorously massive combs, glitzy or vibrant sprays, and even fake beard baubles. It’s one of the most lighthearted funny birthday gift ideas to let you involve in experimentation and share a hearty laugh along the way.

19. Glimmering Goodies

Bring dazzle to meals with Fancy Sprinkles edible glitter. It adds a vibrant sparkle to foods and drinks, ideal for those picky eaters. With no taste, smell, or texture change, convince your gifted that fairy-dusted broccoli. 

20. Funny Nose Sharpener

Kids find boogers hilarious, right? Well, gift them this goofy nose pencil sharpener. Stick the pencil in one nostril, and the shavings pop out the other. It’s “life-sized and lifelike,” or as close as it gets to snotty sawdust. Score cool points with a back-to-school item that’s both fun and kind of icky.

21. What’s Your Poo Telling You?

funny birthday gift ideas
Image Credit: Barnes & Noble

Everybody does it, but some people fret over what their poo reveals about health. For the health-conscious ladies, gift this hilarious book. It tracks daily dumps and includes expert explanations of what different turd types signify. It’s one of the best funny birthday gift ideas to make her laugh.

22. Goofy Face Shields:

In this era of face shields, transform a must-have into a fun accessory with whimsical and small designs. Select shields flaunting amusing expressions, animal mugs, or even individualized cartoons. It’s a handy present that sparks grins and giggles while prioritizing safety.

23. Custom Magazine Page

Serve a dash of fame with a customized fake magazine page displaying their face and a comical headline. Spin an over-the-top tale, be it about their “prize-winning pebble companion” or their sudden knack for “extreme dozing.” It’s a blending of funny birthday gift ideas for laughter and personal flair.

24. Sizzling Bacon-Scented 

For the bacon aficionado you adore, astonish them with soap that carries the aroma of sizzling bacon. Though it won’t satisfy their craving for the genuine article, the unexpected touch of bacon sizzle during their shower is bound to produce laughter. It’s a quirky and entertaining twist on everyday cleanliness.

25. Old-School Snap Camera:

Seize the moment with a blast from the past using a retro instant photo camera. These gadgets not only bring out immediate prints but also infuse a dash of vintage charm into snapshots. Urge the birthday buddy to chronicle their day with unplanned and genuine clicks, forming a tangible and amusing memory book.

26. Huge Blow-Up Pizza Wedge:

Make a bold statement with a giant inflatable pizza wedge. Be it for the pool, beach, or backyard, this oversized and comical pool float promises laughs and grabs attention. It’s a bold and carefree funny birthday gift ideas that injects a slice of joy into their summer festivities.

27. Face Swap Cushion

face swap cushion
Image Credit: Etsy

Transform their living area into a comedic zone with a face swap pillow. Upload a snap of their face and another person or thing (a pet, celebrity, or even an emoji), fashioning a personalized pillow with exchanged faces. It’s a comical and surprising addition to their home décor.


Birthdays are opportunities to celebrate with joy and these funny birthday gift ideas are the best way to make the day extra special. In this list, you can choose your favorite funny gift idea and choose one that matches the birthday person’s sense of humor. This way you will give a gift that will create lasting memories and plenty of laughs. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

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