Game of Thrones Season 8 Per Episode Is $15 Million

Game of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones Season 8 Is Most Expensive And The Budget Has $90 Million Dollar For 6 Episodes

The fandom went into frenzy weeks before the Game of Thrones premiere of season 8 of the show. The epic battle scenes do not come cheap. Season 8 will be the most expensive so far, with episodes anticipated to cost a whopping $15 million each, Variety reports. Games of Thrones ratings break own record and had 32.8 million viewers.

The first episode of the season shattered records all over the world. From the U.K buffs got up at 3 am to see the show as it aired, to prevent spoilers the following day on the web. The final season will feature some of the longest Game of Thrones list of episodes from the series as well. Game of Thrones had consistently topped the charts when it came to the most expensive T.V of all time, with the spending budget for every episode ranged up to $12 million.

Season 8 knocked the spending budget of all prior seasons’ right from the ballpark. The first two will only last about an hour each, but the final four are anticipated to run 80 minutes per episode. The Game of Thrones theme song has inspired many tributes, as well as a cello only version by 2Cellos and a version by Australian classical pop group, Aston.

It appears the Westeros economics is booming: the final season of Game of Thrones season 8 is the most expensive because of his story and has the potential to break TV records. The understanding the basic designs of Game of Thrones map of Westeros and Essos will certainly be important when Game of Thrones season 8 premieres in April.

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Past Seasons Per Episode Cost:

That number doesn’t include the price of reshoots and additional VFX effects. In total, the network could spend well over $90 million on this one season. Beginning with season 6, one Game of Thrones, event cost was around $10 million to produce. That marks a spending budget increase of about $4 million per episode, up from the approximate 6 million dollars before incidents price.

The 7th season of the HBO fantasy saga cost an eye-watering $12 million per episode, but that amount seems insignificant in comparison to the shows Game of Thrones final season, whose first episode lately. The most expensive Game of Thrones episode produced season 2 penultimate setup, Blackwater, which comprised a comprehensive battle scene and bigger than life props, such as a full-sized replica of a fourteenth-century battleship.

In comparison, the $15 million per episode spending budget will blow away Netflix’s production costs on The Crown, with its $10 million per episode budget. But Game of Thrones won’t be on Netflix. Despite its massive spending budget, the show will only have six episodes from its last season down in previous decades from ten or eight.

But, HBO understands that increasing the spending budget was crucial to getting the episode right. We had known for about a year the Game of Thrones the last episode was going to be Blackwater. The show team suggested the episodes won’t be of ordinary length, rather a feature-length epic should be expected by buffs. HBO clearly desired Game of Thrones trailer to go with a bang.

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Got Season 8 Episodes Duration And Budget:

Game of Thrones is captivated millions of audiences and social network consumers with its Battle on Sunday. An event that required a multi-million dollars spending budget and a production schedule to produce. The sound designer Paula Fairfield confirmed the hype surrounding the duration of the Game of Thrones episodes and said that the great end of GOT will be 85 minutes long.

The conflict, which ranked as a shot shows the longest installment to date, pitted heroes Game of Thrones Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen against the evil night king and his military of the dead. White Walkers are attentive otherworldly beings competent of magic and turning dead people into Game of Thrones zombie.

The episode dominated the discussion on social networking sites like Twitter on Sunday night. And well into Monday since several notable Game of Thrones characters were killed off. Five of the leading full cast members Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, and Nikolaj Coster Waldau could get $2 million each for the seventh season.

For the last and final season, the stars of the show will more than likely be earning much more than just mere $2 million per episode. The conflict required 11 months night shoots in the temperatures which frequently dropped into the low 30 levels earlier this month. As much as 750 team members worked on production every night, frequently wading through rain or mud while working on scenes.

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Season 8 Premiere And Characters:

Game of Thrones release date was 14th April. HBO has attempted to maintain everything regarding Game of Thrones season 8 under wraps to avoid leaks. The network went up to tape several ends of the Game of Thrones finale to make sure no word got from the sets. In Nov 2016 anonymous Reddit user leaked information of the full plot of season 7 in a post that has since proven to be largely accurate.

When it happened once, it could happen. You can Game of Thrones watch episode 5 in either 2 am or 9 pm on Monday next week on Sky Atlantic and NOWTV. HBO head of Casey Bloys has theorized that there might be another agonizing wait between the end of Game of Thrones and also the beginning of the first spin-off show, stating you are not going to see anything air anytime close to the season 8 finale.

Game of Thrones quotes is also famous as “Never forget what you are, The rest of the world will not. All of the principal cast members have returned for the final series. The Battle of Winterfell stunned all of us when every single one of our characters came in danger of the night king. Following the reduction of Eddison Tollett, Beric Dondarrion, Theon Greyjoy, and Lyanna Mormont that we have to mention, all died a hero rescue a personality.

The Game of Thrones cast premiered the first episode of the final season in New York in early April – albeit with a few rather rigorous. Littlefinger fated allusions for anybody who dared to leak major plot of Game of Thrones spoilers. If you’re a true Game of Thrones HBO lover. You simply have to show your love for all things with an awesome Game of Thrones tattoo.

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Game of Thrones Family Tree:

The final series will continue to keep the show’s four individual Writing Team of DB Weiss, David Benioff, Dave Hill, and Brian Cogman. Hill composed the season premiere. Cogman composed the second installment, and Benioff and Weiss have shared the remaining episodes between them. Dividing the money equally that season. HBO pulled on funds from the 9 other episodes to increase the spending budget for Battle of Bastards. 

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Game of Thrones Books:

  • Game of Thrones –1996
  • Clash of Kings –1998
  • Storm of Swords –2000
  • Feast for Crows –2005
  • Dance with Dragons –2011
  • Winds of Winter (Forthcoming)
  • Dream of Spring (Forthcoming)