Gauri Shared A Secret About Shah Rukh Khan Could Not Stop Laughing

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Gauri Khan Exchange, Shah Rukh Khan’s,  Cuddles and Shares Secrets

The 53-year-old celebrity And his interior designer wife won the most stylish couple award in the lately held HT’s Most Stylish Awards night. Shah Rukh Khan wife Gauri Khan share each other’s secrets in the awards night and showed that takes the longest to get ready.

The event, organized in St Regis at Mumbai, saw the couple become all cute and cuddly as they posed together in the Carpet as well. Shah Rukh grants all the credit for the victory to his wife.

Everything I know about style is really Gauri, he said. I am basic and dull and she carries from the beauty, he said. For somebody who is making claims he’s got absolutely nothing to do with style, I just have to say to you a little secret.

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Whenever we are heading out or stepping outside for a party, I’m usually outside in 20 minutes, ready and entirely on time, and he takes can be 2 to 3 hours. Tonight, I put in a great deal of effort and took 3 hours and that he took six, she said.

27th Year of Wedding:

Host Vicky Kaushal also mentions how they marriage for 27 years when Shah Rukh said, Kya Baat Kar Raha Hai, we’ve come as a young, elegant couple. He also complains how Gauri does not permit him to take photos.

Gauri never lets me take photos, but today I’m allowed to place one selfie with household, he said. Gauri was fast to give numerous reasons for it. The only reason I do not let him take pictures is that he takes so long to catch ready. He doesn’t care how a household is looking, he said.

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SRK also dance with Radhika Apte at Aaj Ki Raat song in the event. Merely To allow you to know when Radhika was a dance at Aaj Ki Raat. I was seeing behind if somebody was actually forthcoming, we cannot show as much realism, he states.

The Marriage of Shah Rukh Khan with Gauri in 1991. They are the parents to three children Suhana, Abram, and Aryan

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