How to Add Music to Facebook Story: Check out the Process

how to add music to facebook story

At this time Facebook mobile application is the only way to add Music to a Facebook story. Now Facebook stories can have music added in two ways. The 1st way, make a Facebook story post with just music by choosing a song from Facebook’s music library and the 2nd way is to utilize the music sticker to soundtrack a video or image you have already posted. For a Facebook story, you can also use your camera or video recorder to capture an image and then add music. If you want to know how to add music to Facebook story, you can only select a short clip of around 15 to 30 seconds by default. Then, some songs are tagged with lyrics on Facebook; they will show up in the story, while others won’t. 

How to Add Music to Facebook Story: Learn the Methods

First way: Adding music to your Facebook story

The following steps will only apply if you wish to make a music-related Facebook story post.

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First step: Select ‘Create story’ from the main Facebook page.

Second step: Go to Facebook’s music collection by tapping the music icon on the main screen.

Third step: Either scroll through the music or look for an individual song artist or genre. Then tap it. Your Facebook story with just Music will be generated automatically by Facebook using this song.

Pro tip: The Facebook Music Library also allows you to store tracks that you enjoy. Keep in mind that Facebook Stories will only display lyrics for songs that have lyrics labels. 

Fourth step: In the Facebook story, use the slider to choose the 15-second segments of the song you want to play and then hit done.

Fifth step: To change colour of the Facebook stories backdrop. For the music post, tap on various dots. You can also alter the highlighted artists as well as the album style by tapping the backdrop. When you are satisfied with the settings, hit the Done button.

Sixth step: Post the Facebook story with simple music by using the Share to Story button. 

Second way: Enhancing a video or photo’s  Facebook story with music

You can also use music in a  Facebook Story as a background score for your photos and videos.

how to add music to facebook story
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First step: Launch Facebook and choose the ‘Create Story’ option.

Second step: If you want to add a video or photo to your Facebook story, you may either hit the camera icon or choose an existing one from your camera roll. You can snap a picture here as an example.

Third step: After taking a picture, choose the music option on the stickers icon as a smiley.

Fourth step: To find the song you want to add to your Facebook Story, either browse the built-in music library or look for it by name, artist, or genre. Then, tap on it. When adding music to your Facebook Story, be careful to choose the song that has lyrics labeled.

Fifth step: To choose which verses to include in your Facebook Story, use the slider. To change the artwork for the album style and adjust the hues of the lyrics, press the color wheel. Then hit the “Done” button.

Sixty steps: Customize your story with filters, texts, and tags. Then, hit the “Share to Facebook Story” button.


If you know how to add music to Facebook story, it becomes more engaging and attracts more likes and comments. It is worthwhile for people and companies of all sizes to do so. If you’re frustrated with Facebook’s music options for Facebook Stories, a third-party app is a fantastic alternative that allows you to add songs to Facebook Story videos and photographs. In that case, please tag us, write comments, as well as share this post on Facebook. Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks a ton!

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