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Jennifer Garner Net Worth

Jennifer Garner Biography and Early Life

Jennifer Garner was born on 17th April 1972, in Texas. She may not have the star power of Scarlet Johansson or even Angelina Jolie, but Jennifer Garner wins with regards to rankings of Hollywood’s most liked celebrities. Jennifer Garner parents loved her. Garner’s mother was a homemaker, along with an English tutor while her father was a chemical engineer.

Garner wasn’t allowed to do makeup in her teenage. Despite having particular constraints, she did nurture her love of acting by participating in music at the local theater. The actress was once married to Ben Affleck whom she’s 3 kids with. Garner’s a bit different than your normal mother next door. Sure, she does not hesitate to post a make-up free selfie or share her favorite recipes.

She’s a bona fide movie star, with the net worth to establish it. In 1994, the former Mrs. Affleck graduated and got a degree in theater. Garner is very active on Instagram and is beloved because of her quirky mother humor, which makes her probably the most relatable stars there. She is an iconic film star, and actress Jennifer Garner Net Worth is evidence of it.

Jennifer Garner Net Worth

The Alias actress had a five-year relationship with ex-husband Ѕсоtt Fоlеу from the year 1998 t 2003, in this time the couple also tied the knot. Jennifer Garner news spread that she is well Worth an estimated $60 million, based on Celebrity Net Worth. The 46 years old has been acting as the mid-1990s, but her breakout character has been on ABC’s Alias, which originated in 2001.

Then came the guy who Jen refers to as the love of her life Ben Affleck. The couple met on the set of the film DareDevil in 2005. Following a year of dating, got married but Jennifer Garner pregnant before their daughter Violet was born. She started out earning $40, 000 an incident for the show, but from the show finale at 2006 she was earning $150, 000 per incident.

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Throughout the end of their union, Ben was dealing with substance abuse, eventually, Jen decided to end their marriage. The couple separated in filed for a divorce in 2017. They chose not to get a prenup, which leads us to believe Garner receives a massive chunk of Affleck’s $130 million for spousal support.


Jennifer Garner Movies and TV Shows

Jennifer Garner Alias role was ahead of his time because it was unlike anything else on television. The Jennifer Garner show was based on the adventures of Sydney Bristow – a young woman who had been under the impression she was working for a secret branch of the C.I.A. Known as SD-6.

She appeared in movies including 13 Going on 30, Juno, Dallas Buyers Club, and Miracles from Heaven. She is also a spokesperson for Capital One and Neutrogena. Garner starred at now iconic film 13 Going on 30, the film that showcased in Ariana Grande’s viral music video for Thank You, Next. The chick flick is among the most successful movies of her livelihood. 

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, mom of 3 kids separated from husband in 2015 and filed for divorce in 2017.  Following a long back and forth, the few have reached an arrangement that will finalize when Affleck leaves rehabilitation for alcohol addiction.  Affleck is worth an estimated $130 million.

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Jennifer Garner TV Series

Regardless of the terms of the divorce settlement, Garner appears to be doing fine on her own.  Her controversial new revival thriller Peppermint was the No. 2 film at the box office on its opening weekend, earning $13.26 million.  In 2017, she took on the role of an entrepreneur and launched a line of baby food named Once Upon a Farm. 

She also set to appear in HBO upcoming series Camping out and starred in Love, Simon, that has earned $40 million since its release in March.  According to Box Office Mojo, Jennifer Garner new movies have earned more than $1 billion at the box office collectively.

Top 07 Highest-Earning Movies

  • 13 Going on 30 (2004): $85.4 million
  • Daredevil (2003): $157. 6 million
  • Dude, Where’s My Car  (2000): $79 million
  • Juno (2007): $186. one million
  • Charlotte Web (2006): $114. 6 million
  • Valentine’s Day (2010): $128.8 million

Top 07 Jennifer Garner Films Not to Earn More

  • Men, Women & Children (2014): $788,400
  • Tribes of Palos Verdes (2017): $4,700
  • Wakefield (2017): $272,000
  • Butter (2012): $120,900
  • Dallas Buyers Club (2013): $30.9 million
  • Draft Day (2014): $32 million
  • The Invention of Lying (2009): $22.5 million
Jennifer Garner Net Worth | Jennifer Garner Movies
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