Chip and Joanna Gaines Net Worth 2019

Joanna Gaines Net Worth

Chip and Joanna Gaines Net Worth 2019: What Is the Total Net Worth of the “Fixer Upper” Couple

Chip and Joanna Gaines her wife rose to makeover celebrity and acquired a projected $18 million collective net worth. Later their house flipping “HGTV Fixer Upper” show took off.  Now the couple has their involvement in various businesses such as home-decor lines under the Magnolia Home umbrella, Joanna Gaines furniture, magazine Magnolia Journal, Target collaborations, clothing lines, restaurants and storefronts at The chip and Joanna Gaines silo, the Magnolia Table cookbook, Magnolia Realty, and so much more

Chip and Joanna Gaines the beautiful couple met in Waco, Texas.  In Waco Texas real estate Fixer Upper they have been together ever since Chip relentlessly won her over. The power couple discovered happily married a tactic to grow a business flipping Chip and Joanna house in the area. Early when they launch, they barely made it by whatever in his pocket cash Chip had. After a couple of financial scares, to catch a break they were able when they were given a Fixer television show on HGTV.

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How Chip and Joanna Gaines Make their Money

Chip and Joanna have various source of income. Ever since then, from a little storefront to a mighty empire their Magnolia brand has flourished boasting everything from home goods and needs, real-estate ventures, books and more. In downtown fixer upper Waco they bought a place and turned it into the complex now called The Silos. Which has a bakery and an eponymous market, built a restaurant for breakfast close by as well?

According to reports of Romper, the couple also charges $30,000 for speaking fees. If you need to speak at an event by Joanna Gaines, be ready to pay $150,000 an hour of her reported appearance fee. If you’re downcast because you can’t have Joanna at one of your events. Always you can watch Fixer Upper episodes online re-runs of Fixer Upper episodes and also purchase her books.

The worth of Chip and Joanna Gaines and how much they earned for Fixer Upper

According to Celebrity Chip and Joanna Gaines Net Worth, Chip and Joanna Fixer Upper have contributed to their valued combined net worth of $18 million each have a net worth of $9 million. That is not a minor amount of change, particularly for a couple in their early 40s.

According to Starcasm during the few on Fixer Upper seasons1, the Gaines were reportedly paid $30,000 per episode. The show wasn’t their leading bus iness project and they have taken on several others since its debut. Further, they received an undisclosed fee from the families they assisted with renovations. The summation for their previous season (subtract fees) is roughly $540,000.


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Partnership with Discovery

Loyal viewers of HGTV saddened and shocked when HGTV Chip and Joanna declared. They were no longer continuing with their famous show Fixer Upper. Last November, when will fixer upper return told they would be coming back to TV. With their very own network in partnership with Discovery.

But their reappearance to the small screen is not the only project the Gaines has going on. Along with brought up their Crew, newborn Chip, and Joanna Gaines baby boy, they both are also working vigorously on developing their brand. They have designed and built new homes in the last few months alone around Waco. Joanna put her debut design book and also declares her first children’s book.  All even does not include of this the strides they’ve made with their present businesses like their decor line at Target, restaurant, and very famous Magnolia farms store Market attraction.

Obviously, it is vital to point out that Chip and Jo people haven’t confirmed this information. Until the two release their bank statements or tax returns (which is highly completely unnecessary, unless they are scheduling to run for office), there is no approach to find out accurately how much the Chip Gaines worth.

With the latest network in the multiple works and existing businesses, the pair total worth is only put to skyrocket further. They have gained fans with their humble and down to earth attitude, which is ready to care all their ventures. By Fixer Upper homes a chapter has closed in their life and revolving a page to even higher and better things.

How Joanna is Handling Fame and Family

Most people with taking care and balancing of five children would be overwhelmed with everything that comes with fame. Joanna Gaines is no exception. She spoke up in Journal recently about how she is handling fame and family in the fall 2018 issue of Magnolia Journal.

She learned how to accept trust and help. That she already has all the strength and wisdom she wants to handle whatever each season of life throws her way she said. I love this season of heavy loads and hard work because they display me what these arms can carry. In her magazine column, Joanna says.

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Chip and Jo’s Latest Money Moves

Recently opened a restaurant by Chip and Jo called Magnolia Table. The Waco, Texas-based breakfast basis restaurant, which is Chip’s love meal of the day. Few of the contained menu items include donut holes, pancakes, French toast, and tater tots.

Always I have a special breakfast. Always Chip and Joanna Gaines bed and breakfast, but Joanna is the strict opposite. She was caring enough to come with me and we are going to eat up a breakfast combined here in town,” In Southern Living magazine Chip told. The pair also starts a Fixer spinoff named Behind the Design. Moreover, Joanna is publishing of her first design book, titled Home Body: A way to Making Spaces You Never Wish to Leave.