Leah Messer Opens Up About End Things With Jason Jordan

Leah Messer

Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Leah Messer Ends Things With Jason Jordan

Leah Messer Single once more! After months of dating. The celebrity finally decided with Jason Jordan to throw in the towel during the April 29, Monday Teen Mom 2 episode. Not well going the things between them for some time. And although she acknowledged she’s been escaping bringing it up on camera, she’s finally ready to talk about it.

She laid it all out there while catching up with her producer, Brendan. Leah Messer and Jason are over. In her arguments, it just wasn’t good. A lot of disagreements we’ve had lately with parenting, and he becomes openly angry Leah said. He just gets upset, he doesn’t hit and takes it out on everybody. There was always an expectation I feel like that I could never meet. What I did was never sufficient.

Finally, when they caught into an argument about Leah’s dog being in his garage, and he says her to leave. That was the last straw for her, even though Jason assumed he needed to effort on things one extra time. I was in such a great place I really feel. She said I was prepared to put my all into an association, it just wasn’t the right person.

Meanwhile, to be it over Jason wasn’t ready for. He indicated up at Leah’s house, desiring to get back together. And after called her sister, telling her that and wants to do relationship counseling he loves Leah.

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Advice From Amber:

Renewed off the drama they both had with Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans joined Coffee Convos Kailyn Lowry’s podcast as a guest. They please to see each other but not much time getting waste down to business as they record the podcast. Speaking about how tough it is to be on the alike show with someone they can’t get along with.

Jason Jordan

Something Amber was all too familiar with after her own play on OG with Farrah Abraham. Amber left before, Kail took the chance to catch her up on the child drama support. She with Jo Rivera had going on and exposed that Jo hasn’t kept his word in signing a deal. That he’d fall his request for child support if she paid him back for the checks he’d previously sent her.

That you guys can stop out of court I hope Amber told. Kail urging to get Jo to put his assurances in writing as quickly as possible. Kail and Jo engaged an agreement after meeting with her lawyer, that said Jo would fall his case after she writes him a check. The contract recognized by the court. Kail said after she wrote Jo the check. I am just happy it’s over.

Mother/Son Trip:

The cameras of MTV are still not capable to film Jenelle in her hometown, so instead, they met at a restaurant. Jenelle desired to take Jace on a son/mother trip to Kentucky, just the two of them, so they could use the one-on-one time together, but she had not said, David Eason. He insisted on joining them when she did bring it up.

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Explaining that he would like to visit the family of his in Kentucky. That MTV this expected that could not movie the trip, either, which Jenelle said put her in a painful position. In turn, that more strain on her wedding. How the trip went no word on or if it even happened but once more. Jenelle to appear on much of the episode was unable, seemingly thanks to the influence of David.