Mexican Star Commit Suicide After #MeToo Accusation

Mexican star

Mexican Rock Star Commits Suicide After #MeToo Accusation

The organizer and bassist of the Mexican rock group Botellita de Jerez. Armando Vega Gil age 64-year, kill himself on Monday after posting a suicide letter on Twitter. That state he wrongly and anonymously accused of sexually abusing a minor. In Mexico City Vega Gil discovers dead in his home, police confirmed.

The Mexican musician celebrity and rock star said that he anonymously accused. Through the #MeTooMusicosMexicanos Twitter hashtag of harassing and abusing a female. When she was 13 years old. This accusation is false I will say this categorically. Vega Gil’s letter stated. Let me make it crystal clear that my death isn’t a confession of guilt, on the contrary, it’s a radical statement of my innocence. 

I need to clear the way my child will walk in the future. The representative of Botellita de Jerez, Paola Hernandez stated. She talked With Vega Gil at about 2.00 a.m., some 2 hours before his casualty. He was really pissed off and sad, he did not know how to clear his matter. He said he was not guilty, he was concerned on how his son will acquire this, Hernandez said in a radio interview.

Social Media Reaction:

Armando Vega Gil

Vega Gil‘s death was burning an acrimonious argument on Mexican social media. Some people argue that if he was innocent. he must get rid of his name from Mexico’s judicial and court system. While others stated the courtroom of public opinion, particularly online, had already brought into being him guilty and everlastingly muddied his reputation. 

In Mexico Campaign MeToo, #MeeToMusicosMexicanos reacted to the musician’s correspondence and wrote. It’s a mockery of using such a subject that is fragile to play the role of fatality. Before the public as the contrast to confronting the facts. It was not only a witness. We made an investigation.

What be short of respect for the victims, their voices, the community, and the 17 suicides each day in Mexico. Vega Gil wrote at the end of his letter do not blame anyone for my passing. This suicide is a voluntary, conscious free and personal decision.