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Mira Sethi and Bilal

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Mira Sethi

Mira Sethi


                  Mira Sethi is an actress, model, and journalist. She is a daughter of Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin and graduated from Wellesley College in 2010. Her parents are the part of journalism and doing successful programs on Tv. Mira Sethi is doing a job as a journalist for 2.5 years after that she returned to Pakistan and started her career as an actress. She has done very well many Tv plays and also doing a Film (7 Din Mohabbat In).


                       She is beautiful and intelligent, announced to break the engagement news on the Instagram post. In a long post, shared a story of how she and Bilal fell in love. After a engagement news, people target with funny statements but she reacted and handle all the comments in a mature way. Now she revealed how they knew one another and family terms. In spring 2017, a funny, tall and curly haired walked into my life. However, they did not think about getting married.


Mira Sethi fiancee

She was off to Oxford University in 2008 and where her faience Bilal was doing his Ph.D.  They were living in the same town but did not meet each other. They met in Lahore and agreed to meet for dinner. Her faience is not only close to her but also to her brother Ali. A tragedy comes in Bilal life, her mother passed away from pneumonia and it was a difficult time for him.

Mira Sethi Family

She continuously in touch with him and discuss the life targets. Both have traveled in the world like Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, and San Francisco and enjoy every moment of life. In the engagement function, close family members were invited. Mira Sethi shared many photos of her engagement and all are looking so happy.

Bilal and Mira Sethi

    We wish Mira and Bilal a happy, healthy and long life together.


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