Miss USA 2019: 5 Things To Know About Cheslie Kryst

Miss USA

Miss USA 2019: The Winner Of The Pageant is Miss North Carolina Cheslie Kryst!

The loveliness Cheslie Kryst queen beat 50 other contestants on Wednesday and captures them at the 68th annual competition coveted title. The aired on Fox from the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a time to see your new Miss USA 2019. Earlier tonight, Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey hosted the annual beauty pageant. 

While there were qualified ladies more than a few who were eligible of the crown, there could only be one champion. Cheslie Kryst, who ultimately represented North Carolina, wowed the judges’ beauty and talents, with her brains, achieving her the title and top score of Miss USA 2019. Perfectly answered questions from her impeccable white gown to her, she’s taking home the coveted crown.

The show for those who missed out or simply want to learn more about the deserving participant, we’ve caught you covered. We scoured to found more than a few fun facts and the web about Miss USA 2019. As the oldest contestant to ever win who also made history! Need to know about the girl, below as she embarks on this section and takes on her fresh role.

Born To Be A Queen:

Cheslie Kryst

The first pageant in the 9th-grade Kryst won as Miss Freshman at Rock Hill’s Northwestern High School. Further to her 9th-grade win, she contended four times to get the titles of Miss North Carolina USA and Miss North Carolina. Until November it wasn’t that she grabbed home the crown as Miss North Carolina, and now, she won the award of all titles: Miss USA 2019.


The miss USA 28-year-old beauty queen is one smart girl. She obtained both her degree of Law MBA from Wake Forest University. About her degree of Bachelor, she graduated cum laude from the Honors College at the University of South Carolina.

Hard Working: 

Miss USA Cheslie Kryst

Kryst is licensed to practice law in two states, South Carolina and North Carolina and the full time she is an attorney. I was sworn into the North Carolina Bar, a past Instagram post she captioned on 28 September 2017. It was one of my life’s proudest moments. This daybreak I had the privilege of being on oath into the South Carolina Bar. Thanked God for helping me to remain on the bar exam undefeated.

At Poyner Spruill, the 28-year-old is also a civil litigation attorney. She represents primarily as a defense attorney, business in a lawsuit. Furthermore, Miss America 2019 of her clients is Nia Franklin. In 2015 the both met while doing pageants.


The queen is a former Division I athlete. She contested in the heptathlon, triple jump and long jump on South Carolina’s track and field team. Moreover, in accordance with her blog, she’s in the top 10 in the record books at South Carolina for the triple jump. If as impressive that weren’t enough, Charlie gets up 5 a.m. every day to work out. She takes yoga two times a week and also spins class.

The Name Of Her Game:

Miss USA 2019

White Collar Glam is founded by Cheslie a lifestyle blog that shares for women workwear fashion. Of her project, she said the NC Bar Blog why she decided to make the platform. She said when you look and feel good, and you do well. That is not to say that placing on a good suit for work by itself.  

This is working to turn you into an excessive attorney. But there’s a little thing to be said your clothing effect has on your self-image. The result has how others observe you. And the class of work you create because of it. She continued, about Blogging fashion in the workplace is significant to me.  Because I want to women be armed for the place of work in clothing that will put us in a better position which is imaginable to reach success.

On uppermost duties of her blogging, she is also undertaking she sits on the Board of Directors at Big Brothers Big Sisters Central Carolinas for the Dress for Success organization. In fact, she said the Charlotte Observer that if she gained the Miss USA competition, she moves to New York City and would put her law career on hold. On her big win tonight Congrats to Cheslie Kryst.

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