Mohsin Abbas Reveals Depression On Social Media

Mohsin Abbas

Pakistani Singer And Actor Is In Depression

Mohsin Abbas Haider, on Monday night, opened up about struggling with depression in a rather debilitating place, that he deleted. The post that has now been deleted, read Depression is set to kill me soon. Just wanted to say thanks to the men and women who caused it. The post by the singer, who later surprised all with his best acting abilities in ARY Digital’s Meri Guriya left fans and his friends in frenzy.

 Numerous his colleagues and actors commented on this article expressing their love and support for the popular singer and actor. I only wanted to say thanks to all of you for these messages of love, care and encourage you guys showed about my depression, the 34-year actor said. Soon following the Na Maloom Afraad actor’s message, posts from celebs and fans wrapped in, offering assistance. I am here any time you want to talk or vent. Remain strong. You’re adored, composed Osman Khalid Butt.

Mohsin Abbas Singer

Support From Industry And Fans:

Remain strong Mohsin, composed model Amna Babar. Others who provided their support included Tooba Siddiqui, Natasha Baig, and VJ Anoushey Ashraf. He further added, The kind of support I received from with the business, from my fellow actors, peers, buddies and the fans, only made me believe that we should never conceal it. We should always talk about it. Model Fia Sofia Khan, in her remark, composed I was a patient myself. You’ve to fight this battle on your own. However, you’d need help and trust me, that brings peace. I started regular and yoga namaz that took me.

You’ve to continuously tell yourself that you can’t let win over. It sounds weird however it really helps. Sending lots of positive energy your way. Actor Ayesha Omar at a post provided assistance and advice. You are not alone, Mohsin. Just talk to someone and get help. Talk to anyone you seem like however talk. Do not be scared to get help or startup about what you’re feeling. It’s totally ok to not be okay.

There are many men and women who love you or your energy. I’m one of them, she composed. Comedian Ali Gul Pir wrote that he didn’t know Abbas personally, he was there for him if need be. Mohsin Abbas isn’t the first Pakistani celebrities to come up along with his depression story, but his worried job shocked everyone.