Ranveer Singh Is Playing Rapper Role In Gully Boy


Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy

Ranveer Singh shared the second song of the upcoming movie Gully Boy, entitled Meri Gully Mein. The track is a remix of both Heavenly and Naezy breakout single of the same name. The most recent track Mere Gully Mein is a tribute to the humble beginnings of homegrown rap artists like Heavenly and Naezy, whose stories have inspired the movie’s plot. Mere Gully Mein is picturised on Ranveer Singh and Siddhanta Chaturvedi, who plays Ranveer onscreen mentor. Based on A report published in Pinkvilla, the manufacturers of Gully Boy have opted to put up a gig to indicate the music release of the movie on January 24.

Gully Boy allegedly inspired by the lifestyles of the rappers, who broke into the scene with the viral, Do it yourself style music video for Meri Gully Mein, which introduced fans to the idea of gully rap and propelled Heavenly and Naezy – equally Bombay rappers – to the limelight. The song may either be for the movie’s promotions or part of the movie’s plot when Ranveer Singh’s character eventually gets to live his dream of recording his own song. The picture’s version of the song conducted by Ranveer, who lent his voice to the previously released Apna Time Aayega.

Rapping Boy

Meri Gully Mein composed by Heavenly, Naezy and Sez on the Beat, written by Heavenly and Naezy. Gully Boy is led By Zoya Akhtar and it comprises Ranveer Singh in the lead role. Ranveer plays the role of a budding rapper from the slums of Mumbai, who finally becomes effective. The movie sees Alia Bhatt reverse Ranveer Singh. She plays the role of an aspiring medical student. Who will not give in to the function parents think it’s good for her. She’s a rebel. The video also plays just like a Bollywood style song. And dance number complete with background extras and higher production values. Which did not exist at the first Meri Gully Mein video.

Talking About the gig, manager Zoya Akhtar said, it is going to an electric evening. We’re enthusiastic about the music release as we’ll have our artists performing in the gig. There’s not any other way to drop this record than to slam it lives. Ranveer’s rapping skills have highly valued in songs Apna Time Aayega. And Asli Hip Hop both of that have garnered millions of perspectives in only a couple. Aside from Ranveer and Alia, Gully Boy additionally stars Kalki Koechlin, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Vijay Raaz, and Amruta Subhash. On February 14th, the movie will open in cinemas.