Ten Ways Students Can Maintain Greater Engagement With Technology For Success

Technology is an all-conquering phenomenon that embraces the education field like never before. Unfortunately, researchers worldwide are busy picking up the ill effects of technology and the many mental and physical challenges that come with it. But, technology applied properly can introduce huge changes in the realm of education, making it more interactive and engaging. Now, a student has to make a mouse click to get an online assignment help when deadlines wreak havoc on their shoulders. Here are ten innovative ways to make your classroom more engaging with technological innovation and support.

  1. Apply activity management systems

So far, we have had this idea that teachers and class monitors will oversee the activities of the students in and around classes. In some schools, class inspectors are responsible for measuring students’ activities. But some brilliant technological ideas can change the perception. Plenty of applications and online tools can measure students’ activities in a relaxed and innovative way. You can use these websites and each student’s accomplishments and behaviour in a time-bound way. If such a system is linked with parents’ digital devices, they can trace their child’s activities quite easily.

  1. Game-based learning

Many apps and software have thousands of questions in each chapter with their answers. Sometimes, it is too challenging for teachers to engage all students in a difficult chapter. As a result, a significant portion of the class will always remain mentally absent during class. It would make up for it by studying extensively before the exams without going in-depth on the concepts. But the same bunch of students can engage with the class if there is a quiz competition every other day, including the topics taught in the previous class.

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You can easily arrange quizzes and games related to that chapter in the following class. There are thousands of online quizzes on vital science, humanities and languages chapters. Just subscribe to those pages and get the best output from students in every class. You can also take essay help from experts.

  1. Using software for presentation

So far, teachers have shown the students the maps and graphs to let them understand the top concepts. But to make technology more lenient to students, you can turn the table and let students show their understanding and conceptual clarity in the form of a presentation. This is important in making classes more interactive and freer from the bonds of traditional teacher-student equations. Here are some important reasons why you can use software for class presentations.

You can use online interactive maps of concepts or MS PowerPoints to decentralise your class and make it more participatory.

  1. Place QR codes to unlock tasks

This is an idea that is utterly foreign to our classrooms. Suppose you use a QR code, scanning which the student can unlock their submission criteria, assignment details, syllabus structures, examination ad submission dates, and many more things. This will change the traditional administrative process of giving students study materials. Students now can apply their efficiency and time management skills to unlock their essential documents from the university.

  1. Connecting forums

Teachers can share important resources not only with the students but with fellow students too with the help of several connecting forums. For example, you can open an online classroom forum that may involve an exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing and several field trips virtually. These activities increase the internal connectivity and ultimately prepare the classmates to engage more with the topics.

  1. Write new blogs
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Writing questions and answers can be as dull as scratching the surface of a wall. So, you can ask students to write new blogs on reflection, stories, fun facts, and children’s activities. Blogs are like the subjective experience of a student after consuming the knowledge from the teachers and the materials. As a teacher of a class, you can make a centralised online portal where students can publish their works. You can rate their results in terms of individual merits or put them in inter-class competition. Not on the teachers but students themselves can grade their blogs and assess performance. This is a great way to grow the habit of long writing assignments in the future.

  1. Introduce apps for education

Games and educational apps may vividly teach a concept with several fun elements. In addition, these apps include thorough lectures and video materials to make things more digestible to students.

For instance, the periodic table is a long and complicated chemistry chapter involving a lot of data and nitty-gritty details. You can introduce many grams with the initials and symbols of elements within the table. There are many apps where students can hone their mental abilities and skills. Try to incorporate those apps in your class to make your lot a better version of themselves.

  1. Host a group file

Many online applications and programs find centralised hosting easier and more relatable for you. A file management system will teach students the following skills.

  • Access ample resources on each topic
  • Get backup for each uploaded file
  • Storage of data
  • Information Sharing
  • Online and offline presentation
  • Video lectures and many more.
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Once you start incorporating these technologies, they will reduce the pressure from group activities. As a result, you can save a lot of work for you as a teacher. Also, students can stay updated with the class in a remote study structure.

  1. Publishing contests

It is one thing to learn a chapter where teachers only pass down information and explain the concepts, and a completely different matter gives them ownership of their works. This way, they are becoming more responsible with their studies. They know their works will be published as an article on the portal. They will not only fight for their final exams but check whether they are at the top among their classmates.

  1. Animation projects

You can give your students complete animation tools and software where they can take liberties to draw the concepts themselves. It will allow them to manifest ideas more clearly and pictorially. In addition, thousands of online applications will let girls and boys expand their knowledge base and engage with things at a deeper level.

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