The Best Singapore mobile phone plans

With the year just starting, it’s time to find out what plans are available for your mobile phone. Here are some of the best mobile phone plans this month in Singapore:

1.) Singtel

Singtel offers extensive coverage for members with a 4G LTE connection. The ZIP Plan 999 gives you 3GB worth of data allowance every month to watch videos, play games and do other stuff online without worrying about running out of data. You can also get unlimited local calls and SMS if you subscribe to that plan. With its 1-year contract, you are getting a new iPhone 7 (128GB) that will only cost S$42 per month.

2.) M1

With M1’s Combo 2 plan at $78, subscribers get 6GB worth of data to use every month. If you often travel to China for work or vacation, this plan is a must-get since your data roaming in China will be free. All calls made from China are free as well!

3.) Circles.Life

With its unlimited passes on offer, you are subscribing to Circles. A life plan is a hassle-free way of getting more mobile data and minutes at a very affordable price. With 9GB worth of data allowance each month, you can do more on the go with your iPhone 7 (128GB).

4.) StarHub

For those who frequently travel to Malaysia or overseas, get yourself a subscription to StarHub’s SuperTrip Surfer 100GB. As the name implies, you get 100GB worth of data (instead of 6GB) to use within 30 days. You can also enjoy unlimited roaming in Malaysia and Singapore when you travel, so it’s an excellent deal for frequent travelers.

5.) CSL

CSL provides the most competitively-priced iPhone 7 (128GB) contract this month with its 128GB Red+ plans at only $58 per month. With this plan, members get 8GB worth of data allowance to use every month and receive free Singtel WiFi access in public places nationwide. Not only that, CSL subscribers will be able to watch videos on YouTube without eating up their data!

6.) MyRepublic

MyRepublic started offering 4G connections in Singapore just last year, so it’s only natural that they’re offering the cheapest iPhone 7 (128GB) contract this month. The $68/month plan has 10GB of data allowance included, which is 2GB more than what other telcos are offering.

7.) Zero Mobile

Zero Mobile offers some of the cheapest SIM-Only plans in Singapore. The $8 plan gives you unlimited data, while calls are 20 cents per minute. A 12-month contract on this plan will only cost you S$96. A whole year with an iPhone 7 (128GB) for that price is definitely a steal!

8.) Circles.Life

Circles. Life is known to provide some of the cheapest broadband plans in Singapore, so it’s no surprise that they’re offering cheap mobile phone contracts as well. With their unlimited passes available, subscribers can choose between having more data or minutes each month at rates that are up to 50% cheaper than what other telcos are charging!

One benefit to getting your mobile phone contract with MyRepublic is you’ll receive 1,000Mbps worth of fiber broadband connection for free! This makes MyRepublic’s current promotion easily the best deal among all Singapore providers.

If you want even more data or unlimited local calls and SMS, there are additional plans available at different prices. If you’re still unsure about whether to apply for a Singtel iPhone 7 (128GB) plan, check our website at single promotions.


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