Amber Heard Asks JudgeTo Dismiss $50M Lawsuit

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Johnny Depp And Amber Heard $50M Defamation Lawsuit Case

Amber Heard asked a judge to dismiss a $50 million lawsuit, ex-husband Johnny Depp filed over about domestic violence. Heard reiterates her allegations that Depp abused her before and during their marriage and includes displays like pictures of her with bruises on her face and scar on her wrists, pictures of harm.

Johnny Depp wife says, he pulled her hair, pushed her, slapped her or choked her. Depp has denied any such abuses. Johnny Depp emotionally and verbally abused Amber Heard, her lawyer Eric George said in a statement. Since their divorce, Mr. Depp has continued to publicly harass Ms. Heard and tried to gaslight the world by denying his abuses.

The allegations have appeared in a couple of divorces along with other legal fights. Depp’s lawsuit, filed last month, known as the ongoing allegations of domestic abuse categorically and patently false. They had been part of an elaborate hoax to generate favorable publicity for Ms. Amber Laura Heard and advance her career.

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Johnny Depp And Amber Defamation Case:

The lawsuit says, making claims she’s the perpetrator. Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, said that he was reviewing a new filing. The post published by Amber Heard, published in December, doesn’t mention Depp by name or describe some incidents. I faced our culture’s anger, also talked up against violence.

Amber Heard age is 32 years, she wrote that she felt as though she was on trial in the courtroom of public opinion. However, the lawsuit of Johnny Depp says it was apparent Heard was speaking about him, and that it made worse the harm the allegations had already done to his career.

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Amber Heard attorneys claimed that the litigation ought to be moved to Loss Angeles because that is where the relevant events took place and the court would be in a position to subpoena witnesses and find out facts.

Heard the first accused Depp of domestic violence the year after they had wed. They divorced in 2017. Amber Heard movies, whose credit include Aquaman and Justice League And Depp, fulfilled with on the set of their 2011.

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