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Alexis Roderick Age

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Do you know about Alexis Roderick age? Alexis Roderick (38 years old) is an equestrian and former Morgan Stanley executive. She also managed to earn revenue as being a senior risk officer for Morgan Stanley. Alexis got married to a well known American singer, Billy Joel, on the 4th of July 2015, organized by the Governor of New York, who is a close friend of Joel.

Billy Joel is also a renowned songwriter, composer, and pianist. This charming lady came into limelight due to her husband, and she successfully managed to cope with this fame, but except this limelight, there are many facts about Alexis that are hidden. She is famously known for being Billy Joel’s wife.

Roderick Early Life

Do you know, who is Alexis Roderick? Alexis was born in 1982 in New York City, America. Alexis Roderick age is now 38 years old. She has no siblings, and she doesn’t appear to share any information regarding her childhood and family background even no one knows from where she got her early education. She is someone who is very secretive and does not open up instead of this fame. Being a public figure, she skillfully managed to be a private person.

Personal Life:

Alexis is living her best life that one can desire with Billy Joel. She intends to keep her life private even no one knows her birth date and month exactly. Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel married in 2015 and it has been observed that they have about a 33-year difference between them as Billy Joel was born in 1949.

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People are curious about how tall is Billy Joel? She has alluring beauty with an astonishing look stands, Alexis Roderick height is 5ft and 6 inches, and she also appears to be taller than her husband Billy Joel height is 5ft and 5 inches. She met Billy in 2009 in Huntington when Alexis was 29, and Billy was 60.

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Alexis Resign

They started as friends, but then they realized that they are made for each other. At that time, she was working in Morgan Stanley when she started dating Billy Joel, during this time she joined Merrill Lynch’s New York City office. She resigned from Morgan Stanley in 2015.

She seems to be happy and contented with his husband, Billy, and daughters. Alexis is Billy’s fourth wife. Billy has two daughters with Alexis, Della Rose, who was born on August 12, 2015, and their 2nd daughter named Remy Anne was born on October 22, 2017.

Alexis doesn’t own any official Instagram account, but we can see many incredible and charming pictures of Alexis on Instagram.

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She did her graduation in political science, Economics and Latin American studies from Stony Brook University, New York. After completing her graduation, she started working as a broker at Morgan Stanley. She managed to excel in her profession, and now she has experience of more than eight years in this field as she does horse riding.

Hence, she is also a very energetic member of the United States Equestrian Federation. Just after graduation, she entered the profession of finance. She made her name as she was very career-oriented. Still, after getting married to Billy, her primary profession was being a horse rider due to her extraordinary skills in horse riding.

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Alexis Roderick Finance Profession

She became famous in this profession, and her marriage to Billy was the triggering point of her extravagant life. Alexis is a very enthusiastic woman as she made her name as a finance professional. She also opted for equestrian as a career because she loves horse riding, and she is so skilled in this profession.

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Roderick has taken part in competitions. She owns many horses, and her husband has purchased a 5-acre horse ranch worth 3.5 million$ in wellington. So Alexis Roderick is living her dream life with her husband and two daughters and doing what she loves, such as horse riding.

Alexis Roderick Net Worth

Alexis Roderick net worth is round about more than $5 million. Her husband and musician, songs writer Billy Joel net worth is $250 million. He started his career from 1965. Now he is 71 years old. We already mentioned above Alexis Roderick age.

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