Steve O Net Worth, Age, Wife, Kids, Girlfriend, Height, Tattoo, Teeth

Steve O Net Worth

Steve O Net Worth, Age, Wife, Kids, Girlfriend, Height, Tattoo, Teeth

How Is The Net Worth of Steve O 2021

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Steve-O’s real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover. Do you know how old is Steve O? His age is 47 years and he is a well-known celebrity by his stage name Steve-O, who is a producer, actor, stunt performer, stand-up comedian author, clown, and musician. Who holds American, British, and Canadian citizenship. Today he has functioned alongside Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the Jackass crew for the past decade.

His showbiz career is centered on performance stunts the TV series “Jackass of American”, its associated films, and its spin-off series “Wildboyz”. As a TV personality, he appeared on shows including ‘Totally Busted’ and ‘The Jump.’ He is also a stand-up comedian with his own tour.

He has become a very successful man and, as of 2021, Steve O net worth is around $3 million. Since he was a teen, Steve said he has suffered from his teeth. I have never been comfortable with my teeth. He also doesn’t like to show his teeth.

Steve O Early Life

On June 13, 1974, Steve o was born in London England.  He’s a native of the United Kingdom. Steve’s mother was a Canadian national. Steve O dad was a successful business managerial. His career forced the family to move around a lot during Steve’s childhood. 

During his childhood, Steve moved around a lot and lived in a number of countries, including Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, and Uganda, where he lived two years before moving to the United States when he was four years old. By the time he was 12 years old. Steve had already lived in five countries.

He joined the University of Miami for one year but dropped out due to low grades. The burden of moving around a lot led him to become a type of class clown in every new school as he was looking for attention and acceptance from the other students. He also joined the University of New Mexico for one year.

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Steve O Net Worth
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After high school, she joined the University of Miami for a year and felt that he was not interested in it. What college had to offer so he dropped out and enrolled in Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College.

He joined and graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997. After completion of graduation, he performed as a clown in a circus at the Fort Lauder dale Swap Shop flea market. 

Steve’s Career

Almost 15 years old Steve O took his father’s camera and start creating videos of himself performing dangerous skateboarding stunts. Steve-O started working as a clown and a stuntman before being noticed by “Jeff Tremaine” who summoned him to be part of Jackass.

After completion of graduating from Clown College, Steve O start pitching his videos to producers as he was determined to make it big. Later he met Jeff Tremaine the director, creator, and producer of Jackass was trying to make a stunt-based television show with “Johnny Knoxville”. The first Season of jackass aired on MTV in the year 2000.

And in 2001 Steve O start performing on his individual tour ‘Steve O don’t try this at home Tour’. He rapidly established himself as a popular comedian worldwide. There were 25 episodes in three seasons of the successful series. Even though the series was highly popular, it was criticized for being “too dangerous.”

The jackass television series ended in 2002. The company desired to release a film later that year. Steve O and Chris Pontius later starred in another same show titled “WILD BOYZ”. Since then Steve has performed on a couple of other jackass movies.

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He has even developed a best-selling author with his memoir ‘Professional Idiot’. Aside from that role, he also starred in several other films in the Jackass franchise, including “Jackass 3D” and “Jackass Number Two”.

Steve O Personal Life

Steve o married twice. The first wife was Candy Jene Tucker and his Second wife was Brittany McGraw that lasted years from (2006-8). In 2016 Steve announced his relationship with Kat Von D and the relationship finished after some months. He announced in January 2018 that he had engaged to girlfriend Lux Wright.

Steve was admitted to a hospital in 2008, he wrote a letter to his friend where he suggests might he attempt suicide. He was held for 72 hours which was stretched for 14 days. The reason why he had these considerations because of his bipolar condition and substance addiction. Unluckily, Steve O has no kids.

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Brittany McGraw
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Steve-O’s Sources of Income

Steve-O is an excellent comedian, actor, stuntman who just never ran out of ideas and pranks to share with the public. Apart from the reality show, Jackass movies were a big hit adding to Steve-O’s fortune. “Don’t Try This at Home DVD’s”, “Wildboyz” and its tours contributed to his wealth as well.

Steve-O also performed in several TV shows like Love Island, The Howard Stern Show, and The Dean Blundell Show which helped Steve-O’s net worth to rise steadily. He also has 2 YouTube channels around 6 million subscribers.

Steve O Net Worth

After getting well from his substance abuse and depressive state, Steve-O made a comeback. By starring in Jackass 3D and writing his autobiography called Professional Idiot: A Memoir. Currently, Steve-O is performing live stand-up shows.

He is also making money from his YouTube channel by actively posting videos that are mostly stunts and pranks. Steve O net worth is decent from the success of his entertainment career, which started in the late 90s, and his present live shows and YouTube channels.

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He has since worked on a number of other jackass movies and was titled the bestselling artist for his memoir ‘Professional Idiot’. Observing all the success stories he has achieved over his career span of more than two decades. We’ve projected Steve O Net Worth to be approximately $3 million.

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Steve O Tattoo
The Dean Blundell Show
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In addition to his pranks, Steve-O’s has gotten a number of tattoos that are perhaps more daring than any of his stunts. The tattoos in his collection show off his crazy style. All of his tattoos are considered idiotic and dumb by him. He has a different tattoo-like “XYZ tattoo”, “Man and Ostrich tattoo”, “Flower tattoo”, “Fat Lady tattoo” etc.

Steve O Teeth

Facts About Steve O

What is Steve O’s real name?

Stephen Gilchrist Glover

How old is Steve O?

47 Years Old

What did Steve O study?

Graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College

What nationality is Steve O?

American, Canadian, British

What happened to Steve O voice?

Due to the usage of drugs and alcohol, his voice is raspy

Is Steve O vegan?

Yes, he has vegan

How tall is Steve O?

5′ 10″

How much is steve o worth?

$3 Million

Is steve o married?

Candy-Jane Tucker (2002-2003), Brittany Mcgraw (2006-2008)

Where does steve o live?

Los Angeles

Are Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville friends?

Yes, they are friends

What type of dog is Steve-O’s dog?

German Shepherd Mix

What is Steve-O Weight?

75 KG

Steve O Movies and Tv Shows

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Here are some details of the best of Steve-O’s career:

MTV Movie + (2011)TV Awards, Best Jaw-Dropping Moment – nominee

MTV Movie + (2003) TV Awards, Best On-Screen Team, – nominee


Steve O is now one of the most typical comedians of our generation. He has been capable to make a name for himself by working with one of America’s biggest comedy teams.

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