Chris Hemsworth Trolls His Movie Avengers Co-Stars

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Chris Hemsworth Makes Prank With His Avengers Co-Stars

Ahead of the highly expected Avengers Endgame movie Chris Hemsworth is currently making some improvements to the film posters. The Thor, heartthrob, 35, had some fun with his co celebrities throughout their media tournament leaving a lasting mark on some of their character movie posters.

He hilariously captions his Instagram video, where he scribbles on his co-stars’ faces. I am now able to add makeup artist to my powers. In the short clip, he gave Paul Rudd a goatee, wrote I love Thor. On the pic of Robert Downey Jr. Drew a few long lashes on Jeremy Renner, while telling the camera just making some improvements.

Chris Hemsworth wife Elsa Pataky, is a Spanish actress, film producer and also a model. They married in Christmas holidays 2010 and having 3 children. Trolling his castmates, even more, he misses a beard of Robert Downey Jr., also writes,” I heart Chris Hemsworth Thor.

Chris Hemsworth Avengers Endgame:

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It is A chef’s kiss into the Iron Man actor. However, he’d skip over the poster of Gwyneth Paltrow, as she too pretty, according to Hemsworth. She’s too pretty, he says of the face of Gwyneth Paltrow. For the time being, it appears, her film poster remains untouched.

Renner was one of the Avengers to notice the improvements. As he published A boomerang into Instagram, writing, Hey Christopher Hemsworth, I am coming to you! If anything, the Avengers actor is providing Bob Ross a run for his money with his video and impeccable drawings.

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Jokes aside, the Marvel cast is currently gearing up to the premiere of Avengers Endgame. Hemsworth writes on Instagram. He shares several candy selfies with his co celebrities, Scarlett Johansson, Evans, Downey Jr., Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Brie Larson, and Don Cheadle. In addition, Chris Hemsworth new movie is “Men In Black” and “Robopocalypse”.