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Bryiana Noelle Flores

Bryiana Noelle Flores

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Noelle Flores was born on 21st July 1991 in Salinas, California United States. Bryiana Noelle Flores is an American model who first got fame after becoming Playmate of The Year for Playboy Magazine in 2013. Doctors diagnosed a very dangerous disease when she was young. Bryiana Noelle Flores’s age is 29 years old.

The options were available for her to continue with medicine or go through surgery that entailed a bone marrow transplant. Noelle avoided the surgery and decided to choose to continue with medication.

Noelle came into Rob’s Life when he’d already achieved unbelievable success. Both are quite active in social media and lets fans engage themselves with the latest information about their family.

On the other side, she faced lots of problems but believing in working tremendously on her fantasies and she’s achieved supermodel fame from this fashion industry. Many fans were interested to find out more about Bryiana since her romance with the retired professional skateboard. 

Bryiana Early Life

In childhood, she was suffering from an acute, life-threatening blood disease. For the time being, the bombshell falls under caucasian ethnicity and got an American nationality. Luckily, Bryiana Dyrdek has fought against the disease. She was a wish to Make-A-Wish Foundation and swim with the dolphins, while she was sick.

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She has used her expertise with a very dangerous disease to encourage lots of people as President of the Iconic Beauty. That women brand supports girls in their own personal and professional life. Flores completed her earliest Education in the hometown. She had faced continually bullied in school for her height and body structure.

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In another post she said;

“I survived my darkest hour. My faith kept me alive. I lifted myself up again, held my head up… I was not built to break. I found hope in my heart. I found the light to live, my way out of the darkness.

I have found everything I need, here in me. I thought I would never find my way. I thought I would never lift the weight. I thought I would break. I didn’t know my own strength.”

Flores Personal Life

Bryiana said that Rob was the first celebrity to follow her after her fame from Playboy Magazine. Rob decided that it’s a perfect time to propose to her after having a many-year relationship. He selected Disneyland as the Point because of his proposal.

Rob brought her to Disneyland on the Aladdin’s production stage. He told me about the character that he had three wishes.  His first desire was that he wanted to be part of this show. He also wished that Noelle joined him on stage. He is in love with Bryiana Dyrdek, up to the stage and then went down to one knee. 

Rob wished for Noelle to marry him, after a moment she said yes. Bryiana got an enormous stone said to be approximately 10 carats. Rob also expressed his feeling on Instagram. With a post that revealed the couple in their wedding dresses on Twitter. 

Rob Dyrdek Wife

Noelle wore a fit-and-flare gown with a tulle train. Her wedding dress highlighted a lengthy dress. Rob’s appearance was good with a simple tan suit. Noelle happily shared her Pregnancy journey with her lovers on Instagram. She posted stunning pregnancy photos that allowed fans to stay informed about the progress of her pregnancy.

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They are active on Instagram and Facebook. About a year after their marriage, the couple welcomed their 1st child in 2016, a boy called Kodah Dash Dyrdek, Rob shared some tweets showing the love that he has for his wife, he wrote;

“You are my true one love and I promise in faithfulness to love to protect you and our marriage, till the end of time.”

Rob Dyrdek and Noelle have not any shyness to express their love with one another. The couple’s Instagram accounts are filled with photos and messages to showing the love they have for each other.

Rob was delighted when he got the news about 2nd baby, and he prayed for a girl. Bryiana and Rob went to their Instagram pages to show welcome to a baby girl in 2017 named Nala Ryan Dyrdek.

Bryiana Career

After finishing high school, Noelle began challenging local beauty pageants. She participated in and won the World’s best Pageant. She made a supermodel after this incredible success. Noelle converted his weakness into strength in case of the target of bullying in school where her highest power when it came to modeling.

Bryiana has the most amazing achievements in the Playboy magazine and became Playboy Playmate of the Year for 2013. When she was young, at that time she was the woman who needs empowerment to achieve success. Noelle is the sign to overcome difficulties in the modeling world too.

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Some people were jealous of her achievement, and they attempt to discourage her by pointing out her height. Iconic Beauty is full of role models that how to become the best in women.  Her efforts have helped and inspired a lot of women, she is also the president of the organization.

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She also got the title of Miss California Teen and move to Los Angeles as a model. These wins were enormous, but Bryiana was more ambitious and prepare to achieve great things in her life. She shared an Instagram post in 2016;

“But then I thought there are so many other people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in all the same ways that I do. Well, I hope that you are out there and read this please know – Yes, it’s true. I am here and I am just as strange as you.”

Bryiana Noelle Flores Net Worth

Bryiana is a well-known model and her success has gradually increased her success. She has an Incredibly good wealth with her career as a model. As of this moment, her net worth is over $3 Million in 2020.

Rob and Bryiana have sold their home for about $ 3.575 million in 2016. According to sources, her husband Rob Dyrdek’s net worth is $50 Million in 2020 which is many times more than Bryiana’s.

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