Joy Behar Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2024)

joy behar net worth

A multi-talented American, Josephine Victoria “Joy” Behar, has a successful career in comedy, hosting, acting, and writing. As a co-host of ABC’s daytime chat show The View, she keeps appearing on the show more frequently than any of the other original panelists. From 2009 to 2011, she was the host of HLN’s The Joy Behar Show, and from the beginning of 2012 till Current TV’s format change in August 2013, she presented Joy Behar: Say Anything! In 2015, TLC debuted Late Night Joy, which was Behar’s most recent weekly late-night chat show. In addition, she penned The Great Gasbag: A Comprehensive Study Guide for Making It in the Trump Era. The skilled American Joy Behar has won over millions of fans with her hilarious antics and hilarious writing. She is one of the most wealthy artists working today. So, undoubtedly, Joy Behar Net Worth is $30 million throughout her decades-long career.

Information Details
Real Name Josephine Victoria Occhiuto
Famous Name Joy Behar
Age 81 years in 2024
Profession Comedian, actress, host, writer
Joy Behar Net Worth in 2024 $30 million
Partner Was married to Joseph Behar (from 1965 to 1981), Now married to Steve Janowitz ( 2011)
Birth Place New York, Brooklyn, Williamsburg
Height 1.67 m
Weight 64 kg
Marital Status Joseph Behar (from 1965 to 1981), Steve Janowitz (since  2011)
Education City University of New York; Queens College, Stony Brook University; Washington Irving High School, HB Studio
Sexual Orientation Not specified
Parents Rose Carbone (mother), Gino Occhiuto (father)
Child 1 daughter, Eve Behar Scotti
Dating Not dating anyone
Years Active 1984 – till now
Ethnicity Italian-American
Sibling None
Source of income television host, comedian, writer and actress
Birth Date 7th October 1942

Joy Behar Net Worth

In 2024, Joy Behar Net Worth reached a staggering $30 million. She is a legendary personality in the worlds of comedy as well as television programming. Her diverse career as a creator, actress, TV host, and comedian has brought her a lot of money.

Being a mainstay in the entertainment industry, especially as a co-host on The View, has done wonders for Behar’s wealth.

Early Life & Education

Joy Behar was born into this world on 7th October 1942 in an Italian American family of New York, Williamsburg, Brooklyn as Josephine Occhiuto. Her mother, Rose Occhiuto, whose maiden name was Carbone, worked as a seamstress and her father, Gino Occhiuto worked as a truck driver for the Coca-Cola Company. Behar grew up in Williamsburg amidst a huge familial circle despite being the sole child of her parents. She showed a natural talent for comedy as early as two years old, and she had a carefree life overall.

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Despite being from a working-class background, her biological parents had quite refined tastes, which was another significant part of her upbringing. She developed a refined palate from an early age because of her frequent trips to the opera, art galleries, and theaters with them. Behar attended Washington Irving High School. After that, she attended City University of New York’s Queens College to major in sociology.

famous comedian in their 70s


After finishing her undergraduate degree at Queens College in 1964, she continued her education with a master’s degree in English at Stony Brook University. Then, she wed Joe Behar in 1965, when she was a master’s student.

While her spouse pursued a doctorate at Stony Brook University, Josephine Behar remained at home in Centereach, Long Island, after getting her master’s degree in 1966. Having grown up in the city, she felt out of place in Centereach and struggled to adapt to urban life. Lindenhurst Senior High School hired Behar to teach English in 1968. She had a number of academic positions until 1979, despite the fact that she hated teaching. She spent the latter part of that time instructing college students enlisted for the Vietnam War.


Begining her career in the entertainment industry in the early 1980s, Behar worked her way up the ladder to producer on Good Morning America, She performed stand-up comedy and guest hosted several shows, including Good Morning America on ABC and NBC’s The New Show, which was Lorne Michaels’s brief foray into comedy. Way Off Broadway, a variety of discussion program that she hosted on Lifetime Television in 1987, featured Larry David as both a writer as well as a performer. Live from Queens was another show she presented: she was a famous character on Baby Boom on NBC and kept performing at comedy clubs. In films like Manhattan Murder Mystery, Cookie, and This is My Life, she played a supporting part. Her chat program aired on New York City’s 77 WABC in the early 90s. She was also a guest star on two HBO comedy shows, One Night Stand and Women of the Night 2.

The View

The panel of ‘The View’ (from left to right) in an interview with President Obama that took place on July 29, 2010. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Barbara Walters were present on the panel. After helping to launch the ABC daytime chat show ‘The View’ with Barbara Walters, Behar joined the inaugural panel in 1997. Behar became a full-time co-host after first appearing only on days when Walters was off. At times, Behar would host a section titled “Joy’s Comedy Corner,” where she would showcase both well-known and upcoming comics. 

After receiving nominations for the program for more than 10 years, Behar and her co-hosts, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Walters, Sherri Shepherd, and Whoopi Goldberg, won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host in August 2009. The news that Behar is leaving the program at the end of the 2013-14 season was made public on March 7, 2013. Later, Behar remained a guest co-host in 2014 and 2015 after leaving in 2013. Resuming her role as an ongoing co-host beginning in the September 8, 2015, debut of the 19th season, ABC confirmed Behar’s return on August 25, 2015.

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Late Night Joy

On November 4, 2015, TLC debuted Behar’s weekly midnight discussion programme, Late Night Joy. Unfortunately, the show didn’t last long. In every episode, Behar and her friends have private conversations in her flat in New York City. The show ended after only five episodes.

Joy Behar: Say Anything!

In 2012, Joy Behar started hosting a cool show called “Joy Behar: Say Anything!” on Current TV network. It began on September 4, 2012. Before that, from July 18, 2012, she also hosted “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer” for a bit when it started. But then, in August 2013, Current TV got sold to Al Jazeera, and her show stopped. Instead, Al Jazeera America took over.

The Joy Behar Show

joy behar net worth

In 2007, she started appearing as a guest host on Larry King Live sometimes. Then, on June 11, 2009, it was announced that her own show, The Joy Behar Show, would start airing on CNN’s HLN in the fall of 2009. She continued hosting The View while doing both shows. However, The Joy Behar Show was cancelled after just two years, even though it was one of HLN’s top-rated shows. The last episode aired on December 15, 2011. This show helped to increase Joy Behar net worth in unbelievable amount.

Other works

Among Behar’s stage shows are The Food Chain, Love, Loss, and What I Wore as well as and The Vagina Monologues. ‘Me, My Mouth and I’ – a one-woman show that she performed in Off-Broadway, is another of her accomplishments.

Among her many books written for children are ‘Sheetzucacapoopoo: My Kind of Dog’ which was published in 2006, and the anthology Joy Shtick, ‘Or What is the Existential Vacuum and Does It Come with Attachments?’, which contains funny essays as well as stories.

She was also in the eighth season, which was finished in 4th place “Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown ahead of Andy Dick, but behind Macy Gray, Robin Tunney, and Christopher Meloni. Joy Behar then came as a guest on 27th October 2017, with Bill Maher on Real Time. In 2011, She also played the role of Dr. Lucy in Hall Pass, a comedy movie. Later, she appeared on Crisis in sic scenes- an Amazon Series of Woody Allen.

Source of income

popular show host female

Behar’s skill to earn money from a variety of areas shows how versatile and talented she is. Her co-hosting gig on ABC’s hit daytime chat show “The View” is, without a doubt, her bread and butter. The popularity of the show would not have been possible without Behar’s sharp humor and honest analysis.

Business endeavours

Besides the small screen, Behar’s business spirit is evident. Her real estate investments have been prudent, and she now owns a number of apartments. Behar famously sold her classic East Hampton wood house for $3.8 million in 2016 as well as bought an adjacent property for $4.75 million. The real estate market in New York City was her first stop in 2017, when she spent $2.4 million for an apartment with two bedrooms on the Upper West Side. The flat, which she had remodeled, was sold to her for $3.28 million in 2018.

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For her work on “The View,” Joy Behar earns a whopping $7 million a year. She is a seasoned veteran of the media world, and her ongoing attractiveness to audiences is reflected in this high salary.

Real Estate

Real estate is another area where Joy Behar has poured a lot of money. News broke in 2016 that Joy Behar was asking $3.8 million for her classic East Hampton timber mansion. She bought a second house in the area for $4.75 million while selling her first one. A two-bedroom condo on New York City’s Upper West Side allegedly cost Behar $2.4 million in 2017. After selling the condo for $3.28 million in 2018, she realized a substantial return on the money she invested. 

Personal Life

joy behar net worth

Joy Behar wed university lecturer Joe Behar in 1965. They separated in 1981 following a 14-year marriage and had one kid. Joy Behar kept their kid’s custody as well as kept Joe’s last name. Afterwards, Joy started dating Steve Janowitz. 2011 saw the couple’s marriage. Joy Behar is well-known for being a fervent Democratic party supporter.

Achievement and Awards

  • In the Daytime Emmy Awards (2020) she was nominated as an Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host.
  • In the Daytime Emmy Awards of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019) she was nominated as an Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host – Nominated.
  • In the People’s Choice Award (2013), she was nominated as a Favorite Daytime TV Host.
  • Finally in GLAAD Media Awards (2010), she won Excellence in Media Award
  • Next in Daytime Emmy Awards she was in the view for an Outstanding Talk Show Host
  • In 1995, on CableACE Awards (1995), she won an award for a professional therapist, Dr. Katz for Animated Programming Series.


1. Which year did she debut ‘The View’?

In 1997, she began making frequent appearances on ‘The View’ as a panellist, and in following years, she became a full-time co-host.

2. When did she begin her early career?

Behar began her professional life in the 1980s as a stand-up comedian, produced shows for Good Morning America, and presented a chat show named Way Off Broadway.

3. How much money has Joy Behar invested in real estate?

An apartment with two bedrooms on New York City’s Upper West Side, the sale of a home in East Hampton, and the purchase of another property in the area are all examples of Behar’s substantial real estate holdings.

4. Why did she leave ‘The View’?

She did, in fact, go away from The View in 2013 to concentrate on stand-up comedy and writing plays, but she was back in 2015 as a co-host.

5. How many marriages has she had? And who was her spouse?

Joy Behar, a professor at the university, was her first husband. They separated in 1981 and filed for a protracted divorce. Steve Janowitz was her husband from 2011 onwards.

6. How many awards her performance on The View garnered?

Together with her co-hosts on The View, Behar received a Daytime Emmy in 2009.

7. Does she have a kid?

Yes, from her initial marriage to Joe Behar did have a daughter.

8. Is she a member of any political party?

Her unwavering loyalty to the Democratic Party has brought her widespread renown.


As we’ve seen, Joy Behar’s amazing career in comedy as well as television is reflected in her wealth. Joy Behar Net Worth is $30 million as of 2024, representing both her accomplishments on The View and her endeavors in the entertainment industry. Her story of achievement is not only about the numbers; it also reflects talent, perseverance, and flexibility in a field that is always changing. Joy Behar’s path from Brooklyn to fame on television is proof of her skill and tenacity. Behar’s career has been marred by controversy, but her ability to overcome obstacles in the business has cemented her place as a reputable and significant character, on as well as off-screen.

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