Famous Celebrities Who Love Playing Blackjack


If it comes to the most popular game in the world today, then surely the answer will be blackjack. Why is this game so popular and loved by millions? The reason is that blackjack has simple rules but requires high inference and logical thinking. Not only that, blackjack is getting closer and closer to players thanks to the strong explosion of online casinos. Because it is a national game, you can play blackjack at any online casino, you can play here or at any other casino website. This allows anyone anywhere to play and bet their luck on the cards, and of course, celebrities are no exception. Let’s take a look at some famous names who are passionate about blackjack.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is known as a golf legend with top titles such as 14 Major Championships and 79 PGA tournaments. But what’s more interesting is that, besides golf, he especially loves blackjack and is a great expert at this game. He is a VIP guest of MGM Grand Resort and Bellagio because he plays blackjack regularly and always wins respectable victories. Tiger Woods bets always range from $25,000 to $200,000 for a hand, which is an amazing number. Surely, he must be an expert to bet such a large amount on his victory or defeat. His powers truly extend beyond the golf course. Until later, when his career began to decline, Tiger Woods still looked to blackjack as spiritual support, and thanks to blackjack, he still made a lot of money every year.

Prince Harry


Despite his royal background, Prince Harry has been seen many times appearing in Las Vegas casinos with a drunken appearance and spending several hundred dollars on this card game. This is certainly not a very good image, but it also shows us that the venerable prince is as passionate about blackjack as everyone else.

Don Johnson



First and foremost, it’s important to say that this Don Johnson is not that Don Johnson – only his namesake. His fame doesn’t come from the silver screen but rather from his career around the felt-covered table. This Don Johnson is a corporate executive turned professional gambler who made a fortune playing blackjack at Las Vegas casinos.

Don Johnson became a gambling sensation during the 2008 financial crisis when, in an effort to stay afloat, Vegas casinos offered all kinds of perks to high-rollers. He negotiated several changes to the standard blackjack rules, obtaining a mathematical edge, which he then transformed into some fabulous winnings.

Don went down in history with one of the most profitable blackhack hands ever played – a four-way split with a total stake of $800,000 which, when the dealer went bust, brought him a $800,000 profit.

Michael Jordan


Not only is a legendary basketball player whose name is not known to anyone in the sports world, but Michael Jordan is also a busy inspiration for fashion and artistic creations. But probably few people know that he is also one of the passionate lovers of online games such as joker, craps,… especially blackjack. Although not reaching the level of experts like Tiger Woods and Don Jonson, Michael Jordan still attached his father to this card game for a long time and always considered blackjack as a useful entertainment card game after hours of sublimation on the basketball court.

Celebrities are also trying their luck every day with blackjack, why don’t we try? Experience the fun card games and win yourself attractive prizes today.


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