How to get rid of miller moths: The effective ways to know

how to get rid of miller moths

Miller moths are quite common in some areas of the world. They easily invade and infect an area that looks flowery. Since their food is nectar, they always look for places where they can easily find flowers. Well, when they are in your area in certain months, they can easily invade your house, if you have not used any preventative measure.

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Moreover, if you don’t know how to get rid of miller moths, then you are into a great annoyance. So, it’s better to either protect your house so that these moths cannot enter your house, or else learn how to get rid of them so that in case they enter, you know exactly what to do. Well, here we’ll be discussing the same to help you out keeping these moths out of your house. 

What are miller moths?

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Technically speaking, these moths are different from other insects and moths, who can eat your clothes if entered into your house. They feed on nectar and are not usually attractive as well. 

Moreover, they don’t sting or bite, but imagine entering into a house seeing these brownish and grayish moths in many numbers covering your bed, walls, and other stuff. No one will definitely like it! So, it’s quite important that you learn how to get rid of miller moths, if they have somehow entered your house. 

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How to get rid of miller moths: the solutions to use

Firstly, if you are beginning to see miller moths in our house, the first thing to do is to protect your house from them. For this you need to turn off your porch lights at dark or use yellowish tinted bulbs or light instead. Moreover, keep your doors and windows closed, so that they cannot enter whatsoever. 

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However, if they have already entered your house, then follow the given ways to get rid of them. 

Vacuum the miller moths

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The first way to get rid of them is to vacuum them up with the help of a high-powered one. When you use a highly powered vacuum, it will suck all the moths beneath all the surfaces and make them go away. Also, if your area is infested by them, it’s better to vacuum daily or even twice a day to prevent their entrance in your house.

Distract and trap

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There are ways by which you can distract miller moths and then trap them to get rid of them. You can put soapy water in a bucket and keep it under a light. Then turn on the light, which will attract the moths and they will be trapped in a bucket that you have kept under it. 

Besides this, you can also put some wind chimes or structures that create sound at your window or outside, which will also make the miller moths to run away.

Use a newspaper or swatter

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The next thing you can do is take a sweater and start patting those moths to their death. You can also use a rolled up newspaper to do so. However, you need to evacuate these dead moths, so that no other pest can accumulate near them.

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Get rid of flowers from inside of the house

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If you have kept any flower pot inside your house, then you need to keep it outside right now, because it acts as an invitation to the moths to enter into the house. 

Keep doors and windows sealed

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If you have anyhow got rid of the miller moths that got inside your house, you need to make sure that you don’t leave your doors or windows open or unsealed or unrepaired at any cost. This will only make the condition worse and will make more moths enter into your house.

Do not waste insecticides

It is stated that insecticides do not work on miller moths. So if you are wondering how to get rid of miller moths, then using insecticides is not an option. As per different studies, these are not effective in getting rid of miller moths. 

Reduce lighting around the house

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Another way to get rid of these moths is to reduce the entire lighting of your house at night. Since light attracts these moths, they will enter and stay until and unless it is dark for them. Also, it is recommended not to use white lights too much when it is their season to come in your area, instead you can use yellowish tinted bulbs. 

Use bug zapper

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You can even purchase a bug zapper, as they even work efficiently on miller moths. You can hang it at a place in or outside your house, which attracts miller moths the most. 

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Essential oils- a potential solution

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Even though it is not proven, essential oils have the potential to repel bugs and so do miller moths. You can use oils like clove, eucalyptus, lavender, and cedarwood. For these oils, you can get a diffuser and put them in it. The fragrance that is released on diffusing these oils, usually keeps bugs away. So, you can definitely give it a try and diffuse an essential oil you like the most to see if this works for miller moths as well.

Final words

Miller moths may be harmless, but they do annoy us and make us comfortable when we see our house filled with them. If you are living in such an area, then make sure you take preventative measures to avoid getting miller moths in your house. However, if you have already gotten them inside and are wondering how to get rid of miller moths, then the ways we have mentioned in the article are definitely worth trying as they all hold the potential to effectively remove the miller moths from your house.

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