Jacqueline Fernandez Find And Want To Meet Her Doppelganger

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez Find Her Doppelganger

After Anushka Sharma, Jacqueline Fernandez finds her doppelganger. Actor Jacqueline Fernandez shared with a collage of herself and her doppelganger Amanda Cerny. Jacqueline encourages her to visit her in  India Mumbai.

The internet is siphon following famous Indian actresses are discovering their doppelgangers. One following another bearing a remarkable resemblance to them. And also to Jacqueline’s wonder, the lookalike is seemingly coming to India to meet with the actress. Jacqueline Fernandez age is 34 years. 

It had been only in recent times that Bollywood diva Anushka charm discovered. Her lookalike in renowned American singer Julia Michaels and it seems like. Jacqueline is the most recent celebrity to have discovered one. 

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Photo: gettyimages.com

Jacqueline picture took to a social network to place an about myself along with lookalike Amanda Cerny. And captioned it as @amandacernyI think it is about time you arrive to visit me in Mumbai. Amanda acknowledged her invitation and answered, funny you mention it.

Moreover, within no time at all, Amanda verifies her plans on her Instagram. Following the two connected with one another through social networks. German inhabit Amanda confirm she will be visiting India as she shared a photo from a flight.

Even like Jacqueline photos surprise to see such a fast reaction and respond at the post, Oh my god.  This was fast! The same looking again floored the actor with her reply, your wish is my command, Jacqueline.

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Welcome To Amanda:

Amanda is a well-known figure herself playing fans of over 24 million followers on Instagram. Amanda resides in Germany and has a fan who follows her very owns with more than 24 million followers. The two had met each other before, photos of their outing together going viral.

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Lots of her fans from India responded to welcome her at the comments area. Earlier, Anushka impresses by her doppelganger, American singer Julia Michaels. Anushka Sharma Saying, OMG YES! I have been looking for you along with the rest 5 of our dopplers throughout my life. 

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Photo: gettyimages.com

Jacqueline lastly saw with Salman Khan in Race 3. The movie managed to survive in the box office but reject from the critics. jacqueline Fernandez birthday is on 11th August 1985.