Gabby Allen Reveals She Ended Friendship With Dan Osborne After Latest Cheating Allegations

Gabby Allen

Gabby Allen Cut Ties With Osborne

Gabby Allen has shown that she has cut ties with Dan Osborne following the most recent cheating allegations brought against him. According to reports the surfaced he kissed fellow reality celebrity Alexandra Cane in a nightclub. A love island star was once accused of hooking up with Dan behind his wife Jacqueline Jossa’s back, but they both denied anything had happened.

Regardless of the situation as a mess Gabby went on to say she hoped for the interest of both Dan and his partner, former East Enders actress Jacqueline Jossa, the allegations were false. He’s furiously denied that anything happened, and they are just mates, and Gabby knows exactly how it feels to be in Alex’s shoes. Showing hadn’t spoken since then.

Dan Osborne Denied All Claims:

dan osborne

She said Jacq and her family are far more significant than me and Dan being mates. She added It’s difficult for everybody because if he did not do it, he is being told he did. Dan Osborne denied all the claims between Alexandra, saying in a video shared on Instagram shortly after the allegations surfaced. Dan Osborne age is 27 years old. 

There is a story going around, it is a load of rubbish. Gabby also later confirmed her connection with Rak-Su singer Myles Stephenson. Gabby offered drastic advice to Alex when the allegations first surfaced. After the disgusting revelations that her husband had kissed Alexandra. Soap celebrity Jacqueline was envisioned for the very first time earlier this month heading back to her family home in Bexley.

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After the reports, it stated that Jacqueline dropped Dan. But they have since poured cold water on rumors of a split. Her former housemate had a knack for getting himself into challenging situations before adding if the allegations were true which no excuse was. Gabby also confirmed she stopped speaking to Dan from respect for the former EastEnders star Jacqueline.

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