Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Planning For Their Wedding

Katy Perry

Katy And Orlando Are Perfectly Planning Their Wedding

Katy Perry is residing a teenage dream with her fiancé Orlando Bloom. The singer celebrity Orlando Bloom has been living in a state of pure bliss since the Pirates of the Caribbean. Popped the matter to Katy Perry on last month Valentine’s Day and potted the deal with a massive colorful rock.

Following the huge Valentine’s Day proposal, looks like Orlando Bloom and  Katy Perry are all set to take their relationship to the second stage. Now they are engaged they are planning the big day. Katy Perry age is 34 years old. 

According to sources, a list pair is starting to converse about what their marriage might look like, however, they have not made any decisions. 

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Valentine Day Special:

Orlando Bloom popped the question to Katy Perry on Valentine’s Day and made a deal with a massive colorful rock. The one thing is for certain so much. They would like to ensure they choose something which will be perfect for them as a couple, the source shares.

Considering their prior weddings were a very different affair, Katy was previously married to comedian Russell Brand. And Orlando was once they’re still figuring out how extravagant against low key their future wedding will be. Kety Perry songs are also so beautiful. 

A source close to Bloom told People that Perry and Bloom are gradually planning their wedding, but they do not have a date yet. Unfortunately, the insider says, Orlando does not want anything immense and flashy. Which mean Katy likely will not be riding on an elephant, as she did for her marriage to Brand.

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Katy Perry Engagement:

Reports also clear that the couple has moved in together. The source shares they may have a wedding sketch to assist them execute. Speaking regard her engagement last month, Katy Perry said. We went to dinner and that I thought we were going to see a few artworks after supper, however, we drove up to the helicopter. Katy Perry music videos like ‘This is how we do’, ‘Dark Horse’, ‘California Gurls’ etc are outstanding.

He asked me about marriage in a helicopter, she said. We landed on the roof and my entire family was there, as well as buddies. Their friends and home members are happy for them too. Their family members gathered to get an amazing engagement party and he did so well.