US targeted 21 Savage for His Rap Lyrics

Sheyaa Bin Abraham

US Rapper 21 Savage Targeted For Lyrics On Mexico-US Border

The lawyer for 21 Savage rap artist said on Friday. The artist was to in part in custody by US immigration authorities. Because he is a big name who has been blunt about family-partition security issues at the US-Mexico boundary.


In celebrities newss the performer, whose original name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, arrest on Feb. 3 by U.S. (ICE)  Immigration and Customs Enforcement operators on charges. He is a foreign resident who had exceeded his visa by over 10 years. Authorities said he went to the United States from Britain.

Atlanta U.S. Migration Judge Dan Pelletier conceded the 26-year old a $100,000. During a hearing on Tuesday and the entertainer was discharged from an ICE detainment center in South Georgia on Wednesday. ICE authorities on Friday did not promptly react to a request for comment. In a Friday emergence on ABC News Good Morning America. Abraham-Joseph said he landed in the United States. When he was 7 years of age with his mom and siblings, and that his visa expires in 2006. He disclosed to ABC News’ Linsey Davis that he arrest while driving in Atlanta.

21 savage

They didn’t, they didn’t state anything. They just stated. We got Savage, Abraham-Joseph said. It was obviously targeted. The arrests came days after he free the music video for his song. Whose words addressed family partition problems at the U.S. Mexico border. Experience some things, yet I couldn’t imagine, my children stuck at the border. Alex Spiro lawyer, who appear up close by Abraham-Joseph on Good Morning America. Referred to the rap artist music where he criticized ICE as only one reason he was kept.

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Visa Application

There are many things about this case are interesting and upsetting. Spiro said. He’s getting a visa. he’s working in accordance with some basic honesty. He is giving back to his community, he’s a child, he’s a dad but they take the step. This surprising advance, to detain him. A visa application from Abraham-Joseph. Pending before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that record in 2017. The rapper’s lawful team said a deportation hearing for him was in the process. However, they believed that he would almost able to stay in the United States.

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