7 Films That You Must Watch This Women’s Day

Women's Day

Women’s Day 7 Movies

It’s Women’s Day and what preferable approach to praise it over to watch women driven movies and spending quality time with yourself. Look down to look at the list of 5 films that you should watch today.

Despite the fact that you need no exceptional day to celebrate women’s. This day allows women to praise themselves. The subject is not what you are doing today and how much work keeps you busy. We have shortlisted 5 women-oriented movies that you should watch. Because they will surely tell you how rare, you are and you can do anything on the off chance that you need to regardless of whether it is past your ability.

Thus, right away, we should examine 7 films that you should watch this present Women’s Day.


What better picture to begin your Women’s Day with than Padmavati. The Deepika Padukone starrer demonstrated the world how a woman does not fear pass away also concerning her pride.

Mona Lisa Smile:

The storyline follows the life of Catherine Watson, a progressive art history instructor who takes up a vacancy at Wellesley College for Women, one of the very conservative schools in the USA of that time. This film will teach you about the value of dignity, courage, and stability of purpose. When girls just aspired to become good housewives after finishing their levels, Catherine challenged the norms of her school and those of the society in general.

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 But that is not the most crucial thing about it really shows important it’s to think for you. After viewing this movie, you don’t feel an extreme sense of disconnect. Even today there are lots of areas of the world, such as Pakistan, in which females are still facing the very same issues. Thanks to this, and also to its cast, Mona Lisa Smile proves to be neither just another chick flick nor just of interest to feminists, rather, it’s a universal appeal.


In the event that you are experiencing an extreme stage in your life as celebrities, at that point you certainly need to watch this one. It demonstrates how a lovely young woman becomes wildly successful in the Fashion world and when she has a ruin. She again starts herself together and fights for herself in the industry.  


Featuring Vidya Balan in the lead role, this film is also an absolute need to watch. The film saw a standout amongst the best performances of Vidya Balan who played a pregnant woman searching for her husband other in Kolkata and while we are wondering what will occur next, the tension discloses and you will be stunned in the wake of watching the climax of Kahaani.

Million Dollar Baby:

The film is a movie, mainly due to its representation of reality. Maggie Fitzgerald, played by Hilary Swank, an aspiring female boxer is by itself a motivation. The issues Maggie faces and the way that she copes with them are just amazing. It shows the true severity and cruelty of existence as it is. Occasionally the world is provoking challenges that only individuals can deal with.

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This is one film every girl should observe, at least once, to understand with only the proper amount of pressure, she is able to struggle back and reveal you as a force in the world. Some will say this film is gloomy, but when the story center’s on a young girl trying becoming a boxing champion, you should not really expect a joyful end.


You are your very own ruler and this is the message that Kangana Ranaut’s Queen gives. The movie tells the adventure of a lady whose fiance denies wedding her on the morning of their wedding and afterward, she leaves upon her own. Celebrate her own special night honeymoon alone in Paris and Amsterdam.  

English Vinglish:

While the major cause to watch this picture is Sridevi’s in action in it. You ought to likewise watch it for the storyline for it. It is about a woman who is a loving spouse and a hovering mother yet does not get regard from her family since she does not know English.

She has to go to the UK to attend the marriage ceremony. Finally, she decides to learn English and prove herself that she is not weak and she can do everything in her life.