Comedian Trevor Noah Apologizes for joking Pakistan-India Crisis

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah apologizes for joking about Pak-India Crisis

Trevor Noah Comedian has said he is apologies for mocking the ongoing escalation in anxiety between Pakistan and India. This is a very shocking in celebrities newss.

Noah Trevor, a host of the prize-winning Daily Show. Sayin an ongoing episode that hostilities between the two atomic weapons nations would be the most entertaining. Including that it would likewise be the longest war ever. Another dance number.

The gag caused a shock in India, where thousands took to Twitter to share how distress they were at his comments. Some even marked the South African comedian as insensitive and racist. Reacting to a Twitter user who states Noah mocks warfare through a Bollywood stereotype and advised him that his mom was shot in the head by her partner other (Trevor’s stepfather), Noah write down:

In fact, if you look at my stand up you’ll see that I made jokes after my mom was shot in the head. I use comedy to relief pain and uneasiness in my reality in my world but I apologies as a comedian. That is not what I was attempting to do.

Comedian Trevor Noah

Trevor Noahs’s Tweet

The comedian at that point proceeded to share his wariness at. How my joke about the inconsistency in Pakistan and India. Trended more than the story of the genuine dispute itself.

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In some cases, it appears like people are increasing offend about and conflict Then the conflict itself, he included.


Noah, who is the child of a Xhosa-speaking mother and a Swiss-German dad. Brought up childhood in the Soweto Township of South Africa. He shot to popularity in 2015 as the unexpected choice to host the nightly satire.

Taking over after Jon Stewart’s celebrated 16-year stretch. Pressures Pakistan and India took off after Indian attacks. Into Pakistani airspace and resulting bringing down of two Indian aircraft by Pakistan Air Force a week ago.