10 Celebrities Who Love Sports Betting

Whether they bet a few bucks or a few million, celebs love winning big with sports betting. The adrenaline rush may attract professional sports players and Hollywood favorites. Regardless, they KNOW how to win big!

Here is our list of the most successful sports bettors and the most famous gamblers in the world. With the best online sportsbooks in the USA available, no wonder these gamblers rake in the BIG BUCKS!

Michael Jordan: $1.25 Million Loss

Find famous professional sports gamblers, and Air Jordan’s name will appear. While most of his bets are on golf games, Michael Jordan used to bet big. The former NBA champ put down $100K on golf and had a $165K loss in Atlantic City. 

Jordan blew a $1.25 million bet with Richard Esquinas over a golf game. Despite this, Jordan is the greatest athlete of all time (next to Lebron, Tiger, and Brady, to name a few).

Tiger Woods: $250K Poker Hands

The golfing pro is a high roller with blackjack and poker. Rumor has it the King of Golf used to wager $250,000 a hand. Fore-get about it!

Ashton Kutcher: $750K in a Month

If you ask who the top sports bettors are, actor Ashton Kutcher’s name is in the mix. His successful gambling strategies paid off with college football in a sports syndicate. In a month, he cleared a cool $750,000 on games. 

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Among the most famous sports gamblers, his research and math paid off nicely. That is despite his dumb actor persona. 

Archie Karas: $40 Million Win

The Greek-American celebrity poker player, The Run, won a record $40 million from a $50 bet on the Las Vegas Strip. While he lost most of it back in about three weeks, he is one of the biggest casino winners. 

Floyd Mayweather: $13 Million Loss

Money is among the world’s most famous bettors and top-paid athletes. The boxing champ publicly shares his sports betting winning wager slips. Among his big winnings are a $45,000 win on Colorado State. 

Mayweather’s wagers included $10.4 million and $2.6 million on the Broncos in 2014. However, the Seahawks on (43-8). Talk about no TKO.

Pete Rose: $70K Loss in a Month and Baseball Life Ban

Maybe you wonder are there professional sports gamblers who lost big. Among the famous bettors who got caught is Pete Rose.

The 17-time All-Star player and three-time World Series winner got into illegal sports betting. The legal mess (1989) tarnished the former Reds career when an MLB commissioner said he was under investigation. 

Despite denying the charges (but later admitting them), he received a life ban. Foul ball!

Charles Barkley: $30 Million Losses

Sir Charles comes up in searches for who is the best professional sports gambler. Famous bets include $300,000 against Michael Jordan on a single golf hole. 

The NBA analyst stated his losses total about $30 million from blackjack and sports betting. With a break away from gambling, he now bets more moderately.

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Bryan Williams: Decent Proposal but $200K Loss

Perhaps you searched for are there successful sports bettors. Worth a cool $100 million, Birdman, the rapper and co-founder of Cash Money Records, can bet big if he wants. With recording artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne, he once bought a $14.5 million Miami mansion. Play on, player! 

The 2018 Super Bowl started with a $100K bet and went to $200K. Rumor has it, that AR-Ab won the match and aired a Gram selfie covered in cash.

Ben Affleck: $400K Loss in a Single Poker Hand

Ben Affleck, who starred in Good Will Hunting and Gone Girl, is among the top bettors. Among the most well-known sports betting actors, he also enjoys poker and blackjack, where he made record profits, but a $400,000 loss in a single hand of poker is his biggest defeat. How bout them apples! 

Paul Hornung: $600 Loss (One-Year Suspension)

If you want to know who is the most successful football gambler, The Golden Boy played for the Green Bay Packers, where he had his first championship win. However, his $100 and $500 bets on NCAA and NFL games led to a suspension in 1963. Despite the small wager amounts, the league still penalized him. Flag on the play!

In a Celebrity League of Their Own

With massive influence, celebrities are often in the spotlight for record bets. From huge wins to record losses, it is no wonder they are VIPs in all the top casinos (or banned for life)! 

While we love celebrating their big wins, no one wants to see them lose. We hope they bet in moderation so we can enjoy their successes on and off the screen, court, and football or baseball field. 

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