Learn How to Manipulate a Narcissist in the Best Ways

how to Manipulate a Narcissist

If you have ever been around a narcissist, known someone having a narcissistic personality disorder or features or ever tried to grasp their thought process, you understand how difficult it is. They have sharp minds but are also very manipulative; they would harm others for their own gain. We know that manipulators can ruin relationships and even compromise people’s health, but is it possible to know how to manipulate a narcissist? Well, we can give it a shot! 

Top 10 Ways to Manipulate a Narcissist

Manipulating a narcissist is not that simple; it needs lots of tactics. Due to inherent differences in brain chemistry, narcissists are impossible to influence rationally. A narcissist’s vulnerabilities and the things that make them go crazy are the keys to outwitting them. It’s the time to learn how to manipulate a narcissist with a few strategies described below. Let’s see what we found!

1. Heartfeltly Praise Them

Narcissists think highly about themselves and feel entitled to preferential treatment because of this. In order to safeguard yourself. You must deflate their overinflated sense of self.

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In simple words, pretend till you succeed! Nevertheless, you must act out this narcissism. This flattery trap might be quite easy for a grandiose narcissist to slip into.

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2. Keep up the Reputation

Presenting yourself as someone who is honest and doesn’t put up with bullshit is a great strategy to discreetly manipulate a narcissist. They are more difficult to control and more likely to fall into the appealing trap that narcissists enjoy constructing. Thus, no narcissist wants to deal with them. This fear approach could actually benefit you if you can keep from coming across as naive.

how to Manipulate a Narcissist

3. Consensus With Them

Come on, a narcissist’s favorite way to show their superiority complex is to do it to other people. An example of this would be a narcissistic parent shaming their kids for showing mercy. Acknowledge their point of view if it occurs to you. They will be caught off guard and retreat once you do this. Disarm them easily by reflecting their remarks to them. This is how to manipulate a narcissist in the best way. 

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4. Keep Your Cool and Be Patient

Narcissists will do anything to control you when they want to know you better. They look for your weaknesses and use them against you. You must maintain your composure and patience if you would like to avoid this. Hold on to the cards tight. Instead of getting angry, just walk away from the subject.

how to Manipulate a Narcissist

5. Try “No Contact”

You can also manipulate narcissists in this way. If you are a victim of narcissistic abuse, “no contact” is the way to end the relationship voluntarily. You stop communicating with the narcissist and cut all the connections with them. This includes ignoring their messages, calls and texts, among other forms of communication. This may be an extreme measure to take when dealing with a narcissist, but it may be necessary if they have mentally manipulated you for a very long time.

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6. Never Let Go of the Fear

Anxieties, particularly over being shamed in public, are common motivators for selfish actions. Keeping this dread alive is the key to outwitting and manipulating a narcissist. Prompt them in an open space to do what you’d like them to do. They would rather retain their reputation untarnished than risk public humiliation for making fake promises. To further disguise your whereabouts, you can also turn their words against them.

how to Manipulate a Narcissist

7. Satisfy their Ego

It’s all about making sure narcissists treat you with respect. When they are very full of themselves, and act typically like narcissists, they often don’t treat others well. But if you act really important around them, like a king or queen, they might start treating you better. If you need help, you can easily ask them for advice. However, narcissists try hard to make people like them. But even when people give them advice to improve, they still like being praised.


8. Refuse to Give Up

Get the narcissist to agree to your terms before you listen to what they have to say. Never agree to whatever they want you to do without first getting their written authorization. Refrain from giving in to the narcissist’s persuasiveness; doing so will make escaping from their grasp much more difficult. Keep your cool and distance yourself from them if they try to compel you.

how to Manipulate a Narcissist

9. Stand By Them When They’re Furious

An angry narcissist poses a significant threat. Regardless of your feelings toward the narcissist, it’s important to support them when they’re feeling down since they tend to take their frustrations out on others. Stay out of their sights. Saying something empathetic like, “It’s ok to feel upset” might help. It would also annoy me! In this approach, you can also steer clear of fights that aren’t essential.

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10. Don’t Participate in Their Games

Now know how to manipulate a narcissist not participating in their games. Your vulnerability makes you an easy target for a narcissistic lover. Because narcissists struggle to emphasize and develop emotional relationships, they will not care if they unknowingly hurt you while playing their games. However, by removing yourself from the situation and not participating in their games, you can gain control successfully. To successfully deceive and manipulate a narcissist, this strategy may be necessary at times. 

how to Manipulate a Narcissist


So, from this blog, you must have learned how to manipulate a narcissist. However, in order to obtain what they desire or to increase their power and authority, narcissists frequently resort to manipulative tactics. Please understand that it is natural to feel bewildered and afraid after experiencing these actions. Countless individuals have reported these feelings. It is crucial to seek acceptance and assistance in order to recuperate after a manipulative relationship. 

Living with and loving a narcissist is challenging, but there are above steps you can do to safeguard yourself from their manipulative behavior. As long as it’s an ethical sort of manipulation, you can defend yourselves whenever it is necessary. Seek the counsel of an expert if you feel overwhelmed by the challenges of coping with a narcissist. 

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