Books like The Inheritance Games: The list of 7 best books

If you are among those people who love to read adult fun mystery novels, then it’s for sure that you must have read or at least heard the name of The Inheritance Games that is written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The novel is filled with riddles, mysteries, and puzzles along with fun moments as well. So, if you have loved this novel and are wondering what other books like The Inheritance Games, then here we have given what you wished for. In this article, we have curated the top 7 books that are similar to this book. Not only have we provided you with the top ones, but also we have given you a bit of a glimpse on the novel. This will give you an idea of what exactly that book is about and is it interesting for you or not.

Books like The Inheritance Games: The Top 7 Books

#1. Truly Devious- Written by Maureen Johnson

books like the inheritance games

The first one on the list of books like The Inheritance Games is Truly Devious. This novel is about a true crime lover who is named Stevie Bell in the novel. There are different mysteries that she gets involved into, which will take up your interest as a mystery lover. The novel talks about how the family of a private school founder got kidnapped many years ago and how the culprit returned with some more devious things. This novel is perfect for you if you are interested in reading puzzle-based novels. 

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#2. The Naturals- Written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

books like the inheritance games

Another book written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes similar to The Inheritance Games is The Naturals. It’s true that whenever you like a novel of a specific writer, then you will fall in love with the rest of the novels as well written by him. As similar to the book, The Naturals is filled with some adult mystery. The novel speaks about a girl who loses her mother in a brutal murder. She is among the highly skilled people who can read people’s minds and figure out the motives and intentions of people quite easily. If you were a fan of The Inheritance Games, then it’s obvious that you will become a fan of this novel as well.

#3. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder- Written by Holly Jackson

books like the inheritance games

The next up on the list is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. This novel speaks about a teenage girl who is focused on solving a murder case that happened years ago in her town. She is also called PiP in the novel. When she thinks that the crime was not solved accurately, she takes things in her own hands and turns this case into a project for her school. The series is filled with mysteries and certain riddles as well.

#4. A Study in Charlotte- Written by Brittany Cavallaro

books like the inheritance games

The next mystery novel on the list of the best books like The Inheritance Games is A Study in Charlotte. Well, you must have heard the name of Sherlock Holmes along with John Watson, but what about their descendants? Not heard of them right? So, it’s Charlotte Holmes along with Jamie Watson. This novel is another mystery novel in which the descendant of Sherlock, Charlotte, is just like him. The novel is all about solving mysteries, companionship, and some romance and love.

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#5. Thirteen- Written by Steve Cavanaugh

books like the inheritance games

This is among the best murder mystery books that is quite like The Inheritance Games. In the novel, the wife of a celebrity power couple is brutally murdered and all the evidence makes her husband the suspect. The trial for the same runs for a long time, but the killer is in the courtroom every time. So, if this generates a curiosity in you to read it, then it’s time for you to take up this book and go ahead. 

#6. Where the Crawdads Sing- Written by Delia Owens

books like the inheritance games

The next up on the list is written by Delia Owens. In this novel, another murder mystery is portrayed, which is a bit twisted. The novel is regarding a wild girl that people think is not suitable for their society and the time during which this happens is during the 1960s. In the novel she is taken as a suspect to murder a person of their society. If you want mystery, action, and twists, then this one can be the right book for you that is like The Inheritance Games. 

#7. One Of Us Is Lying- Written by Karen McManus

books like the inheritance games

The last best books like The Inheritance Games on the list is One of Us is Lying. The novel is about high school students that get detention one day. During the detention one student dies and all other four students are under suspicion of killing him, as they all had their own motives. So, this novel is another murder mystery.

Final Words

Well, this was all about the best seven books like The Inheritance Games that you can purchase and read. All these books are similar to it in terms of plot. These mystery novels, be it a murder mystery, or a riddle novel, have something unique and different from each other. However, they all are still similar, so, if you have loved reading this novel, then we are quite sure that you will love reading these too. We have curated the list while keeping different aspects in mind and not only the plot, as all these novels have something in them, but something different as well at the same time.

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