HBO Renews Fourth Season High Maintenance

High Maintenance HBO

High Maintenance HBO Fourth Season

After the introduction of the 3rd season finale on March 17. HBO now has declared that popular HBO comedy series High Maintenance Tv show renew for a fourth season. Half hour bud comedy High maintenance episodes. Which made by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, renewed for a 4th season, confirmed HBO.

Made by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, they praised show uses The Guy, a marijuana dealer. To inform a wide range of stories regarding New York lives.

Starring Sinclair, the top cable comedy follows him as the Guy, an unnamed drug dealer in Brooklyn. Whose business permits audience a look to a cross-section of New Yorkers and their stories.

HBO explain High Maintenance web series paints the show as an authentically unique portrait of New York. With compassion and insight, telling funny, surprising, sometimes moving and persistently poignant tales of denizens. Who usually only face on the crowded walkway of Brooklyn.

High Maintenance Tv Show:

high maintenance tv show

The series is executive produce by Ben Sinclair, Katja Blichfeld and Russell Gregory Blichfeld. Russell Gregory and Sinclair executive produce the series. Willy Friedman, Gwen Bialic and Emi Irikawa are producers.


The show is in the beginning, kicked off as a minimal spending web budgets series on Vimeo seven years past.  Probably broadcasting six seasons on-line before making the jump to HBO’s superior platform.

Among the critical raves of the current season. The New York Times called the show wistful, often entertaining and always tender. By means of so much compassion, while Vanity Fair praised the show. For its capacity to peek at its own neighbors with a truthful curiosity.

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Noticing the gaps in opportunity and quirks of fashion. And Entertainment Weekly explain almost that it is a gem with episodes that are both timely and timeless.

First Series Evaluation:

The High Maintenance Tv series In an evaluation of the first season Variety critic Sonia Saraiya said. The series is not a funny side that’s absolutely for New Yorker. Therefore it’s also more identifiable to any person well-known with the special life.

That straddles gentrification, costly cups of Instagrammable coffee, street fashion and the thunderous racket of the quickly decaying subway.

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