Street Fighter V Characters: The top characters appearances

Street Fighter V Characters

It is quite obvious that nowadays video games have been hyped by many users around the world, which has led to development of further new games and that too series as well. One such gaming series that’s being loved by thousands of players is Street Fighter. Well, here in this blog, we’ll be talking about the characters that are there in different modes of the games and we’ll also discuss the top Street Fighter V characters in a bit detail of their appearances.

The main motive of introduction of these new series is to bring-back some old famous characters and to add-on new characters to bring a unique point to the game. To state a fact, the diversity of characters you get to see in the entire Street Fighter V series is quite impressive and you will have a plethora of options to choose from depending upon whom you love and admire in the game.

Street Fighter V characters

In the Street Fighter V series there are 16 characters from launch time, 8 characters who have returned from previous Street Fighter I and II, 4 characters who returned from Street Fighter Alpha 3 and as well as 4. In addition, the game also has six DLC characters. It’s also expected that in coming future, there will be addition of a few more characters.

Top Five Street Fighter V Characters

In this section we’ll be talking about the top five Street Fighter V characters which most of the players love. So, let’s start looking at their appearances one by one in detail.

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Akuma that means Great Devil is one of the recurring antagonists of the entire series of the game. Akuma was initially seen for the first time in Street Fighter II Turbo, and he was seen a hidden boss.

In terms of appearances, Akuma is usually dressed in a dark colored Gi that does not have any sleeves. The color of the dress varies between black, grey, and blue, which depends upon the series and mode you are playing. In addition, Akuma has red colored hair which also features a topknot, pointed teeth, bare-footed, and is also sharp among other characters. He even wears a belt on his dress and has tanned skin as well. If we compare his appearance on Street Fighter V, then in this series he has white colored hair and is seen as a grown-up as compared to the II series.


The next top character on the list if Karin Kanzuki. Karin was featured 1996 manga Sakura Ganbaru. She was also seeming in Alpha 3 season of Street Fighter. For Sakura, she is considered as one of the elitist rivals. She is even a self-styled character in the series, featuring an outfit like sailor Fuku. Her dress has a combination of red and white color featuring a bola tie of blue color. She even has long blonde hair in this series and sometimes you may see her wearing a blue-colored bow at the back of her hair. She is also seen wearing fingerless gloves of brown color. In the Street Fighter V her alpha version is seen who appears to be same as the original one.

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Another character that is famous among all the characters seen on Street Fighter V is Birdie. He first appeared in the original Street Fighter prior to its Alpha version. The character of Birdie is seen as an obese personality who is also a punk rock. During the series he is known to fight with the help of chains. In all the parts where Birdie is seen, he appears to be different in all, but usually is a tall muscular man and usually wears a punk rocker typical outfit. He is seen in Street Fighter V as an identical version of his character that was seen in the original version, wearing a blue jean with a leather vest of somewhat darker color like black and accessorized with studded bracelets. Moreover, in this part he is also seen with a beer belly and is overweight as compared to his previous appearances.


The following topmost Street Fighter V character is Akira Kazama, who originally was seen in the Rival Schools, a fighting game series. In the fifth season of Street Fighter, she was seen as one of the DLC fighters in the game. In terms of her appearances, she has dark brown hair that are of medium length, however in the Street Fighter V her hair is a bit lighter in shade as compared to her original hair color. Her outfit and appearance on Street Fighter V are a bit identical to her Powered Akira form. In that she is seen wearing a black belt, black biker jacket, black rider pants, and wears red kneepads. Besides this original outfit, she is also seen wearing a school uniform containing a dark blue vest, red ribbon on color, blue socks and skirt, and black shoes. However, in the series she is seen in quite different outfits depending upon the part and mode you are playing in.

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The last Street Fighter V character to make the top five of the series is Oro who first appeared in the third part new generation. In the game he is seen as hermit who is aged more than 140 years. his character is seen to have mastered the immortality secrets. In terms of appearances, he is seen as an ancient character featuring black hair, crimson eyes, barefoot, and with golden skin. In the fifth part of the game, he is seen wearing a purple outfit with a robe. He even only shows his right hand with one long sleeve. During this series you can also see him in an alternative costume that includes a shirt of sky-blue color along with white sandals and shorts. Another alternative costume that he has in the series is a grey furred vest with a yellow belt and short kimono.

Wrap Up!

To make an end to this blog, we would say that Street Fighter V is as amazing as its other parts and modes. The entire series deserves the hype it has received from gamers around the world. In addition to providing a wonderful combination of characters, the game also focuses on providing an amazing experience to all its players. The list of Street Fighter V characters is discussed in the blog along with a brief introduction of appearances of the top Street Fighter V characters that you might love to see in the fifth part.

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