Benefits of Celtic Salt: The Wonders it Does!

benefits of celtic salt

If you are following all the health trends, then you might have come across the word Celtic salt. But if not then it is a type of sea salt that has now proved to be beneficial and many people across the world have started consuming it. However, if you are still not sure is Celtic salt is going to be beneficial for you or it’s just a hype the social media has provided to it, then scroll through the blog to know more. So, here let’s find out the truth and look at the benefits of Celtic salt that it can give you and see if it is really that much advantageous or not. Before we go straight to the benefits, let’s first discuss some basics about Celtic salt.

What is Celtic salt exactly?

Celtic salt has been famous in France, especially in Brittany region as it is the main origin of Celtic salt. It’s basically a sea salt that has been harvested for centuries. In terms of its appearance, it’s a bit different from other salts as it is unrefined and has a grayish color as well. This even constitutes different and some unique minerals as well. 

Usually the salt is harvested with the help of wooden rakes. It is also not processed a lot and is used as a substitute to the salt that we use regularly at our home. The only difference that Celtic salt has from normal salt, the former one has more minerals as compared to the later. This includes magnesium as well. Besides this basic nutritional difference, they both differ in appearance as well. Celtic salt contains a bit larger crystals filled with flavor. 

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Benefits of Celtic Salt

Mainly Celtic salt is consumed for the health benefits it provides as compared to other normal salts that we have in our daily lives. Here in this section, we are going to discuss certain benefits of Celtic salt along with a few other details that you need to know. 

Contains more minerals 

Trace minerals which you will not usually find in normal salt like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium along with others, are present in Celtic salt. All these trace minerals are though present in very less amounts, but they do enhance the color and flavor of the salt along with providing benefits of these trace minerals to our body. As these minerals are good for maintaining a balanced health of bones, heart, and transport of oxygen, the salt really does wonders to provide all these things. 

Rich in Flavor

Since Celtic salt  contains large crystals as compared to other table salts, it does provide a unique flavor to the dishes in which it is added. Even when added in small amounts, it is easily recognised in any dish. Also, there are many cooks who prefer to use Celtic salt just because of the flavor it leaves in different dishes. 

Enhances hydration

One of the major benefits of Celtic salt like table salt is maintaining hydration in the body and hence if we speak about Celtic salt, then it enhances hydration more than table salt. Since the salt contains trace minerals like magnesium, it helps in improving the absorption of water. However, to claim this benefit for sure, more scientific research is still needed.

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Not processed and Organic

Celtic salt is neither processed nor adulterated. It comes in its natural form and is completely organic as well. The process of harvesting Celtic salt includes evaporation of the seawater that may include minimal processing, but retains all the minerals present in it. In addition, there are no additives added in Celtic salt as they are in table salt. 

Rich in nutrients

Besides providing trace minerals, one of the other major benefits of Celtic salt is that it contains nutrients as well, which helps in balancing the body functions. Such as Celtic salt helps in regulating the balance of fluid in the body and the nutrients it provides acts as an enzyme in different reactions happening in our body. 

Balances electrolytes

Since Celtic salt is termed as a source of providing electrolytes to the body in the natural form, it does help in balancing hydration, function of muscles and nerves, and also the pH level of the body. This is all done due to the presence of sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Celtic salt in our diet can really help in maintaining these important functions and can help us have an active lifestyle as well. Also during summers we tend to lose electrolytes quickly, so it’s better to consume Celtic salt to further balance these electrolytes. 

Stimulates digestion

One of the many major benefits of Celtic salt is that it aids in digestion as well. As Celtic salt stimulates and enhances the production of all the important digestive enzymes in the system, it further stimulates and maintains a proper process of digestion as well. Thus, in other ways it helps us to have a healthy gut and get nutrients absorbed in our body very smoothly, as these enzymes help in breaking down even complex substances. 

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Wonders for skin

When we have a healthy body inside, it does reflect on our skin as well. Since Celtic salt maintains a lot of major functions of our body including digestion, it does wonders for skin as well. For instance, it helps in balancing the oil production, gives the right moisture and hydration to skin, and even exfoliates dead cells, making our skin look radiant and glowing.  

An overall glimpse on benefits of Celtic salt 

In the above section we had a look at almost all the major benefits of Celtic salt. Here we’ll take a glimpse at certain more benefits that Celtic salt may provide to us:

  • Get rid of iodine deficiency: Celtic salt is also considered as a natural source for Iodine. If you are already having thyroid gland issues or you want to avoid it, then balancing iodine in the body is essential. So, Celtic salt can easily help you do that as it promotes the production of iodine in the body.
  • Maintain a healthy heart: Due to the presence of minerals, Celtic salt also prevents our heart from developing cardiovascular problems. Moreover, it helps in maintaining blood pressure in the body.
  • Stimulates proper muscle and brain function: Since Celtic salt is known for maintaining and balancing minerals, nutrients, reactions, hydration, electrolytes, and pH, all these things lead to a healthy muscle function and brain function as well. 

Final words: The Benefits of Celtic Salt

To wrap this blog up, we would say that it’s true that there are a number of benefits of Celtic salt as compared to normal table salts. So, having this in your diet can definitely do wonders for your entire body, health, and even skin as well. Since there are many people out there who are already using it in their day-to-day life, it’s time for you as well to give it a chance.

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