Why Do Celebrities Like to Wear Lab grown Diamond Rings?

Celebrities being in the public eye, their fans tend to follow every style they step into. One such fashion trend that celebrities prefer is Lab grown diamonds. You might have spotted your favorite actor and actress looking their absolute best wearing one.   

So, what is a Lab grown diamond? Let’s discuss that first and later dive into the reasons why celebrities prefer them. We have bonus content in the article, so continue reading to know it.

What Is a Lab grown Diamond? 

A Lab grown diamond is a diamond that is created through the use of laboratory initiatives. Cultured diamonds are created through the use of carbon dioxide and chemical processes. What makes these diamonds different is that they are ethical and environmentally friendly, and they cost less when compared to natural diamonds.

Process of Creating Lab grown Diamonds

A Lab grown diamond is created when a large piece of solid silicon is heated. This process mechanically etches away a thin layer of the crystal. Through this process, a micro-diamond is created within. A Lab grown diamond is composed of pure carbon and has very few impurities.   

Its light-reflecting structure is like ice and glass and composed of Silicon Carbide (SiC). The SiC composition makes Lab grown diamonds identical but more robust and rigid than natural diamonds.

Reasons Why Celebrities Prefer Lab grown Diamonds 

Diamonds are meant for luxury; everyone gets that. But what’s with the celebrity’s obsession with Lab grown diamonds? Are they worth it? Here are a few benefits to know why celebrities prefer Lab grown diamonds. 

As an Asset

Celebrities consider diamonds the most prized assets because they have the highest investment return. This doesn’t necessarily mean that diamonds have to be expensive and unaffordable to most people.

o be precise, lab grown diamond engagement rings are cheaper compared to natural diamond rings. Isn’t this option a win-win? You get your engagement ring at an affordable cost while sticking to the eco-friendly aspect that Lab grown diamond engagement rings provides

Less Mining Time

The processing time for Lab grown diamonds is less compared to natural diamonds, which take thousands of years to form. But if you’re questioning that less mining time would make the diamond look bad, absolutely NOT. Actually, the roughness of Lab grown diamond can be as low as a sub-micrometer. 

Given the processing time is less, Lab grown diamond is more worth investing in than buying an expensive natural diamond. 

Presence In Other Industries 

Besides Lab grown diamonds’ most notable use in the jewelry industry, celebrities also see if the product has other benefits to the world. Lab grown diamonds never fail to amaze us with their benefits. 

Lab grown diamonds are now used in various industrial and medical applications. It is a cost-effective alternative to synthesizing diamonds using conventional techniques. 

Artificial diamond’s high thermal conductivity is used as a heat sink for electronics. Scientists use thin diamond coating in the medical field as hip implants to hydraulic pumps. 

Lab grown Diamonds Are Eco-Friendly

Lab grown diamonds have a list of benefits that makes every celebrity prefer them over mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly because of their lesser water, energy, time, and chemical consumption. Lab grown diamonds almost avoid the emission of sulfur oxide and more than half of nitrous oxide compared to mined diamonds. 

It only needs six to seven weeks from start to finish and has a shorter manufacturing time, making the production process more efficient and safer.

Lab grown Diamond Looks No Different

Given that the Lab grown diamond’s processing time is less and is eco-friendly, how about the looks then? If you are wondering, is there a chance that lab-cultivated diamonds look less elegant than the mined ones? It’s a big NO. 

You get the same intricate, elegant, and unique designs as in natural diamonds with lab-created diamonds. To be precise, mined diamonds and natural diamonds look identical.

Notable Celebrities Who Aced the Game of Wearing Lab grown Diamonds

Here’s the bonus we mentioned earlier. This section covers a few celebrities wearing Lab grown diamonds. Megan Markle, Nikki Reed, Lady Gaga, and many other celebrities aced the game of wearing Lab grown diamonds.    

Celebrities need to look their best when spotted in public. The Lab grown diamonds they wear make them look more elegant.   

Let’s have a look at a few celebrities flaunting Lab grown diamonds

Meghan Markle

Jessica Warch and Sidney Neuhaus launched their ethical Lab grown business, Kimai in 2019. Just two months after the launch, Meghan Markle seems to be flaunting Kimai’s “Felicity” Lab grown diamond earring in a Royal outing.

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed confirmed her engagement with Ian Somerhalder in February 2015, and she redesigned her first engagement ring. Here’s what she had to say about the Lab grown diamond engagement ring: “When we were getting engaged, cultivated diamonds hadn’t really hit the market in the way we are now. Interestingly enough, I have such a wonderful, sweet, open-minded husband who’s fully on board with me, redesigning my ring with a cultivated diamond at some point.”

In addition to wearing the lab-cultivated diamonds for her special day, Nikki Reed also launched a jewelry brand that uses lab-created and recycled diamonds. Here’s what she had to say about her jewelry brand: “One thing that I definitely came across with my mission of creating sustainable goods was the misconception that sustainability and luxury can’t live together. I felt like creating jewelry with this recycled gold was the perfect opportunity to look that right in the face.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Though Leonardo DiCaprio is yet to be spotted wearing a Lab grown diamond, we cannot forget that he is one of the most prominent investors in the synthetic jewelry industry. 

His movie Blood Diamond helped him understand the difficulty and danger in the diamond industry. The actor invested in a San Francisco-based company Diamond Foundry Inc. The company uses solar energy technology to produce Lab grown diamonds.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga showed off a stellar look in “A Star Is Born” premiere in September 2018, by wearing an earring from London-based jewelry designer Anabela Chan. The constellation pearl earring has three freshwater pearls, each with nine intricate cut Lab grown diamonds.


The processing time and method of a Lab grown diamond are considered more beneficial comparing the time and resources required for natural diamonds. The most significant aspect that makes celebrities love Lab grown diamonds is the shorter mining and production time, less labor needed, and less impact on the environment. 

Hoping you get the gist of how beneficial Lab grown diamonds are and the reason why celebrities prefer them over natural ones. It’s your time now to prefer the Lab grown diamonds just like your favorite actor and actresses did. 

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