A Complete Dissertation Writing Guide

dissertation writing guide

A dissertation is an extended piece of writing consisting of fifteen to twenty thousand words. Students make several mistakes while working on a dissertation, so they must follow a  dissertation writing guide.

A dissertation is usually divided into several chapters and sub-parts. Writers working on a marketing dissertation paper must spend most of their time researching various marketing dissertation topics. They must collect facts and information from genuine sources and include it accordingly.

The students can follow a complete dissertation writing guide to produce an error-free paper.

Selecting a topic

Keep a few points in mind before you choose a topic. Always go for a trending topic. You will quickly get all the information and data regarding it.

If you are unable to find a suitable topic for your paper, take the help of the internet and pick one accordingly before starting with the paper.

Read the work instructions carefully

Before you start working on your dissertation, read the instructions carefully.

This will help you know the referencing style you will have to follow. In addition, you will be aware of the information and data you need to include in your paper.

Do not rush; take time and read it carefully. Then, reach out to your teacher/professor if you have any problems and solve your doubts.


All dissertation tutors suggest students spend the most time on the research part. Try to gather data and information from several genuine sources.

The internet is full of fake news. So, before you include any facts or info, verify the same from different sources.

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Avoid extracting information from Wikipedia. Instead, try to retrieve data from Google Scholar and other peer-reviewed websites.

If your paper is based on a particular company, always refer to the company’s official website.

Make a plan

Develop a plan referring to your dissertation writing guide and follow it strictly. Otherwise, it will be impossible to complete your dissertation on time.

Most students take too much time on the research, leaving very little time for writing and editing. Yet, these two parts are equally important as research, and students must dedicate adequate time.

Dissertation length

You must know the average dissertation length. It often varies between fifteen thousand to twenty thousand words. It may go up based on the topic or the subject of the dissertation. Consult your teacher or professor once if the word count is not mentioned.


All these tips will help you to complete your dissertation on time. So follow them strictly, and don’t hesitate to contact your teacher or professor if you need assistance.

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