200+ Best Life Insurance Quotes | Health Insurance Quotes 2021

Best Life Insurance Quotes

Today, people are liking best life insurance quotes and health insurance quotes for different purposes. Life and health insurance are different; all the obligations will be covered such as burial debts, living expenses, and other debts for those who leave behind.

Importance of Health insurance is another scenario which helps to pay medical expenditures such as doctor’s visit, tests, medications, etc. You must keep in mind that both types of insurances can be changed during life stages.

So here we have all the collections of insurance quotes and hope so you must enjoy these amazing quotes.

200+ Best Life Insurance Quotes and Health Insurance Quotes

1. Without health insurance, getting sick or injured could mean going bankrupt, going without needed care, or even dying needlessly. Jan Schakowsky

2. Everyone should have health insurance? I say everyone should have health care. I’m not selling insurance. Dennis Kucinich

3. Even if I might say to myself, ‘I don’t need health insurance. I won’t get sick,’ the fact is, as human beings with mortality, we are going to get sick, and it’s unpredictable when. Neal Katyal

4. There’s definitely evidence that capitalism at its most ruthless rewards psychopathic behavior. When you look at the worst corners of the American health insurance industry or the sub-prime banking market, it really feels like the more psychopathically someone behaves, the more it’s rewarded.Jon Ronson

5. A tremendous amount of needless pain and suffering can be eliminated by ensuring that health insurance is universally available. Daniel Akaka

6. If you’re healthy, if you don’t get sick much if you don’t go to the doctor much or use your health insurance much, you are a genetic lottery winner. It has nothing to do with the way you live, nothing to do with doing the right things. It’s just sheer luck, and you are gonna pay for that. Rush Limbaugh

7. Reducing health care costs for families requires increased competition in health insurance. Charles Boustany

8. Before Medicare, nearly half of American seniors were forced to go without coverage because insurance companies were reluctant to insure them – making the chances of having health insurance as a senior the same as getting tails on a coin flip. John B. Larson

9. There are so many choices I made simply for health insurance. Is it the ideal role I wanted to play, or the TV show I wanted to be a part of? No, but it lets me afford to go to the doctor. Amy Ryan

10. Look, if you have somebody who doesn’t have health insurance, who doesn’t have a doctor or dentist, and in order to deal with their cold or flu or dental problem, they go to an emergency room – in general, that visit will cost ten times more than walking into a community health center. Bernie Sanders

11. One of the major goals of health insurance reform is to bring down the cost. Valerie Jarrett

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12. It was the labor movement that helped secure so much of what we take for granted today. The 40-hour workweek, the minimum wage, family leave, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, retirement plans. The cornerstones of the middle-class security all bear the union label. Barack Obama

13. As a physician and a U.S. senator, I have warned since the very beginning about many troubling aspects of Mr. Obama’s unprecedented health insurance mandate. Not only does he believe he can order you to buy insurance, but the president also incorrectly equates health insurance coverage with medical care. John Barrasso

14. The majority of Americans receive health insurance coverage through their employers, but with rising health care costs, many small businesses can no longer afford to provide coverage for their employees. Jim Ryun

15. It is not good not to have health insurance; that leaves the family very vulnerable. Elizabeth Warren

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Best Life Insurance Quotes

16. Mention health in most companies, and the cost of health insurance is what comes to mind, not how the company can invest to prevent further escalation in societal health care costs. John Quelch

17. I have nightmares that I’m going to wake up, and everyone’s driving a Prius and living in a condo, and we’re all getting health insurance. Kid Rock

18. High-quality health care is not available to millions of Americans who don’t have health insurance, or whose substandard plans provide minimum coverage. That’s why the Affordable Care Act is so important. It provides quality health insurance to both the uninsured and underinsured. Bob Beckel

19. The ACA – popularly known as ‘Obamacare’ – has been an important step forward toward an admirable goal: providing access to health insurance for all Americans. But like many reforms generated by the political process, the ACA is problematic. Ron Williams

20. Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance. Nancy Pelosi

21. We ought to follow through on an idea that was first proposed by President Clinton to allow people over the age of 55 who are not eligible for Medicare into the Medicare system, at cost, and below cost for those who can’t afford it. That takes care of a significant number of people who don’t have health insurance. John Edwards

22. And in terms of their crown jewel legislative achievement: who knew that when asked, ‘will government impose a new federal mandate requiring middle-class Americans to buy health insurance whether they can afford it or not?’ The answer would be ‘Yes we can! Artur Davis

23. When I go back to Texas, I travel the state, and I see people all the time who come up to me, men and women across Texas, and they grab me by the shoulder, and they’re afraid. They say, ‘Ted, you know, I just lost my health insurance. I got a child with diabetes. I’m scared. Please stop this from happening. Ted Cruz

24. Our goal should be to, together, improve Obamacare so that even more people have access to affordable, quality health insurance and services. Jan Schakowsky

25. I think the United States and the secretary of state should be concerned about the poverty in this country – people without health insurance. The United States should stop being an empire and be concerned about other countries. You’ve got to be more worried about your own people. Hugo Chavez

26. I was born on the other side of the tracks, in public housing in Brooklyn, New York. My dad never made more than $20,000 a year, and I grew up in a family that lost health insurance. So I was scarred at a young age with understanding what it was like to watch my parents lose access to the American dream. Howard Schultz

27. For many Americans, including many who are employed, going to the doctor when they fall ill or become injured may not be an option because of the absence of health insurance. Ben Nelson

28. When I came to Congress, like our first panel, small business people, 64 percent of the people had health insurance. We’d buy it. Now, we’re down to about 34 percent. That’s why we have to do something on health care in this country because the cost is killing us. Bart Stupak

29. While Free Choice Vouchers didn’t fulfill my vision of a health care system in which every American would be empowered to hire and fire their insurance company, they were a foothold for choice and competition and a safety valve for Americans whose employers are already forcing them to bear more and more of their family’s health insurance costs. Ron Wyden

30. Having health insurance made me feel like a real person. Up until then, it felt like I was getting away with something, and if three things went wrong, it would all fall apart. Greta Gerwig

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31. First of all, we have seen now in six years of Obamacare that it has been a disaster. It is the biggest job killer in this country. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, have been forced into part-time work, have lost their health insurance, have lost their doctors, have seen their premiums skyrocket. Ted Cruz

32. Think for a moment about what Obamacare has done: The federal government has come up with its own (ever-evolving) definition of ‘health insurance,’ which now includes free access to sterilization, contraception, and certain abortifacients such as the morning-after pill. John Cornyn

33. If I end up having a novel that sells really well and that allows me to pay for health insurance and mortgage without having to work at a day job, that would be great. Ken Liu

34. If Obamacare is allowed to stand – and Congress is allowed to make the purchase of government-endorsed health insurance compulsory – there will be no meaningful limit on Washington’s reach into the lives of the American people. That is certainly not what the Founders intended. John Cornyn

35. Today we have a health insurance industry where the first and foremost goal is to maximize profits for shareholders and CEOs, not to cover patients who have fallen ill or to compensate doctors and hospitals for their services. It is an industry that is increasingly concentrated and where Americans are paying more to receive less. Dianne Feinstein

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36. The Supreme Court has never ruled that Congress can use the Commerce Clause to require individuals to engage in an activity they have chosen to avoid. Yet that is precisely what Obamacare does: It forces Americans without health insurance to purchase coverage. Such a requirement is unprecedented and unconstitutional. John Cornyn

37. As an athlete, I understood the value of my health insurance. I knew that in my profession, injuries were common and could happen at any time. Magic Johnson

38. Opportunity expands when there is excellence and choice in education when taxes are lowered, when every citizen has affordable, portable health insurance and when constitutional freedoms are preserved. Mitt Romney

39. While some people are certainly seeing economic benefits, many others are unemployed, underemployed, without health insurance, and struggling to make ends meet. Jerry Costello

40. Instead of forcing everyone to buy health insurance, Congress should pass a law protecting the uninsured from being charged more than the insurance companies are for a given service. Robert Zubrin

41. We have all these politicians that claim they’re pro-life and that say women should not be able to get abortions and all this other stuff… there’s nothing more pro-life than helping a woman who wants to have a child. Then I realized that health insurance doesn’t cover IVF. Remy Ma

42. We should allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines. That will create a true 50-state national marketplace that will drive down the cost of low-cost, catastrophic health insurance. Ted Cruz

43. Even families with health insurance are quite vulnerable to a severe economic reversal if someone gets sick. Elizabeth Warren

44. I’m sure that the standard of public morality we’ve helped build will force the government in Canada to approve complete health insurance. Tommy Douglas

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45. You don’t want to move in with someone and find out that they don’t have auto or health insurance. That’s a rude awakening. Laura Wasser

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46. Anywhere you have extreme poverty and no national health insurance, no promise of health care regardless of social standing, that’s where you see the sharp limitations of market-based health care. Paul Farmer

47. If you like the health insurance that you have you should be able to keep it, but if you don’t like the health insurance you have, you should be able to choose something else. Ron Wyden

48. Democrats fought to get health insurance for more Americans. Democrats fought for a strong consumer agency so big banks can’t cheat people. We fought, we won, and we improved the lives of millions of people – thank you, President Obama! Elizabeth Warren

49. In 2008, I was one of the millions united for hope and change. As 2010 dawns, change looks to me like more of the same. Instead of peace, we got more war. Instead of health care reform, we have an industry win that requires Americans to buy health insurance without any real cost controls. Jodie Evans

50. Soaring prescription drug costs have placed a tremendous strain on family budgets. They have also imposed a heavy burden on employers – both public and private – who are struggling to provide affordable health insurance coverage to their workers. Susan Collins

51. But beyond the hysteria of phantom death panels, where is the abomination? Show me the provisions that will hurt consumers, because if you think a $110 billion a year tax break for working-class Americans to buy private health insurance is a government takeover, I welcome the debate. Jim McDermott

52. Any that is why I think any kind of a stimulus package is going to have to help people who are without work, without a job, help them have health insurance. John Breaux

53. Health insurance should be a given for every citizen. Jesse Ventura

54. In Indiana, the Affordable Care Act will raise the average cost of health insurance in the individual market by an unaffordable 72 percent. Mike Pence

55. The humanities are not something that gets you a pension and health insurance. Lisa Joy

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56. The place I feel most at home is when I have health insurance. I really don’t care how I get it, whether it’s on film, or television or waiting tables, you know? Benjamin Walker

57. The only way President Obama and his cohorts could sell Obamacare was to conceal the law’s true ramifications and convince those who were already content with their health insurance that they wouldn’t be affected. Wayne LaPierre

58. I understand that in these difficult economic times, the potential for any additional expense is not welcomed by American businesses. But in the long run, the health insurance reform law promises to cut healthcare costs for U.S. businesses, not expand them. Gary Locke

59. We can have the best health insurance options in the world, and people still won’t get needed care if we don’t increase our supply of primary care physicians and nurses. Jeff Merkley

60. In the richest country in the history of the world, this Obama economy has crushed the middle class. Family income has fallen by $4,000, but health insurance premiums are higher, food prices are higher, utility bills are higher, and gasoline prices have doubled. Today more Americans wake up in poverty than ever before. Mitt Romney

61. In 2012, the Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s overreaching mandate that forces every American to purchase health insurance or face a fine. Blake Farenthold

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62. Growing our economy means supporting our small businesses, and one straightforward way to do this is to help business owners with the cost of health insurance for their workers. Suzan DelBene

63. People don’t trust private health insurance companies for all the right reasons. Bernie Sanders

64. There is much that public policy can do to support American entrepreneurs. Health insurance reform will make it easier for entrepreneurs to take a chance on a new business without putting their family’s health at risk. Tort reform will make it easier to take prudent risks on new products in a number of sectors. Eric Ries

65. Thanks to President Barack Obama, under the Affordable Care Act, millions of more people will be eligible for health insurance, including many people with HIV. Alex Newell

66. The ACA is far from perfect, but Kynect and expanded Medicaid enabled more than 400,000 Kentuckians – especially those with pre-existing conditions – to get affordable health insurance for the first time. Amy McGrath

67. It is important for women to have a choice, to have an opportunity to plan their families because if they don’t, the Republicans have said this is an ownership society. You are on your own, and they’re going to begrudge that child everything, from WIC to a Pell Grant to health insurance. Gwen Moore

68. Nobody likes insurance companies, especially health insurance companies. P. J. O’Rourke

69. Every day, families in the United States face the stark choice between a roof over their heads and food on the table. Buying health insurance, owning a home, and saving up for college is just too far out of their reach. Chris Van Hollen

70. I would not outlaw or eliminate private health insurance. But if we do a good enough job, with a robust public option, there really should not be as much of a need for private insurance in the market. Andrew Yang

71. As I have always said, the ACA is not without flaws, and I welcome the opportunity to improve the law to make healthcare more affordable and ensure every American has quality health insurance. Seth Moulton

72. It has become clear that the function of private health insurance is to make as much money as possible. Every dollar not paid out in claims is another dollar made in profits for the company. Bernie Sanders

73. People who are in a position of finding out that they’re at risk for some illness, whether it’s breast cancer or heart disease, are afraid to get that information – even though it might be useful to them – because of fears that they’ll lose their health insurance or their job. Francis Collins

74. We should all have the legal right to purchase health insurance from any insurance company in any state, and we should be able to use that insurance wherever we live. Health insurance should be portable. John Mackey

75. Left to ourselves, we might pick the wrong health insurance, the wrong mortgage, the wrong school for our kids; why, unless they stop us, we might pick the wrong light bulb. Mitch Daniels

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76. When people used to ask me why I got involved with Hollywood films, I would say jokingly that it was for health insurance. Spalding Gray

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77. When I went to law school, which I put myself through for $100,000 dollars of debt, I didn’t expect anybody to pay for my health insurance, which I had none of. No health insurance. Megyn Kelly

78. The Health and Human Services preventive services mandate forces businesses to provide the morning-after and the week-after pills in our health insurance plans. David Green

79. Americans want jobs. They want affordable health insurance. They want an education. John McCain

80. The single best thing we can do is expand competition. Let people purchase health insurance across state lines. If you want to expand access, what you want to do is increase choices and drive down costs. Ted Cruz

81. Americans are free to choose everything from what they eat, drive and watch on TV to the President of the United States. Yet, when it comes to allowing Americans to choose the health insurance that works best for them and their family, the freedom to choose suddenly becomes un-American. Ron Wyden

82. A rite of passage in America when you turn 50 and have good health insurance is a colonoscopy. Brad Feld

83. One in seven Americans lives without health insurance, and that’s a truly staggering figure. John M. McHugh

84. I remember the first pangs of stress arriving at the end of school. Once I graduated I had to get a full-time job, worry about health insurance, saving money, paying rent – things I’d never thought about before. Ezra Koenig

85. Quality child care, health insurance coverage, and training make it possible for former welfare recipients to get, and keep jobs. Mel Carnahan

86. At my pregnant wife’s behest, I took the job for the paycheck and the health insurance, and it turned into ‘Sharknado.’ I couldn’t have played this better if I’d wanted to. It’s really captured the imagination of sci-fi fans. Ian Ziering

87. Texas is a great place to be rich and a terrible place to be poor. It’s got the highest percentage of people without health insurance in the country. If you get injured on the job, good luck getting workers’ comp. And God helps you if you’re poor and mentally ill. Gail Collins

88. Since the Affordable Care Act allows individuals to buy affordable health care coverage on their own, women no longer have to remain in a job just for the health insurance – they can feel free to start their own business or care for a child or elderly parent. Jan Schakowsky

89. President Obama famously promised that the Affordable Care Act would not only slow the growth in health care costs but would also reverse these trends, making the average health insurance plan cheaper. That isn’t happening. Scott Gottlieb

90. Americans want and deserve a broad array of health insurance choices so they can identify those that best fit their own individual or family needs. These choices expand when we allow free enterprise to foster innovation, not smother it with taxes and one-size-fits-all ideology. Fred Upton

91. The Affordable Care Act’s requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax. John Roberts

92. The highest-income Americans don’t need tax-free health insurance, mortgage interest deductions or deferred taxation on retirement funds. Steven Rattner

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93. Every insurer must offer every individual a plan and ensure each patient with pre-existing conditions has access to ‘adequate and affordable health insurance coverage. Bill Cassidy

94. We know there is real interest from the American public in having easy access to the new, affordable choices in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Todd Park

95. I’m happy that I feel a little less out of place in filmmaking than I once was – but it’s almost impossible for a playwright in the U.S. to make a living. You can have a play as I did with ‘Angels,’ and it still generates income for me, but it’s not enough for me to live on and have health insurance. Tony Kushner

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96. When enacted, health care reform provides generous tax credits to help people afford their health insurance premiums. Ted Deutch

97. Prolonged unemployment is a tragedy of broken lives, broken families, foreclosed homes, and life without health insurance. Jan C. Ting

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98. Most Americans want health insurance. Jack Lew

99. I think first and foremost everybody should understand that Canadians are strongly committed to the system of universal health insurance, to the principle that your ability to pay does not determine your access to critical medical service. Stephen Harper

100. Today, Medicare provides health insurance to about 40 million seniors and disabled individuals each year. The number is only expected to grow as the baby boomers begin retiring. Jim Bunning

101. After we were married, we were broke. Flat broke. Not only did we not have health insurance, we could barely keep a roof over our heads, let alone have the kind of coin to throw around on onesies and Pampers. Jen Lancaster

102. Today right here in America we have 50 million people without health insurance. Corrine Brown

103. People are ready to say, ‘Yes, we are ready for single-payer health insurance.’ We are the only industrialized country in the world that does not have national health insurance. We are the richest in wealth and the poorest in health of all the industrial nations. Studs Terkel

104. Because when we think about the real facts: 44 million Americans without health insurance, millions without jobs, a 50-year high on mortgage foreclosures, a historic high the third year in a row on personal bankruptcies. Chaka Fattah

105. Most illegals are without health insurance, and when these workers need emergency healthcare, the American taxpayer gets stuck with the bill. Spencer Bachus

106. The result was, of course, that today, tragically, more than 40 million Americans don’t have health insurance, and for many, not having health insurance means they don’t have access to good health care. George J. Mitchell

107. Well, there are about 10 million children that aren’t covered by health insurance. About 3 million qualify for Medicaid but don’t get it, so we’re going to reach out and bring more of those kids into the Medicaid program. Franklin Raines

108. We need to increase access to health insurance through Health Savings Accounts and high deductible policies, so individuals and families can purchase the insurance that’s best for them and meets their specific needs. Michael Steele

109. Pharmaceutical companies are enjoying unprecedented profits and access to this Administration. Yet the Republicans’ prescription drug plan for seniors has been a colossal failure, and over 43 million Americans wake up every morning without health insurance. Jim Clyburn

110. Each state has its own health insurance mandates, and some of them are good, but there are about 1,800 of them all across the Nation, including provisions for acupuncturists, massage therapists, and hair replacements. Timothy Murphy

111. For those that are working part-time, in small businesses, or who are unemployed and do not currently have health insurance, we want to make sure that you are covered. Valerie Jarrett

112. Please be assured that as we move along through the implementation of health insurance reform, making sure that we find efficiencies within the existing system, is foremost on the President’s mind. Valerie Jarrett

113. You cannot drive a system that’s going to be aiming at preventing illness if everyone is not in it. The whole gaming of health insurance and health care in America is based on that fundamental principle: insure people who aren’t sick and you don’t have to pay more money on them. Mehmet Oz

114. The reason Gov. Romney passed Romneycare as governor of Massachusetts in 2006 was that many Republicans viewed health care reform, mandates and all, as a way to inoculate against Democratic charges that Republicans didn’t care about people who lacked health insurance. Ari Fleischer

115. I’ve declined every congressional benefit I could decline, federal health insurance, the retirement program, the 403(b) program, which I think is overly generous. I’ve got self-imposed term limits of six terms if I have the privilege to serve that long. Scott Rigell

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116. It was a simple question any employee should ask: ‘Oh and by the way, how do I get my health insurance to be seamless? Andrew P. Harris

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117. We’ve also seen another future we could choose. First of all, we’d have the right to choose. It’s an America in which no one can charge us more than men for the exact same health insurance; in which no one can deny us affordable access to the cancer screenings that could save our lives; in which we decide when to start our families. Sandra Fluke

118. Women oftentimes are the ones making those economic decisions, sitting around the kitchen table and trying to figure out how to pay for rising gas prices or food prices, or the health insurance costs. Cathy McMorris Rodgers

119. Under the Healthy Americans Act, you’re in charge of your health care – not your employer. If you lose your job, change jobs or just can’t find a job, your health insurance is guaranteed to stick with you. Ron Wyden

120. If I were a capitalist I would not give my employees health insurance with no deductible, which I do, including dental, and paid pregnancy leave. That’s not called capitalism, that’s called being a Christian and someone who believes in democracy, so that everyone should get a fair slice of the pie. Michael Moore

121. If you’re self-employed, between jobs, or can’t get insurance through work, you’ll have access to affordable health insurance as good as Congressman Paul Ryan’s. Kathleen Sebelius

122. I’m going to announce in the very near future, I’m going to lead by example and start paying 20 percent of my health insurance. Terry Branstad

123. Successful health reform must not just make health insurance affordable, affordable health insurance has to make health care affordable. Elizabeth Edwards

124. I’m no fan of what I’ve seen health insurance companies do. Elizabeth Emken

125. If you look at the cost of providing health insurance, it actually doesn’t cost more to provide a plan with contraceptive coverage than it does without. Jack Lew

126. For many years I didn’t have health insurance. Chad Harbach

127. I think that we have a number of different health care challenges in our country, and certainly addressing the uninsured is one, and the second is making sure that those with health insurance actually get the care that they assume they’ll have available to them if they get sick. Debbie Stabenow

128. Women oftentimes are the ones making those economic decisions, sitting around the kitchen table and trying to figure out how to pay for rising gas prices or food prices, or the health insurance costs. And I think that they see where they expect their leaders in Congress to also make those tough decisions. Cathy McMorris Rodgers

129. I want to level the playing field for people who want to purchase health insurance as individuals, and that means eliminating the exemption for employer-sponsored health care. Adam Hasner

130. It’s almost embarrassing how much support I have. I mean, I always tell people I feel like I’m perfectly set up to have cancer. I have great health insurance, I have a savings account. I have work lined up. I have friends and family. I have the best doctors I can get. Tig Notaro

131. Of course, plenty of people don’t think that guaranteeing affordable health insurance is a core responsibility of the government. James Surowiecki

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132. The health insurance industry does not like to pay out claims, because they don’t make money. The only way they can make a profit is if they don’t pay for your operation. If they pay for your operation and your doctor’s appointment and your pharmaceuticals, they don’t make any money. Michael Moore

133. There should be no private health insurance companies operating for profit. Michael Moore

134. Medicaid and the Child Health Insurance Program are the two most important safety net programs for children. Irwin Redlener

135. We need to reform the health code so that people are incentivized to buy their own health insurance rather than have to get it through an employer. Monica Crowley

136. Every new computer program is basically doing some task that a person used to do. But the computer usually does it faster, more accurately, for less money, and without any health insurance costs. Douglas Rushkoff

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137. I went without health insurance until ‘Roger & Me,’ basically – from about age 20 till about age 35. With ‘Roger & Me,’ I joined the Directors Guild and the Writers Guild, and since then I’ve had excellent health care managed by the union. Michael Moore

138. Let’s drive the message home: we need health insurance reform, we need a strong public option, and we won’t settle for less. Jerrold Nadler

139. It is critical that we pass legislation to dramatically reform our health insurance system, and this reform should include a genuine public option, universal coverage, an end to insurance policy rescissions, and no restrictions against covering people with pre-existing conditions. Jerrold Nadler

140. We spend billions on marginal and often unnecessary procedures on people who are in the final dying process, yet we leave millions of Americans out of the health insurance system, and America’s kids have the worst dental health in the developed world. Richard Lamm

141. I have met too many people who are looking for work, worrying about their mortgage, uncertain about their health insurance, and doubting that things will get any better anytime soon. Not just concerned about the present, many of us are doubting the future. Brad Schneider

142. I’ve tried open-ended jobs and found myself incredibly unhappy. I don’t like the monomania of showing up every day and doing the same thing. I don’t know where my next cheque is coming from, I don’t know where my next job is coming from, I have really sketchy health insurance, but I need variety in my life. Julie Klausner

143. I ran for Congress in 1996 to help Ted Kennedy pass a comprehensive health insurance reform bill. Jim McGovern

144. The typical family of four with employer-based health insurance is not the same as the typical family of four. It’s better off. Timothy Noah

145. The Democratic Party believes that health insurance is a social responsibility of the nation. I believe that health insurance is an individual responsibility. And that’s a really hard philosophy to mesh. Raul Labrador

146. Obamacare was very attractive, particularly to those without health insurance. Mitt Romney

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147. Women tend to need the healthcare system more because we bear children. Insurance companies – not all of them, but many of them – ‘gender-rate.’ Women may pay 40% more for their health insurance than men do. Gloria Steinem

148. We’re trying to take a leadership role in solving the nation’s healthcare crisis. We want everybody in this country to have health insurance. Steven Burd

149. The time after college and before music was really rough. I couldn’t afford food. I was eating bread and butter for five months. Living in New Orleans, I couldn’t afford to take care of myself. I had no health insurance. Benjamin Booker

150. The Blunt Amendment would have allowed any employer who provided health insurance, or any insurance company, the right to deny coverage for contraception or any other kind of procedure if the employer had a ‘moral’ objection to it. Bernie Sanders

151. With my friends in Brooklyn, many of them started out as artists. I saw many of these friends move into late middle age, still struggling without health insurance or a cushion. I saw people who had given up being artists. Being an artist necessitates a compromise or living on the edge. Kate Christensen

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152. Almost 30 years ago, I started seeking help from a counselor with a master’s of social work in New York City, but we were never a good match. It was like being in a bad relationship, except the guy could actually bill my health insurance company for lousy dates. Gina Barreca

153. We should work to de-link health insurance from employment so if you lose your job, your health insurance goes with you and it is personal, portable, and affordable. Ted Cruz

154. When people are left out, we’re naturally going to focus on that, if it’s 47 million people who don’t have health insurance, if it’s 23,000 people who die every year because they lack access to health care for something that’s easily treatable. Tim Kaine

155. Census data influences decisions made from Main Street to Wall Street, in Congress, and with the Federal Reserve. Not to mention, the American people who look to, and trust, the data the government releases on our nation’s unemployment, state of our economy, and health insurance coverage. Blake Farenthold

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156. Like millions of other Americans, I receive health insurance through my employer. Jeff Duncan

157. My subcommittee will be thoroughly investigating this issue and demanding answers from Census officials on allegations that the Census Bureau is changing the wording of survey questions used to determine our nation’s annual report on health insurance coverage. Blake Farenthold

158. Thousands of people in my district need health insurance, and ACA is helping them. I’m committed to do everything I can to help people get enrolled and get covered, and that includes moving needed reforms for the bill and helping people find affordable coverage. Joe Garcia

159. The health care law’s individual mandate forces nearly all individuals to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. The mandate cannot be severed from the rest of the law because it is the primary mechanism through which the law’s changes are supported. Without the mandate, the law collapses. Tim Griffin

160. Employment and health insurance are now protected by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Anne Wojcicki

161. Getting people health insurance is a good thing, and that’s what Tom Stemberg fought for. Mitt Romney

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162. In America, the average playwright makes less than a receptionist in a non-profit theatre. We don’t have decent health insurance – or any health insurance at all. Theresa Rebeck

163. I have a lovely light blue Kate Spade wallet. It has pockets for many credit cards, business cards, health insurance cards, and a Burke Williams card for when I want to go to the spa! Aja Naomi King

164. Tens of millions of Americans are modern-day slaves – unable to retire early, or working in jobs they don’t really want, just for the health insurance they need to take care of themselves, a spouse, or a child with a ‘preexisting condition. Paul Zane Pilzer

165. Life has its trade-offs. As you age, you lose things like teeth and the ability to play in the ball pit at fast-food restaurants, and you gain things like experience and employer-based health insurance. Alexandra Petri

166. To get health insurance, you give up your dignity – that’s what I thought being an actor was. So when ‘GLOW’ came along, I was shaking reading it because I hadn’t really allowed myself to dream of a show like this. Betty Gilpin

167. Americans need access to affordable, reliable health insurance. They want President Trump to take responsibility and work to ensure their continued access to their insurance – creating certainty and affordability, not confusion and chaos. Jan Schakowsky

168. The very wealthy have little need for state-provided education or health care… They have even less reason to support health insurance for everyone or to worry about the low quality of public schools that plagues much of the country. Angus Deaton

169. It’s beyond shameful this House can pass trillions of dollars in tax breaks for those with the most security but not see it to provide its way, see its way to provide health insurance for the children most in need. Brad Schneider

170. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent allied with Democrats, has championed Medicare for All, which would give every American coverage through the federal health insurance program for seniors. Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow wants Medicare coverage for anyone over the age of 55. Brian Schatz

171. After much reflection, I have concluded that the federal individual mandate, which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance starting in 2014, will not be upheld. Ron Williams

172. The ACA’s reliance on mandatory participation in exchanges as the only way to obtain a health insurance subsidy is fundamentally flawed. Ron Williams

173. If Obama succeeds in turning health insurance and funding for college into universal entitlements, he will have expanded Washington’s obligations on the scale of an LBJ or an FDR. Jacob Weisberg

174. King v. Burwell pointed at but did not directly challenge the ACA’s most essential weakness: Government-mandated participation in health insurance exchanges as a precondition to receiving a subsidy is not the best or most effective means of achieving its goal of expanded access to health coverage. Ron Williams

175. Although I believe deeply that the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Community Health Center program are invaluable, I reject the notion that we cannot reauthorize these programs without plundering other equally vital programs. Seth Moulton

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Health Insurance Quotes Florida

176. Obamacare has made a mess of our health insurance and health care systems, and Washington politicians have failed to fix the problem. Matt Rosendale

177. Health insurance costs in the United States are on an unsustainable path. I’ve heard from hundreds of Montanans who are paying thousands of dollars every year for their health insurance coverage and thousands more for deductibles before their insurance provides any benefit. Matt Rosendale

178. A big reason I ultimately decided to run was because of my family’s experience when my mom was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer and did not have health insurance at the time. Elissa Slotkin

179. It’s a fun uphill struggle, making health insurance as a comedian, actor, and author. But it’s hard to explain to people how I make a living. In New York, most people know enough creative types that I make some sense. But when I’m talking to someone like my suburban cousins or my mom’s friends, it doesn’t always go smoothly. Chris Gethard

180. Obamacare imposed an unprecedented level of regulation and standardization on individual-market health insurance all across America. This has left many consumers in an intolerable predicament – in some cases, having to spend up to a third or even half of their income on premiums and deductibles before insurance kicks in. Alex Azar

181. A family’s desire to be able to keep its health insurance when changing jobs or geography (a problem that Obamacare doesn’t make any better, by the way) is perfectly reasonable. Ben Sasse

182. I am fighting kidney cancer. And I’m just so grateful that I had health insurance so that I could concentrate on the care that I needed rather than how the heck I was going to afford the care that was going to probably save my life. Mazie Hirono

183. I think we should have a universal, a shared cultural, or societal goal, of universal health insurance coverage. That’s completely different from saying the government can solve all of those problems, or that it can micromanage every aspect of the health delivery system. I think we know that it can’t do that. Ben Sasse

184. Trump makes really, really powerful arguments, for example in relation to healthcare. He talks about the cartels and the concentration of power and the health insurance companies effectively having monopolies and ripping people off. Steve Hilton

185. For a public option, I voted for that when I was in Congress, and the Senate couldn’t stand up to the health insurance industry and took it out. Joe Sestak

186. The thing with Elizabeth Warren that you have to keep in mind is she is very far left. I think a lot of folks who may have considered voting for someone like Joe Biden are going to be very turned off by ideas like universal health care, which would essentially force 200 million Americans off of private health insurance. Lara Trump

187. As a first-generation college student who worked my way through a community college on to Cornell Law, having health insurance was not a top priority when I was starting out. I was buried in student loan debt and worried about simply making ends meet. Sharice Davids

188. Providing access to a public option for health insurance would allow all Americans the choice to buy a government insurance plan, much like I buy for my family as a military retiree. Amy McGrath

189. New Jerseyans and their loved ones who live with a pre-existing condition should not have to worry whether or not their health insurance plan will cover them. Mikie Sherrill

190. It wasn’t until I was injured at the gym – resulting in an emergency room visit and bill of $4,000 – that I realized the cost of forgoing health insurance. I was fine, but it took me more than a year to pay off that bill. That hurt worse than the injury itself. Sharice Davids

191. We know that Congress must find ways to reduce the cost of health insurance, including premiums and out-of-pocket costs, as well as to lower the actual costs of health care. Sharice Davids

192. We now know that Mr. Obama lied to the American people with his pledge ‘If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance. Tom Fitton

193. We have taken on the health insurance industry, we have taken on the drug companies, instituting programs to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Sara Gideon

194. If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance. Suze Orman

195. If there is anyone dependent on your income – parents, children, relatives – you need life insurance. Suze Orman

Health Insurance Quotes California

196. My dad was in the life insurance business, so I learned about selling when I was about 14 because I started working as a secretary. Annette Bening

197. I actually lost 90 pounds over the course of 15 months in order to save money on life insurance. Derek Kilmer

198. My mother had taught shorthand and typing to support us since my father died, and secretly she hated it and hated him for dying and leaving no money because he didn’t trust life insurance salesmen. Sylvia Plath

199. It’s very easy for trusted companies to mislead naive customers, and life insurance companies are trusted. Daniel Kahneman

200. I’m a big crier in general. The right life insurance commercial will take me out for a couple of days. Ike Barinholtz

201. Once your kids are grown and you know that you’re completely healthy, consider canceling your life insurance policy. Suze Orman

202. We have always said that over the medium and long term, we will disinvest some part of our holding in our major subsidiary companies, and life insurance is our largest subsidiary company. Chanda Kochhar

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