Computer Games to Play When Bored


Nowadays, computer games are an opportunity to earn money while playing, but some people use them for recreation. Many games do not require you to sit on a laptop 24/7. They are a great way to occupy yourself when bored and have a good time. They can be considered not only programs with fantastic worlds but also, for example, online casinos.

Online casinos

A significant amount of online casinos can help you spend your time fun and valuable. Many people believe that it is difficult to win money in a casino, but if you know how to play correctly, then it is quite possible. Many bonuses, such as Wild Fortune bonus code 2022, can help you understand how to play correctly and build your strategy. Some casinos allow using bonuses, so players are not bored and have a good time.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The game is dedicated to bad times when your coolness was determined not by the price of a smartphone but by the level of mastery of a revolver and the ability to ride all day in the saddle tirelessly.

You have to play as the outlaw Arthur Morgan in the big open world of the Wild West, which has a life of its own. To add more realism to the game, the developers worked out the gameplay in detail, significantly complicating many aspects of the main character’s life. 

Now the shutters of rifles are not manually adjusted, and horseback riding tires the horse quite quickly. And so that Arthur does not look antisocial and inspires trust among residents, he will have to monitor his neatness and appearance—visit the hairdresser on time, clean his clothes, even clean and take care of the horse! By talking to courtesans in brothels and random passers-by, you can learn a lot about bandits from other clans – this information is highly valued because robbing the enemy is a good thing. Every action in the game affects Arthur’s reputation.

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The Witcher 3: wild hunt

A story-oriented role-playing game of the new generation, the action unfolds in an open and stunningly beautiful fantasy world full of complex decisions and large-scale consequences. In the game, you play as Geralt of Rivia, a member of an extinct caste of monster hunters. You must go on an epic adventure in a war-ravaged world and face an enemy, the most terrible of which humanity has not known – the Wild Hunt.

Disco Elysium

It is a unique role-playing game with unusual freedom and masterful dialogues. The plot revolves around a detective who one day wakes up after a severe hangover and forgets everything in the world, including how to do his job and investigate cases. Meanwhile, poverty and crime prevail in the city of Rachel and the Martinez district. The game is not afraid to show the harsh truth of life – death, sex, taxes, and disco. The player can manipulate those around him and enjoy light side quests, or he can take on the investigation of a serious crime.

Resident Evil 2 

It is a full-fledged remake of the cult game, developed from scratch and adapted to modern graphics requirements. Like the original, the remake will offer two full-fledged campaigns – for policeman Leon and student Claire Redfield, who is desperately looking for her brother. However, it will be a game with a modern approach to camera placement. The original Resident Evil 2 was released twenty years ago, in 1998. As in the legendary original, you will find yourself in Raccoon City, which is teeming with bloodthirsty zombies. Terrible discoveries, various puzzles, non-linearity of the plot, and multiple locations await you here.

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Starcraft 2: the legacy of the void

You act as Hierarch Artanis, who became the leader of the mighty race of “Protoss.” Once upon a time, your home planet Ayur fell under the onslaught of the Zerg. A lot has changed since then. And now, having a powerful flotilla at your disposal, you are ready not only to win back your home but also to save the universe from the ancient evil – Amun. In addition to the exciting plot, you will find a new mode for two players. 

You will have to perform various tasks together and destroy hordes of fierce enemies. Many believe such games are costly and unsuitable for all computers, but nowadays, this is not a problem. Anyone can find computer games for free and choose any games to their liking. It is an excellent opportunity to do something interesting in your spare time. Also, such games prove that it is unnecessary to pay to have access to exciting games.


So nowadays, computer games are an exceptional opportunity to distract yourself from work and relax. In the modern world, each game has its characteristics and knows how to interest players. So everyone can find their perfect game. In this way, the time of boredom will turn into an opportunity to discover new fantastic worlds and enjoy yourself.


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