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Sonu Nigam

Who has taken voice to tracks as diverse as Sandese Aate Hain, Akhiyon Se Goli Mare, Saathiya to Abhi Mujhmein Kahin, said it isn’t important to explore a coach in somebody who is senior in age. Sonu Nigam has been performing playback for over 25 years and the artist Sonu Nigam believes the trap not to wear out is to keep learning. In the event that you have the quietude, soul, and heart, you can find that in youths as well.

One must put their mind open and guzzle modern things. People who state ‘in our times it used to be so incredible’ are the ones who don’t have an upbeat existence. I don’t dwell on that. Sonu believes I sing good and diverse over what I performed 25 years prior. I am not sounding the equivalent so perhaps I’ve gained from Arijit Singh, Armaan Malik or all these more youthful people,” Nigam told.

 'Maybe I've learnt from Arijit Singh, Armaan Malik

A  Career of Over 40 Years

The songster said, in his stage profession of over 40 years. He has not given his personality a chance to show signs of improvement of him. “There shouldn’t be any conscience. You are not elder by age; you are senior by your soul.  If their skills coming in their soul. One should be strong financially first and afterward make a stride back and look at life in totality,” he included. Nigam is as of now a part of Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged season 8.

The stage, he stated, has given artistes full opportunity to play with song and reproduce them. The 45-year-old songster told he doesn’t believe in the expression “legacy”. I believe in my own now a today. I am cheerful today, I couldn’t care less whether my songs come or not, the community here into my song after me or not. On the off chance that I lived on with a sh***y life, that is my concern.

People may put saying my legacy, my legacy yet what will you improve the situation that? Battle or be forceful about work? I don’t believe in that.” Nigam has been in headings the most recent couple of years over his remarks, be it the Azaan controversy or the most recent column on his revealed remarks on Pakistani artists and the #MeToo development. Confirmed whether the conflict and influence his art, the artist said he has never given any fight enough significance to interface with his singing. My life is such a selfie, I see at myself and don’t see what other community talks about myself. I’m continually working on myself. I give myself a calm time, I read. I don’t generally mind about the controversy. These things never influence me, he told.

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