Must-Have Trends for Fall Fashion

Trends for Fall Fashion

All the chic-est moments in Fall feature the trendiest boots, sweaters, capes, and what have you. Not sure whether it’s the tall booties, chunky block heels, or ankle booties that are on the top of insta looks? We’ve prepared a guide to help you stay comfy, cute, and elegant in fall.

Autumn brings lots of options to mind from Fall dresses to shoes and literally across every layering piece. Our answers to most of the Fall style questions already running through your mind would help you easily blend with the trends and have those Instaworthy moments you’ve been imagining. Stay with us!

Fall Trendy Staples

1. Sweaters

We guess it’s not just us that have spotted chunky sweaters as the most worn layering pieces this Fall. If you’re just finding out now, it’s not too late to get on the trends. 

There are various ways to style your sweaters whether you have to wear them to the office, stay cozy at home, hang out with friends, or go on a date night. The key to wearing sweaters to suit up Fall’s fashion is to pair them well.

Wearing sweaters to work would best blend with modest skirts or dresses while for a date, pair the sweaters with cargo pants for an edgy look or a mini dress for a feminine feel.

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An easy-to-wear work outfit for Fall would be pairing a button-down shirt layered over a thick knit sweater with cargo pants or any loose pants to create a bulky look.

2. Tall Boots

When the tall boots trend comes to mind, there’s a false belief that short girls may not be able to pull it off. This is untrue as anyone can rock any trend as long as they style them correctly. 

To elongate your legs on tall booties as a shorter girl, opt for taller boots that reach above the knee and also fit well around the calves. 

Heeled boots are cute options for date night outfits. They create an elegant outlook and go with almost everything – dresses, skirts, or pants! 

Tall booties definitely have a place in your Fall fashion work wardrobe and it’s best to make them appropriate for the work culture and ethics by pairing them rightly.

3. Fall Dresses

A good start to investing in Fall dresses would be with sheath dresses. A one-shoulder frock with corsage detailing and a long coat to layer wraps up the entire chic package of fall fashion. Coming up as a hit this year are the matching sets. They’re all you need to make your fashion lexicons much easier to suit up.

4. Skirts for Fall

A flared skirt with a high waistline and great tailoring paired with a silky blouse echoes sleek redux. Want to know what would be a huge plus to your A-lister ensemble? A tux scarf and dark shades. You’d definitely be having your Fendi moment the moment you dare to try this look.

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5. Jackets and Coats

Safari jackets are now on the permatrends so you just have to have one. Boyfriend’s Jackets are an all season stunner. Opt for a mini skirt and cropped tube top to pair. Trench Coats work best with dresses, especially bodycon and can easily step up your looks to the classic version.

6. Pants

Wide-legged pants are Fall’s faves although all kinds of pants still work well. Both fully wide pants and tapered at-the-ankle pants nails the Fall trends. Still, elegant white trousers are perfect for turning up at work in Fall while skinny jeans are great for hanging out during the day.

7. Capes and Socks

Capes are the perfect layering pieces and the hottest trend of fall layers. To add capes to your fit in a chic way, subtle layering with your leisure dresses and mixing patterns throws your best foot forward. The nautical theme, star and dolphin prints, and striped patterns look particularly exciting on socks and tights.

Choosing the Right Colors for Fall

What Color Should I Wear in Fall? Is it going to be the good ol’ neutrals or we’re switching to new looks?

Neutrals, maroon, black, cognac, navy, and olives are the trendiest Fall colors right now. Neutrals have always had their place at the top list of Fall colors but olives, maroon, and olives are currently having their moment on the trends.

Leaning more to the brighter side or loading up brights for spring? Fuchsia, heavy pink, canary yellow, and azure (or the ultra blue shade) all give a vivid scoop of comfort in fall.

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Where to Buy the Best Fall Fashion Wears

Whether it’s less or more that works best for you, the season favors more and so do we. SunsetfashionLA is an online fashion store where you call get Some, All, and More of your Fall fashion fits in great quality and affordable pricing. You don’t need to get worked up about finding a perfect store to shop for your Fall staples cos they’ve got perfection at its peak.

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