Naseeruddin Shah Feels Worried About Today’s India

Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah on Today’s India

Naseeruddin Shah a famous Bollywood actor, who recognize to speak his brain, as of late uncovered that he feels stress for children in today’s India. He imagines a situation where a child may surround by an angry mob who might question his religion.

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Amit Jani, President of the group named Navnirman Sena, disclosed to The Times of India. In the event that Naseeruddin Shah scared in India, he should not delay in leaving for Pakistan. I have booked a ticket for him for August 14, the Pakistan Independence Day, with the goal that India has one less swindler.

He said in an interview, “When the mob asks, ‘Are you Muslim or Hindu?’ my children will have no answer. Because we did not give the religious training to our children. He also said that there is a “poison” spread in the society. Referring to the ongoing violence started by the discovery of an animal’s death, in which a police officer killed by a mob, he said India has just seen that the death of a cow has more centrality today than that of a cop.

Police Officer Killed

A police officer Subodh Kumar Singh assaulted by a mob when he and his group went to a town to defuse strain after cow remains were found in timberland. The challenges raised after activists of conservative group Bajrang Dal went to the zone and blocked a street with a truck conveying the dead cows.

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Shah’s comments got disgusted from different members of the society. Shiv Sena’s Arvind Sawant regarded his statement “a botch” and said that he deplores his comments. Another individual from the Indian Parliament said, Naseeruddin Shah should first ask Rohingyas to leave India. As indicated by him, India is unsafe for him and his family. His statement shows his low mentality.

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In the most recent development, where Indian celebrity Naseeruddin Shah invited to deliver the important address. The fifth version of Ajmer Literature Festival at 2:30 pm, dropped by the coordinators following dissents by right-wing associations on Friday evening. Naseeruddin Shah expressed discomfort over lynching in a video interview with Karwan-e-Mohabbat India. Shah worried about his kids. Naseeruddin Shah cleared up that he made those remarks as a ‘stressed Indian’. He has the right to express concerns.


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