Oil Vape vs. Dab Pen – What’s the Difference?

Despite the incredible popularity of vaping devices, many people today still do not know what it is. Vaping is an entire industry encompassing various types of vaping devices, parts for them, special liquids, waxes, or powders. Not to forget about accessories.

Vaping is a currently popular way of consuming nicotine, which does not involve burning tobacco. Instead, nicotine in liquid (or other) form is heated to specific temperatures to form a vapor. It works like an inhaler. This operating mechanism has created a great demand for the dab pen in particular.

The History of the device

A pharmacist lived and worked in China at the end of the last century. One of the biggest trials in this man’s life was his father’s death. Hong Leek’s father died of lung cancer, which was proven to be caused by years of tobacco use and, directly, smoking.

Concerned about the effects of cigarettes, namely harmful resins and other tobacco combustion products, the inventor wanted to create a device that would allow preserving only the positive qualities of smoking. In addition, he wanted to prevent other deaths provoked by cigarette consumption. That is why Hong Lik created the first effective prototype of a modern electronic cigarette.

Of course, these electronic cigarettes were not like modern best wax pens. Nevertheless, they soon conquered the market and became one of the world’s most popular products in this category.

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A Brief History of Cigarettes

The first electronic cigarettes (or cig-a-likes) were visually as close as regular cigarettes. Their big problem was that they could only be used a limited number of times. Moreover, it meant that a person had to buy new ones every few days, which was very harmful to the environment. Accordingly, such outcomes were bad for both smokers and nonsmokers. And the incredible harm of nicotine is not in doubt.

The next generation was vape pens, which used e-liquid with or without nicotine and various flavorings. This type of cigarette is currently the most used among beginners:

  1. Ready-made starter kits are sold worldwide.
  2. The device is convenient and easy to use; it does not require additional accessories or frequent parameter changes.
  3. The e-liquid used for this type of vaping device often attracts users.

The wide choice of flavors made it possible to gain popularity among teenagers and young adults, which became another social problem. Early contact of the child with psychostimulant elements, such as nicotine, is not desirable. Such a person’s incompletely formed nervous system is more sensitive to various stimuli, making it easier for teenagers to become addicted.

Although vape pens are still popular today, there is another type of vape device called the wax vaporizer. The main difference from the previous type is that the vaper uses a special wax instead of wax vape pen oil. The heating technology is slightly different. Also, such wax may contain other substances, such as CBD.

What is CBD?

Marijuana contains lots of microelements, which are responsible for the plant’s functions. However, out of more than a hundred cannabinoids, the two major elements seem to be the most prominent. Discovered almost a hundred years ago, CBD and THC occupy the most important place in the modern discussion about marijuana’s decriminalization. Discussions, in turn, take place, usually due to the contrast and comparison of these two elements.

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CBD makes up a significant percentage of the constituents of cannabis. However, it has not been found that this element can threaten the person who consumes it. In contrast, CBD is sometimes referred to as medical marijuana. That is, the element that provides all the positive effects of marijuana: calming, pain relief, anti-inflammatory action, etc. CBD is also used in care cosmetics, such as shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, or foams for washing.

It is CBD that people with serious illnesses often use to alleviate their symptoms. Such diseases include cancer, acne, arthritis, depression, etc. Moreover, CBD is one of the protocol drugs for the treatment of some types of epilepsy (Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndrome). Patients with such diagnoses often suffer if their state prohibits the use of medical marijuana. In such cases, the chance of illegal cannabis trade increases significantly.

THC interacts directly with the recipient’s brain. This element is responsible for the euphoric effect and helps create the user’s addiction to marijuana. CBD manufacturers often criticize THC, emphasizing the difference between these elements of marijuana. The bad reputation of THC hinders the promotion of CBD, which sometimes makes life difficult for those who need the latter.

Which is Better: Oil vape or Dab pen?

The best dab pens are newer than regular vape devices. Often they may have much better functionality or a greater ability to personalize your vaping experience. For example, increase or decrease the device’s power, adjust the voltage and wattage, change the tips to change the vapor thickness, and set a safe temperature. Some wax vape pens or dab vape pens can also be connected to other devices to monitor the amount of nicotine (or other substance) consumed and the time spent vaping. As mentioned earlier, the main difference between these devices is the substance used. Therefore, the first criterion when choosing is your personal preferences. If you prefer wax, then look for your best vape pen for wax. If you prefer e-liquid, then an oil vape pen is the best choice. There is no ideal choice made by someone else.

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